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Industrial producer prices fell by 1.4% in December 2014 compared to the same month last year; Annual average in 2014 1.1% below 2013

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Vienna, 2015-01-30 - According to Statistics Austria, the industrial producer price index (EPI 2010) reached 102.1 points in December 2014 and thus fell 1.4% compared to December 2013. In November 2014 and October 2014 the annual rate of change was -1.1% and -1.0%, respectively. Compared to November 2014, the index fell by 0.5%.

The annual average for industrial producer prices in 2014 was 1.1% below the level of the previous year, after an annual average rate of -0.9% in 2013 and + 0.9% in 2012. In the last three years, there has been a steady decline in prices to be watched. The average annual rate of -1.1% in 2014 is the lowest rate since 2009 (-1.6%).

Energy prices (-3.8%) and the prices for intermediate goods (-1.0%) fell in 2014

The falling prices in the energy sector (-3.8%) and for intermediate goods (-1.0%) had the greatest impact on the producer price index in 2014. In 2013 the prices for energy fell by an average of 3.8% and for intermediate goods by 1.3%. The decline in the energy sector in 2014 was mainly characterized by the prices for "electrical power and services electricity supply", which fell by an average of 4.5% compared to 2013. On the index for intermediate goods, the price development in "metal production and processing" (-2.0%) had a major impact, with the prices for "pig iron, steel and ferro-alloys" having the greatest impact (-2.8%) discounted. "Other products of the first processing of iron and steel" fell by 2.2% compared to 2013, "Non-ferrous metals and semi-finished products from them" by 1.4%. There were further significant price reductions for intermediate goods in 2014 for "chemical raw materials, fertilizers and nitrogen compounds, plastics in primary form and synthetic rubber in primary form" (-2.9%), "grinding and peeling mill products" (-2.4%) as well as for "feed" (-2.3%). On the other hand, prices for "natural stone, gravel, sand, clay and kaolin" (+ 2.4%), "textile finishing services" (+ 2.2%) and "wood, wicker, wickerwork and wicker goods" rose on an annual average (+ 0.6%).

The prices for capital goods were on average 0.8% higher in 2014 than in the previous year (2013: + 1.1%, 2012: + 1.4%). This index increase is due to price increases for the product groups "machines for other specific economic sectors" (+ 1.3%) as well as for "motor vehicles and motor vehicle engines" (+ 0.9%). Compared to 2013, however, the prices for the product groups "parts and accessories for motor vehicles" (-0.9%) and those for "steel and light metal construction products" (-0.7%) fell.

The producer prices for consumer goods remained stable in 2014 (± 0.0%) compared to the same period of the previous year. In 2013 the inflation rate for consumer goods reached + 1.2% and in 2012 + 2.1%. In particular, the price drops for food - such as "vegetable and animal oils and fats" (-13.8%), "fruit and vegetable products" (-2.8%) and "preserved meat and meat products" (-2.6%) %) - caused the consumer goods index to decline in 2014. "Milk and milk products", however, registered an average annual increase of 2.4%.


Producer prices December 2014: -1.4% compared to the same month last year, -0.5% compared to the previous month

The overall rate of change in producer prices in December 2014 was -1.4% compared to the same month of the previous year. The main reason for the index decline in December 2014 were the developments in energy prices and the prices of intermediate goods, which fell by an average of 5.5% and 0.7%, respectively. In the energy sector, "electricity and services electricity supply" were 4.3% cheaper than in December 2013. The decline in the index for intermediate goods was characterized by the price reductions for "pig iron, steel and ferro-alloys" (-3.2%) and for "wood, sawn and planed" (-2.8%). Year-on-year, capital goods prices rose 0.8%, while consumer goods prices fell 0.6%. In consumer goods, prices fell sharply compared to December 2013, especially for "vegetable and animal oils and fats" (-6.4%) and for "preserved meat and meat products" (-4.1%). The product groups "toys" (+ 3.3%) and "drinks" (+ 1.4%) registered price increases.

Compared to November 2014, producer prices fell by an average of 0.5%. In the month-to-month period, prices in the areas of "manufacture of pharmaceutical products" (-1.2%) and "manufacture of chemical products" (-0.6%) fell. In contrast, prices in "mechanical engineering" (± 0.0%) and in "clothing manufacture" (± 0.0%) remained unchanged.

Detailed results and further information on the industrial producer price index can be found on our website.

Methodological information, definitions: In the base year of an index period, the average annual number is normalized to 100. The index series is denoted by the base year, i.e. In other words, the average measure of the industrial producer price index in 2010 is 100.0.
Capital goods are goods that are purchased for the creation and processing of goods, such as B. machines, data processing equipment or metal tanks.

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 Base year 2010% Previous month /
% Previous month /
1st quarter 2013 104,6-0,4-0,2
2nd quarter 2013 103,9-0,7-1,0
1st half of 2013 104,3--0,6
3rd quarter 2013 103,90,0-1,0
4th quarter 2013 103,7-0,2-1,2
Annual average 2013 104,0--0,9
 Base year 2010% Previous month /
% Previous month /
1st quarter 2014 103,2-0,5-1,3
2nd quarter 2014 103,0-0,2-0,9
1st half of 2014 103,1--1,2
3rd quarter 2014 102,9-0,1-1,0
4th quarter 2014 *) 102,5-0,4-1,2
Annual average 2014 *) 102,9--1,1

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