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When did the first car race take place?


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When did the first car race take place?

Maurice Björn from Usingen asked us this question.

When Carl Friedrich Benz and Gottlieb Daimler invented the automobile independently of one another in 1886, they were not met with undivided enthusiasm. The moving monsters met with rejection and incomprehension among their contemporaries. Nevertheless, the first official car race took place just eight years later, in 1894: 21 automobiles competed 126 kilometers from Paris to Rouen, at an average speed of 17 kilometers per hour.

In the next few years car races enjoyed great popularity and were followed live on the track by many spectators. Of course, safety standards weren't an issue at the time. As a result, when serious accidents kept coming up, car races were banned by the state in several countries. This gave the French Automobile Club the idea of ​​holding the competitions on a circuit. The first Grand Prix at Le Mans in 1906 marked the dawn of a new era in motor racing.

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