How do I describe a picture 1

Image spies!
How about evaluating a picture yourself with the help of the PC ?!
The result is an interactive rollover effect!

What do you need:

PC, image processing program (paint program Paint, Irfanview, Fireworks, ...), HTML editor (Dreamweaver, Namo, ...), browser (IE, Firefox, ...), possibly projector to be able to compare the results together

How does it work - step by step:

  • Download the three files listed below as a link in a newly created folder ('bilduebung1', 'bilduebung2', ...)
  • Call up the picture file 'skizze.jpg' with the picture editing program and draw and label all interesting and important areas of the picture
    -> Don't forget to save (again under 'skizze.jpg' in the 'bilduebung1' folder;
    If an older version of Paint was used, the image has to be edited with another image processing program, such as IrfanView, as' sketch.jpg ' get saved!!)
  • Call up the HTML file 'bildspione.htm' with the HTML editor and fill in the description of the image
    -> Don't forget to save (again under the file name 'bildspione1.htm' in the folder 'bilduebung1')
  • Call up the file 'bildspione.htm' with the browser
    -> You see your own interactive image evaluation (with the mouse on the image for the rollover effect)
  • Compare results: who actually "spied" best ?!

Attention: First create a new folder 'bilduebung1', ..., then download files! Go to the link with the right mouse button, select 'Save target as' and select the folder 'bilduebung1', ... as the storage location!
For each exercise a new folder must be created and the appropriate image spy files downloaded !!

Image sources:
- Photos: STM / geolinde
- All oblique aerial photos: © pilot_micha / Flickr (Creative Commons)
- Vertical aerial photos: © Bayerisches Landesvermessungsamt