What makes a good student tutor?

Student life has not even started properly, one scientific term is already chasing the next. We have collected all unknown expressions on the subject of studies for you and provide you with the appropriate explanation. Here: What is a tutorial?

A tutorial is a supporting event. Here students can repeat and deepen the material of a course together with a tutor. A tutorial is voluntary in most cases, but can be prescribed by a lecturer. If such an event is offered, one should take the chance and attend it. Often, tutorials also serve to work on homework together, while the tutor helps those present and is at their side with advice and action.

A tutor is usually himself a student in a higher semester. He supports lecturers as a student assistant and makes it easier for other students to start their studies with his knowledge.

How do you become a tutor?

Tutors are always needed at the university. Inquire at your institute whether there is a vacancy for you there. Most positions are paid and can save you looking for another student job. At the same time, you make new contacts - not only with other students, but also with lecturers and professors.

What are the tasks of a tutor?

In addition to teaching in a tutorial, tutors help, among other things, with the preparation of events, support professors and look after foreign students.

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