Can coyotes eat you

Coyote was on the way.
After a while he saw two other coyotes sitting by a stone. It was a big round stone
greater than. you. They sat there and talked about him.
"Tell me about the stone," said Coyote. "Leave him alone," they said. "We know you.
You're a pretty bad guy. It would be better if you had respect for this stone.
He lives. Better watch out, he can move quickly across the ground. "
Coyote said, "This is stupid talk. You two fools don't know anything. There is no stone
who can do such a thing. "" Well, then do what you want, "they said.
Coyote jumped on the stone and filled it with excrement all over it. Then he jumped
down and said, "You see. You think a stone can move." He laughed at her.
He was about to leave, but the stone left its place and rolled after him. Coyote was a
a little surprised and said, "Well, I think I'm faster than you." He started to run
but the stone stayed close behind him. Coyote said, "Well I'll show you how fast I really can be
can. "He ran as fast as he could, but it was no use.
After a while, coyote began to be afraid and ran into a small hole. The stone rolled exactly
over the opening and covered it. Coyote tried to talk his way out of it, but the stone moved
Not. Finally Coyote said, "I'm sorry for what I did. Let me out and I'll clean everything up."
The stone moved to one side and coyote slipped out of the hole and brushed away its dirt.
When he was done with it, the stone rolled back to its place and Coyote made it go away.

Coyote was on the move again.
After a while he came to a large dead tree. He saw a fat brown lizard on the trunk that he
she couldn't reach. Coyote said, "I'm the one who only eats fat. Come down so I can get you."
can eat. "The lizard said," Old man, leave me alone. I'm about to save the world. "
Coyote said, "Don't talk nonsense. What do you mean by that?" "I'm holding this big dead tree up",
said the lizard. "The sky rests on him. When I let go, the sky falls."
Coyote got scared. "Let me help you," he said. He ran to the tree and pushed against the trunk.
"Good," said the lizard. "You stay here and I'll get my children so they can help us."
The lizard came down and quickly ran away.
Coyote stood there for a long time, pressing as hard as he could against the trunk. Finally he got so tired
that he had to let go. He immediately ran into a small hole to protect himself. He stayed in there for a long time
and was afraid. After a while he saw that the sky wasn't falling, and now he knew it
the lizard had made a fool of him. He said something bad and walked away.

Coyote went into the forest and saw a bear. He killed him and peeled his hide to make a quiver for
to make his arrows out of it. Somebody came. "What are you doing with this fur?" " I make a
Quiver from it. "" Better stop it, it would bring you great misfortune.
"I'll make a cooker out of it anyway," said Coyote, sewing a quiver out of the fur
and a cover for his bow. When he was done, he slung both over his back and left
on until he came to a walnut tree. Many nuts lay on the ground and some were still on the tree.
Coyote took the quiver and the bow hull from his back and placed them against the trunk of the tree.
Then he started collecting nuts.
The quiver began to move and come to life. Coyote heard the smell, but he poured
disregard him. "It's just the wind," he said to himself. But after a while it changed
Quiver into a bear, and the bear began to chase it. Coyote ran through the thicket until he was tired
and couldn't go any further. He was about to give up when he saw a ground squirrel.
"What are you running around here?" asked the ground squirrel. "Bear is after me. Help me!"
"Hide in my mouth," said the ground squirrel. Coyote slipped into ground squirrel's mouth and
hid in his cheek pouch just as the bear came.
"Did you see anyone walking through here?" asked the bear. "No," replied the ground squirrel.
"What do you have in your mouth?" "Teeth."
Bear kicked the gophers in the stomach so hard that coyote fell out of his mouth. Bear continued to run behind
Coyote here, but Coyote escaped.

Coyote was walking across the country.
He found a beaver sleeping under a tree on the riverbank. Coyote picked him up without waking the beaver and carried him far from the river. Then he shook it and said, "Well, old man, wake up. I didn't even know you lived in such a dry land."
The beaver looked around sleepily, but there was nowhere to be seen a river. "Old man, would you take me to the river," he begged Coyote.
"No," said Coyote, "I won't do that. My back hurts so much that I can't carry a beaver." That was what he said and he walked away. The beaver began to roll and it rolled and rolled until it fell into a river. From then on, the beaver was just waiting to get Coyote back for this disgrace, and he looked everywhere for him.
At last he found coyote sleeping on the river bank. Biber picked him up and swam with him out into the river to an island. There he put coyote down and woke him up. "Hey old man, how long have you been living on an island?"
Coyote jumped up and saw only water around him. But he couldn't swim. "Old man," he said, "would you carry me to the bank, please?"
"No, I won't do that," said the beaver. "My back hurts. I can't carry a coyote."
The beaver slid into the water and went under. There the coyote stood on the island and did not dare to jump into the water. Finally he did it anyway. He drifted in the water for a long time, and when he was finally washed ashore he was almost dead.

A long time ago, they say, there was a cow by the river. Coyote came to the bank, and when he saw the water he was frightened. "I want to cross the river," he said, "but the water is too deep. I'm afraid."
The cow said: "You can hold on to my horns and we will go to the other bank together."
"No, that won't work because the current could drive me away," said Coyote, pretending to be terrified.
"Then hold on to my cock."
"No, I would still be scared."
"Well then I don't know what to do for you."
"Let me in your rectum," suggested Coyote.
The cow was embarrassed, but she didn't want to refuse to help the coyote. So she said, "All right."
Coyote crawled into it and the cow swam across the river. When she got over there, coyote bit her to death inside and then ate her up.
Coyote was a villain and he shouldn't have done that, but the cow was stupid because she didn't know that it makes a difference whether you help someone or let someone take advantage of you.