What are the benefits of video advertising

Video advertising

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The term video advertising is understood to mean advertising that is placed on the Internet in the form of videos. There are different approaches to placement. The promotional video can, for example, be installed in front of or between another video, as with the YouTube platform. One then speaks of pre-roll ads or mid-roll ads. Before you can watch a selected video, such a commercial is displayed. Usually you can close the promotional video yourself after a few seconds if you don't want to see it. Of course, it is an advantage if the advertising also matches the content of the video. In this way, the viewer's interest is aroused and the promotional video is not perceived as too annoying.

Types of video advertising

There are several ways video ads can be used:

  • In-Stream Video Ads: The promotional videos are displayed before, after, or during other videos. The user is, so to speak, forced to first look at the advertising clip in order to be able to watch his video afterwards.
  • Out-Stream Video Ads: The advertising videos are placed directly in the editorial text. When scrolling through the text, the video appears between paragraphs, but can be skipped by the user. The publisher does not have to provide a video inventory for this. The native integration of the video ad should attract more attention.
  • In-banner video ads: With this variant, the videos are played parallel to the content on the page or in the app. Logically, the viewer's attention is not guaranteed by the simultaneous playback, because he can still concentrate on the other content.
  • Video interstitial: The video interstitial interrupts the use of a website. Often the website becomes slightly dark and the promotional video is played. This display is often used on large pages or videos and attracts the full attention of the viewer, as they can no longer perceive the rest of the content. On the other hand, interstitials are not very popular with users. Some instituials and pop-ups are even penalized by Google.

Importance and benefits

Video advertising is a fast growing market. This marketing strategy has become more and more popular, especially in recent years, as most households were provided with fast broadband Internet access and the videos only need a short loading time. Video advertising has many advantages compared to other marketing concepts. One of the biggest advantages is certainly the visual representation. The viewer's attention is drawn through the moving images, possible effects and simultaneous audio messages. Video advertising is particularly popular on social media. Anyone who uses video ads should, however, make sure to always integrate subtitles for any text.