Are soldiers of the National Guard soldiers

USA: National Guard pulls together up to 15,000 soldiers

The National Guard can send up to 15,000 men to the US capital. About 10,000 of them should be in Washington by Saturday, General Daniel Hokanson said. And: The Washington Monument will be closed with immediate effect, for fear of even more violence. The incumbent US President Trump has approved the additional presence of the Army in Washington and also the declaration of a state of emergency to free up additional funds.

FBI is working on riots in the Capitol

The question is how big the inauguration of President Biden will be in eight days. That will depend on law enforcement and evidence of possible new violent protests by some Trump supporters.

FBI investigators are currently investigating thousands of leads on rioters who stormed the Capitol last Wednesday. They are also investigating a suspected conspiracy. So whether some Trump supporters aimed to injure MPs or take them hostage.

The US Democrats are demanding consequences for President Trump. As planned, they introduced a resolution in the House of Representatives. The text calls on Vice President Pence to do everything possible to declare incumbent President Trump incapacitated.

Trump travels to Texas

Pence won't do that. Therefore, the Democrats in Congress are seeking another impeachment trial against Trump in parallel. The president is making his first public appearance since the violence in Washington today. He travels to Texas, on the border with Mexico. He will then hardly be able to evade questions about his responsibility for the current crisis.