How motivated are you

Are you intrinsically motivated? How to get started with learning.

Faith can move mountains. Each of us has probably heard this saying before, but is it actually true? Can you actually do more if you believe in something, if you can intrinsically motivated are?

In the following I will show you that with the right attitude, the right belief, you can motivate yourself to do incredible things.

Why you fail when you believe in your inability.

Before I show you how your belief strengthens you, I'll show you a simple example of why belief in not being able to lead to failure. You are probably familiar with these or similar examples from your own experience or from people around you.

One often hears the saying that old dogs don't learn new tricks. Many older people in our society use the widespread idea that old people are no longer capable of learning. By doing so, they explain that it is not up to them that they do not learn how to use the new media, for example. You would like to learn, but unfortunately this is no longer possible in old age.

That is very unfortunate and wrong.

Modern research has shown that people of all ages are able to learn new things. Admittedly, it doesn't go quite as fast in old age as it did in younger years, but it works.

The condition for this, however, is that you believe in yourself and are ready to learn new things. If there is no faith, nothing new can be learned.

So if I were to try to show someone older with this attitude and the belief in not being able to deal with new media, my failure would be certain. I would not have a possibility, because the inner attitude of this person is completely programmed for a non-ability.

Are you learning too slowly

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Why You Should Be Intrinsically Motivated!

But if someone believes that he can do it, then things look very different. Even with older people, because they are intrinsically motivated.

My wife's grandparents are such an example. You are over 75 years old, have not had a lot to do with computers and digital media in your life, but today you use them intensively and that is impressive!

For example, they use WhatsApp on their mobile phones and use it to send texts, pictures and videos. It doesn't sound like a lot, but it is because using WhatsApp requires some skills.

You not only have to be able to use the mobile phone, but also the app. They must be able to enter and send texts and understand that they can have different conversations at the same time and know where to choose them. In addition, they must be able to operate the cell phone camera in order to be able to take and send pictures and videos. And much more.

If you compare them with other 75-year-olds who generally find themselves too old to learn new things, it becomes clear that the attitude and belief in one's own ability can actually work wonders.


So ask yourself the question, what do you want? Do you also have beliefs that block you because you think you can't do something?

Think about whether you want to change something about that, because such beliefs will not only take away your motivation and with it your success. These beliefs will continue to block you in the future and make your life difficult for you again and again. If you need some ideas to find motivation then you've come to the right place.

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