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The 10 Biggest Mistakes Most Beginners Make

If you are at the beginning of your fitness career, this is perhaps the most important contribution there is. I have personally looked after numerous athletes over the years and have compiled and cleared up the 10 biggest mistakes that I have heard over and over again so that you don't have to make them!

Mistake # 1: eating too little

Food is fuel, and every machine needs enough fuel to function. Without food, you lack the energy that you need every day to be efficient. Without energy you cannot build muscles, you cannot regenerate and you will certainly not feel good. The misconception that crash diets with calories as quickly as possible lead to weight loss success is still deeply anchored in the minds of many people, although there are numerous studies that urgently advise against it! If you plunge into too high a calorie deficit, you will pay for your progress and wellbeing.

Mistake # 2: Pointless Supplements

Fat burners, detox powders, juice cures and power pills. This is just an excerpt from the absolutely pointless supplements that many beginners drag home by the box in the hope that this dietary supplement will finally give them the success they long for. But the devil is in the details, because, as the name suggests, these are nutritional supplements - they ADD a full-fledged balanced diet and can never replace it. In addition, 95% of the supplements are absolute nonsense and only aim to lure your money out of your pocket.

Mistake # 3: Too little weight and too many reps

Together with point 1, this is one of the worst mistakes you can make in training. In order to properly “pump up” the muscles, many beginners train with little weight and countless repetitions. Repetitions between 20 and 40 (!) Pieces per set are absolutely not uncommon. But that's absolute nonsense! In this way you will not build muscle, increase your calorie consumption (and consequently your fat loss) and certainly not achieve the defined, fit body you dream of. Heavy weights are the best thing you can do for your body - we promise!

Mistake # 4: too much cardio

A typical sight in the fitness studio: Those who want to build up do gymnastics with the dumbbells, while those who want to lose weight sweat on cross trainers, bicycles and treadmills, usually for hours. But for many, cardio is not even fun, but they believe it is the only real way to lose weight. They do not even know that they can lose weight much more effectively and sustainably with strength training than with cardio. The new muscles that you build up through strength training with heavy weights create an afterburn effect and increase your daily calorie consumption.

Mistake # 5: Too little exercise in everyday life

Go to the gym for an hour 2-3 times a week and lie on your lazy skin for the rest of the day? Not the most effective way to achieve your athletic goals. The majority of your controllable calorie consumption (i.e. everything above the basal metabolic rate) makes up the so-called NEAT (Non-Exercice Activity Thermogenesis). This value includes all the calories that you consume outside of training, for example walking or climbing. Try to consistently take at least 8000 steps every day. The difference will amaze you!

Mistake # 6: Doing Everything Alone

To this day I do not know how this phenomenon came about. The body is only shown in summer, once it is defined and tanned. The worries that torment one are hushed up and the questions that bore themselves into it are tried to answer themselves. The main thing is that you don't have to burden anyone with your problems or show your "mistakes". You know what People are happy when they can help. It feels incredibly great when you can improve someone else's life (one reason why I generally give out high quality content for free ...). And one more thing: the "problems" and "mistakes" that are so embarrassing to you only exist in your head. Nobody else cares as much about it as you do. Accept your situation, take responsibility for your life and for God's sake - don't do it alone!

Mistake # 7: reward with food

You're in the middle of the diet and you're sticking to your plan great. To celebrate your latest success there’s first of all a decent cheat meal. Always rewarding yourself with food is not a good idea. The feeling of reward will wear off quickly, it will not last, and it will certainly not bring you closer to your goals. Nothing against a cheat meal every now and then - but then please not as a reward, but simply because it is cool and can be from time to time. The problem with this rewarding behavior is that it becomes a habit and after a certain time you have internalized it, but your tolerance increases and you reward yourself with food for every little thing, but the reward does not materialize - a vicious circle! Do you want to reward yourself? Buy new workout clothes, a book, a massage or take an evening off.

Mistake # 8: No breaks

Summer is approaching and the kilos have to go down as quickly as possible. You are at the beginning of your fitness career and are highly motivated to give EVERYTHING. You really want to take off and give 110%. No breaks, more training, always further, higher and higher, faster and faster - more, more, more! And suddenly, two weeks later, the return coach arrives. You are completely in the bucket, you are tired, ailing and have absolutely no desire to exercise or a healthy diet. You feel like a train has run over you. Rest days are important and right, as are the breaks between exercises. Sometimes it helps to shift down a gear to stay in the race, because fitness is a marathon, not a sprint!

Mistake # 9: No focus

Do you see your training plan just like a checklist at work that you have to work through? Then there is a great risk that you will completely lose focus. Effective training only takes 4% of your entire day. Make it count! Concentrate exactly on the exercises that you have planned, think about what to expect on the way to the studio and focus on the muscles that you are using during the workout. Mind-muscle connection is king!

Mistake # 10: comparing with others

That is the addition to point number 6. Your performance, your weak points and your problems are completely irrelevant to others. Even if that sounds harsh now: Nobody is interested in your training! And that's just as well. You do this for yourself, for your dream and for your well-being. You don't train for the others, you train for yourself. Thoughts like: "He / she is much thinner / stronger / prettier / faster / better than me" are absolute cheese. Everyone started small. Everyone has done squats with little weights or with the empty bar. The same applies here: The responsibility for your life and your progress is yours. With you and no one else!

These are all mistakes that will slow your progress. When you're at the start of your fitness career, take these recommendations to heart and get started right away. If you are already experienced, then think again whether you have not made a mistake or two and are therefore not making any progress.