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Is the word SOURCE OF INCOME allowed in Scrabble?

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Source of income

Opportunity to generate income
Possibility to (additional) Income to come in, to make money
  • Word separation:
    • A take me quel l, Plural A take me quellen
  • Word form:
    • Synonyms:


    Occupation, conquest against resistance
    Eating or drinking a drug
    Obtaining or receiving money or other valuables


    Origin of a river, flowing water; Place of apparent surface leakage
    Origin of something specific
    scientifically evaluable primary material
    Person who has direct information


    intransitive of liquids, also in the figurative sense, emerge, rise, bubble
    intransitive swelling of a material (in particular through the absorption of gas or liquid from the outside or through the conversion of solid or liquid substances into gases, such as when baking, baking)
    trans. cause an increase in volume through water absorption
    • Word separation:
      • swell, preterite quoll, part
      • swell, preterite swelled, Part. swelled
    • Word form:
    • Synonyms: