What is the meaning of a beach

Have you ever asked yourself the question of the meaning of the colored ones on your beach vacationFlags on the beach actually have? Are you not allowed into the water when the flag is red and yellow or should only inexperienced swimmers avoid the open sea? At this point I would like to shed light on the darkness and inform you about the different meanings of the flags on the beach. My practical table shows you all the important information at a glance, below I explain the meaning of the flags in more detail.

The meaning of flags on the beach

Red-yellow flag |Yellow flag

Red flag |Black and white flag

Blue flagGreen flag

What do the flags on the beach mean?


What does the red and yellow flag on the beach mean?

If a red and yellow flag is waving on the beach, you have nothing to fear, because it means that a section of the beach is safe and guarded by a lifeguard. You can swim on this beach without hesitation.

Bathing is safe

But be careful: if such red and yellow flags are placed directly on the beach line, they limit it allowed bathing zone. Outside this zone there is an official bathing ban, the lifeguards cannot guarantee your safety there.

What does the yellow flag on the beach mean?

If you see a yellow flag on the beach, it means that you can swim in the water at your own risk. For beaches with a yellow flag, it is advisable that older people, children and even inexperienced swimmers refrain from bathing or at least do not move far from the shore.

Swim at your own risk

In open water, slightly stronger waves can become more dangerous faster than you suspect at first. The resulting current should not be underestimated either. So be absolutely vigilant!

What does the red flag on the beach mean?

If the red flag is blowing on the beach, you should definitely not go into the water. Even if you are an experienced swimmer, the conditions are not suitable for swimming. If you go into the water despite the red flags, you and others are in serious danger.

Caution, danger to life!

For example, a strong current can endanger swimmers. As a rule, the lifeguards know the beach in question very well and know why they are issuing a ban. Can even be at knee level strong current become a danger and should therefore never be underestimated.

What does the black and white flag on the beach mean?

Then there are the black and white checkered flags on the beach. If you see such a flag flying, it means first of all that bathing in this section is forbidden for you, because it is one Water sports area acts.

Bathing prohibited!

If you are an active water sports enthusiast and would like to take a dip on a surfboard, jet ski or motorboat, for example, you can do so in the area on the beach marked with the black and white flag. Also Boat lanes are marked with the flag.

What does the Blue Flag mean on the beach?

The blue flag is not a warning, but a Quality mark, which shows that certain environmental criteria are met.

Good water quality

The award is given annually by the Foundation for Environmental Education and stands for sustainable tourism and good water quality. Whether a beach meets the criteria for the Blue Flag is checked every year.

What does the green flag on the beach mean?

In some countries you can see a green flag waving on the beach. The green flag does not officially exist, or it has no meaningfulness.

No official informative value

The water may appear calm and invite you to swim, but you should not rely on it under any circumstances. Stop at such beaches for safety after a lifeguard or one of the other flags and don't let your children into the water unsupervised!

Ready for your next beach vacation?

And did you know the exact meanings of the flags on the beach? With my little guide you are now well prepared for your next beach vacation. As long as you follow the simple rules, you can carefree time spend on the most beautiful beaches in the world. No matter whether you are on one of the pretty Baltic Sea islands or on a beach in Australia: Always pay attention to the color of the flag, then nothing can go wrong!

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