Why does PayPal have poor customer service

experiences with paypal?

hello, after a few years I want to sell a few things again on my old ebay account (100% positive), now ebay is forcing me to set up and offer paypal. on the internet i find a lot of negative things about pp. what kind of experiences do you have?
I think you have to have a certain number of reviews (50?), then you can only offer transfer.

Paypal is a good thing for me as a buyer. fast and uncomplicated payment. if there are any inconsistencies i can repeat the money via the buyer protection.

for you as a seller this is again a problem if the buyer repeats the money. another problem is that you have to pay fees. so in addition to the ebay fees.
High speed
So far I have only used PayPal for shopping. No negative experiences.
i have been a member of ebay for almost 10 years. every now and then 1 or 2 things are sold. never problems. i don't need paypal. I just don't like being forced to do something ...
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Because buyers on eBay and PP. To enjoy complete freedom from fools, it is clear that many will like it. As a VK it looks different. You can have a lot of trouble there. I was often annoyed, on a small scale, e.g. about the ignorant, the 2 euro article per PP. have paid, whereby then about 50 cents pure PP. Fees apply. And on the whole, when buyers have booked their money back using buyer protection for no particular reason. Then of course the article "got lost" when it was shipped uninsured - which was not agreed. Believe it or not ... It happened to me 5 times. I never saw my money again. PP. it doesn't matter. But do your own research on the Internet and form your own opinion.
As a buyer, PayPal is simply great! With PayPal you are always on the right side.
As a seller, PayPal is just crap. As a seller at PayPal, you have all the risks on your side and you also have to pay fees for every little thing.
That's the way it is. A great thing for buyers. The fastest and easiest way, and you can book the money back if you haven't received the goods. It looks very different for salespeople. 1. The fees for receiving a PayPal payment are horrendous and disproportionate to the performance. 2. You have no security. The buyer can maliciously book the money back even though the delivery was correct. And as a seller you have the burden of proof, and try that online via an anonymous PayPal portal. The buyer simply claims the opposite and the money is gone.

Many sellers, who are like you, therefore write separately at the bottom of the article text that they do not accept a PayPal payment under any circumstances, but only bank transfer or pickup. I would recommend it to everyone.
... think PP is absolutely superfluous, I have had good experience with Click & Buy so far. I am registered with PayPal, but have never used it, because if I have to transfer money there first, the term is too long for me, then I prefer to make advance payment with Postbank telephone transfer, which is in 4 hours at the recipient. You cannot have a direct debit carried out directly from the account, but with Click & Buy that works immediately.

I consider the deducted percentage commission to be excessive, also similar with Click, as it is little for small amounts, but increases very sharply above 100 € value of goods. That’s going to cost a lot of money. Actually unusable for large orders, such as TV etc., because much too expensive!
With prepayment, cash on delivery, I have never fallen for the Internet - I especially think of PP for newfangled frills to destroy money ...
A few months ago I "bought" an AppleTV on Ebay. Like six other people. Unfortunately, the seller said goodbye in silence after two delay e-mails. Luckily I paid with PayPal. The almost 200 EUR was reimbursed without any problems.
Incidentally, the money is available to the seller in a fraction of a second. I notice this a lot when shopping for things in the US that can be emailed to me. Really a very good thing.
From a seller's point of view, PP may not be that exciting, especially because of the fees. The fact that with PP the risk is transferred from the buyer (compared to prepayment or cash on delivery) to the seller is only fair after 10 years of buyer risk. That's why I really can't understand statements like "PayPal is just crap".