How do I post an ad

Hack: This is how you can publish Facebook Carousel Ads as a regular post

Two weeks ago we showed you the possibilities for creative use of the Carousel Link Ads in a post. This has resulted in the following question for many readers: How can I publish this format in the news feed as normal? So without placing an ad for it? Quasi a "Carousel Post".

We tried out and researched a little and ultimately a tip from our colleague Thomas Hutter put us on the right track. Thanks for this hack also belongs to our Swiss colleague.

Here is our step-by-step guide to the Carousel Posts in the newsfeed:

  1. Unfortunately, it doesn't work without an advertising account. Because you first have to create the post you are planning as a normal ad. It doesn't matter whether you use the Power Editor or the normal display editor.
  2. When you have finished designing the Carousel Link Ad: First place the ad (with very little budget) to get it into the Facebook system.
  3. Select and stop the relevant ad in the ads dashboard, BUT DO NOT delete it. There is no need to go through the ad review process.
  4. In the middle column click on the button "Ad Preview" or "Ad preview".
  5. Click the link "View Permalink with Comments" in the bottom right of the pop-up.
  6. Copy this URL and paste it on the desired Facebook page in the publisher. Facebook then loads the carousel ad in the preview.
  7. Write a suitable description and publish it normally.
  8. Even now, DO NOT delete the display that has already been stopped!

That's it already. Now you've published your first carousel post. We can't say whether and how long this little hack will be possible. At least officially, Facebook does not provide for this type of post.