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Construction site tablet: the best tablets for the construction site

In order to be able to work mobile on the construction site, you not only need suitable construction software: You need an end device. A construction site tablet is best for working with large plans. So that you can find the right device for your everyday work, we have identified the best tablets for the construction site for you.

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That's why you need a tablet for the construction site

A construction site tablet does a lot of work for you. By installing the right apps for the construction site, you can handle a wide variety of processes digitally: from task management to construction documentation to the construction schedule. The digital way of working has many advantages for you and your company

All documents always at hand

Instead of handwriting your notes and retyping them in the office after work, you can do this on site with a construction tablet. Whether in the construction container or in the middle of the action: you always have the most important documents to hand and can immediately and completely absorb the information.

Task management in real time

Did you discover a new construction defect during the site inspection? With the help of your construction site tablet, you can immediately forward the task to the person responsible. They can start processing immediately, saving you valuable time and additional costs.

Exact way of working

In the stress of a construction site, it can quickly happen that hints are lost, information is not accurately noted or construction defects are overlooked. By working with a construction site tablet, you create the best conditions for an accurate way of working. In this way you can locate your defects exactly in the construction plan and save the information completely.

Data-based building

After completing a construction project, do you know what went well and what went wrong? By working digitally with a construction site tablet, you can tell exactly where weak points are lurking in your programs. By building on the basis of data, you have powerful arguments in your hands to optimize your construction processes.

What must a construction site tablet be able to do?

Things are different on a construction site than in your living room. In order for a tablet to be suitable for use on the construction site, it should therefore meet a number of requirements.

Long battery life

When visiting a construction site, you don't have time for breaks to allow your tablet to recharge its batteries. Therefore, make sure you have a long battery life when making your selection.

Integrated digital camera

A digital camera should be installed so that you can use your tablet for construction documentation. In this way, you can document your information on site with photos and you save yourself any rework in the office to sort photos.

Protection from dust and moisture

Depending on the environment in which you want to use your tablet, it is advisable to check the IP protection classes. These indicate to what extent the tablet is dust and water resistant.

Stable display

You may know it from home: if the tablet or smartphone falls down, the display can no longer be used. Make sure you have a stable display when choosing a tablet. Alternatively, you can also help with a bulletproof glass film.

SIM card for mobile data connections

If you want to work digitally with your construction site tablet, it is advisable to choose a device with a SIM card. So you can go online even without a WiFi connection.

If your data connection is not guaranteed, you should definitely check whether your software works under these conditions. You can also use Capmo to the full extent offline, for example. As soon as you are connected to the Internet again, the data will automatically synchronize.

Rugged Tablets or Semi-Rugged Tablets

When looking for a rugged tablet for the construction site, you are sure to come across the terms “rugged tablet” and “semi-rugged tablet”. These classifications show that the devices are particularly robust outdoor tablets.

Semi-rugged tablets are much more stable than tablets for normal household use. However, they are not or only poorly protected against dirt, dust and splash water. The fall height is in the middle range: the devices should not fall much deeper than 1 meter.

Full-rugged tablets are the most stable tablets on the market. Specifically designed for outdoor use, these devices cannot be harmed by dirt or water. The tablet PCs must have at least the IP54 standard.

With a rugged tablet or a semi-rugged tablet you are definitely on the safe side. But hand on heart: It doesn't have to be the most stable tablet for construction supervision and documentation. The performance has to be convincing. This is how these 5 construction site tablets shine.

The best tablets for the construction site

The range of construction site tablets is huge. There is a huge variety of Windows outdoor tablets, Android devices and portable Apple PCs on the market. We did a lot of research, asked around in the industry and did a construction site tablet test. The result: 5 tablets that are ideal for your everyday work on the construction site.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active Pro T545

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Active Pro T545 is ideally suited for the construction site thanks to its robust construction. The Android outdoor tablet convinces in tests with its extensive performance, which even high temperatures, splash water or dirt cannot harm. The Samsung construction site tablet is particularly praised for its battery life of almost 16 hours with continuous video playback. This should enable you to carry out a few construction inspections without interruption.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 2

Among all outdoor tablets, the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active, the little sister of the Active Pro, is probably one of the best known. With the Galaxy Tab Active 2, Samsung has reissued the successful tablet and again launched a robust tablet for construction sites and other outdoor activities. If the display resolution is also criticized, the Samsung construction site tablet receives good ratings in terms of workmanship. The practical S Pen, which makes it easier to use on the go, is also highlighted. Certified with the IP68 standard, the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 2 cannot harm the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 2 so quickly.

iPad Pro 2020

If you are less looking for a rugged tablet, but place a high value on usability and performance, you should take a closer look at the new iPad Pro 2020. The premium device impresses with a strong display, an extremely fast processor and a battery life of up to 13 hours - all with a 12.9 inch display. The flyweight of just 630 grams is also not to be neglected.As you will probably hold the iPad in your hands on the construction site, this feature quickly pays off. With a suitable protective cover, the iPad Pro is a tablet suitable for construction sites despite its slim housing.

Durios F100 A

If you are looking for an inexpensive rugged industrial tablet, you are well advised with the Durios F100 A. It comes from the Durios family group of the F series and is available as a 10, 8 and 6 inch display. It is characterized by its high level of robustness. With IP protection class 67 and MIL-STD 810 G it is in the best possible position. Further specifications such as interfaces, 1xRS232, 2x USB, 1x LAN RJ45 plus spare battery and the option for a barcode scanner are impressive. Thanks to the HELIX antenna, the optional RTK GNSS module finds a coveted market for surveys that require centimeter-level work. The Durios F100A is advertised with a top price-performance ratio by Acturion.

ASUS ZenPad 10

You thought the iPad would be the lightest tablet on the market at 630 grams? The ASUS ZenPad 10 goes one better and is particularly light in the hand at 490g. If the design is a powerful argument for you, the slim tablet is a good choice for you. Equipped with a wide-view display, the tablet ensures that you will certainly not overlook any detail on your construction plan. The 10-hour battery life is solid, but the performance is praised in high tones.

Now you are spoiled for choice: which construction site tablet suits your everyday work best? It is best to first consider which requirements the Tablet PC must meet for you and then compare the suitable models. As soon as you have found a suitable model, it is best to download the Capmo app directly and start your live construction site tablet test with your 14-day test version of Capmo. We hope you enjoy trying it out!