Is there a healthier alternative for smokers?

The healthy alternative to smoking?

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In the 2010s, vaporizers experienced a real boom. Every year the providers gained a host of new customers. Other industries can only dream of annual growth rates of around 25%. In Germany there are already over 2.5 million people who prefer to smoke electrically and enjoy the selection of numerous flavors ...

This boom was made possible by an intelligent sales strategy that seemed to fit perfectly with the smart zeitgeist. In this sense, vaporizers, also known as vaporizers, were touted by manufacturers as the ideal alternative to smoking. But are the products really as safe as the manufacturers would like us to believe? Is the vaporizer healthy? Numerous studies examining the effect of e-cigarettes on health already allow cautious conclusions.

Much less risk of cancer
In fact, there are significant differences to traditional smoking of pipes, cigars and cigarettes. Regardless of the type of vaporizer - whether electronic or with gas - and regardless of whether the device is a convection or conduction vaporizer, the substances are not used on the basis of a combustion process, but rather on the basis of evaporation.

In this context, evaporation means that a lower temperature development is required for enjoyment. As a result, numerous harmful combustion substances, so-called toxins, of which tar, carbon monoxide and benzene are only the tip of the iceberg when smoked, cannot be released in the first place. Of course, vaporizers are not entirely free of carcinogenic substances. There are only significantly fewer substances than the 90 that have so far been discovered through conventional smoking.

According to the analysis of meta-studies, the official German language today is that vaporizers are associated with a “probably lower risk of cancer” compared to traditional smoking. In England, on the other hand, they have already made a commitment. On the island, the National Health Service announced that the vapes were 95% less harmful to health and 99.5% less carcinogenic.

Instead, higher lung strain
The meta-analysis on the subject of vaporizers and health, however, revealed a different effect, namely that the burden on the lungs and respiratory tract is increased when vaping compared to smoking. For severe lung diseases such as bronchial asthma, bronchitis and the development of emphysema, vapes have already been identified as the cause. It was also determined that certain substances such as glycerine and propylene glycol, which enter the respiratory system when the vaporizing substances are inhaled, irritate the airways, irritate the mucous membranes, inflame the bronchi and cause oxidative stress. Asthmatics immediately feel the higher lung strain caused by e-cigarettes as a result of increased coughing stimuli.

Only recently, in a US study published on June 7th, 2019 in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, critical findings were brought to light. The scientists found out that the liquids inhaled when vaping drew moisture away from the natural protective film in the airways. This loses part of its protective function. The natural self-cleaning mechanism in the lungs - doctors refer to this as mucociliary clearance - is impaired. This also happens because the processes during vaping slow down the beat frequency of the cilia, which are responsible for the removal of dust particles, pollutants and pathogens.

Conclusion: E-cigarettes are not healthy either
As a result of the studies that are being brought into being more and more in connection with the effects of e-cigarettes on health, the harmlessness once postulated by the manufacturers can no longer be assumed. The significantly lower risk of cancer is at least partially offset by the even greater burden on the lungs and bronchi. Whoever wants to quit smoking should consequently do so consistently and not by attacking the devil with the Beelzebub.
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