What are spherical spirits

The ghostly spring novelty from Drei Magier: The "spherical spirits" are not so easy to throw off the track

Ghost games in the old castle walls:
The "spherical ghosts" cannot be thrown off course so easily

Berlin, spring 2020. This spring it will be eerily beautiful, because the annual ghost race has begun - and the little ghosts love the twisted game. In “Kugelgeister” by Drei Magier®, two to five players help their ghosts to climb the old castle ruins. But the ascent is not that easy, because the old fortress is full of surprises and obstacles roll against the little ghosts again and again. Whoever manages to reach the top with his mind first wins the game.

There is a lot going on in the otherwise abandoned castle ruins - in the truest sense of the word. The little ghosts race and storm the old walls. But what is it? A rolling ball makes its way down from the tower and pushes the little ghosts off the track. With the new children's game “Sphere ghosts“By Drei Magier®, two to four players, ages five and up, make their way to the tower of the old ruin with their ghost figures. Whoever manages to get there first wins the game. By rolling the dice, the players move their figures forward on the 3D action board and in doing so also set free one or the other rolling obstacle that makes it difficult for the ghosts to climb. There is a safe path along the wall, but this not only costs the players more time, but also drives them back to the outside lane on rotten stairs. There the players have to watch out for the rolling balls that roll down in front of the tower at regular intervals. If the ball hits a pawn, it must move to the last corner field and climb the steps again. Whoever manages to lead his pawn safely and quickly to the castle tower first wins the exciting ghost race and crowns himself with the new spherical spirit.

Type: Child's Play | Publisher: Drei Magier® | Players: 2-4 | Age: from 5 years | Time: 15 min | Price: 38.99 euros


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The Schmidt Spiele® publishing house is one of the best-known German game manufacturers. It includes the brands Schmidt Spiele® for puzzles, plush, children's, family and adult games, Drei Magier®, which stands for challenging children's games, and Selecta® in the field of wooden toys. The foundation stone for the Schmidt Spiele® brand and the traditional company was laid in 1907 by Joseph Friedrich Schmidt with the invention of the board game Mensch ärgere Dich nicht®. Other classics are Kniffel® and Ligretto®. The portfolio also includes numerous award-winning games for children, families and connoisseurs. In 1997, Schmidt Spiele® was taken over by Good Time Holding GmbH, based in Berlin. Further information: www.schmidtspiele.de

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