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Alexander Vural:

Piroche natural cosmetics starts

in network marketing

Vicky Sorg:

PM-International increases 2018

World Vision sponsorships

to 1,300 children

Andreas Wilfinger:

RINGANA invests

six million euros

in new 3,000 sqm


Manfred Scheffler:

Dietary Supplements: Safe As

no other food










is it really like that that hundreds of thousands

Facebook & Co. users on it

believe that you can get rich

without lifting a finger?

If you look on social media,

it seems that soon every day new ones

"Miracle cure" on the market

come, the eternal youth who

Dream figure in sleep and above all

Promise things a lot, a lot of money.

Strangely enough, you really see them

successful network marketing firms

and their sales partners,

its really a safe business

can prove in this hodgepodge

of exaggerations, promises,

Fantasies and understandable

Lies as good as not.

But there are dozens of identical names

Ad motifs that only

have a message: “Get rich quick

be! ”Not a word of that before

First of all, getting rich

Performance must and also

not a word of that investment

become due.

In the front page report of the current

Network career with Randy Gage,

one of the most successful international

Networker of the last decades,

goes the excellent industry expert

also on this topic

a: "You probably know someone

ten times a day on Facebook

or Instagram something about that

best and most sensational business

or post product. Think about it

according to how many people you

even know that nowadays

do that and that every human being

im constantly growing unpleasant

Social media echo with it


This network career report for the

The beginning of the new year will be whole

polarize with certainty: "It is quite possible

that you will not like

what you can read here.

In fact, it is quite possible that

You will hate it. This report

was not by Randy Gage

written to all actors of the

Network marketing business a good one

To convey feeling. Its purpose

is to shake up some people

them to grind their teeth

to bring and her reflection possibly

with a little more honesty


Randy Gage: “We took this

wonderful business model - the

probably the last remaining bastion of the

free enterprise in which a

more average, more ordinary

Man extraordinary wealth

and can create success -

and perverted it. It was

of swindlers, tricksters and greedy

Fortune knights taken hostage.

This document is my request

a bright spotlight came on

the despicable, dishonest ones

and unethical practices

to throw our great

Profession. Out

because of this, it is bluntly controversial

and contains words that some

Readers will be repulsed. If

You are one of the people who

quickly attacked by these things

feel you shouldn't

Continue reading."

We need a courageous, challenging one

and creative dialogue

lead over the future - and

about what we can do about this

Future for millions of people

to improve that of the

Things we do are affected.

When you are ready, a revolution

to begin our industry too

help on to the next level of development

to arrive and be part of the

Movement to be making this happen

lets then you should on

in any case from page 17 of the current one

Network career the statement from

Read Randy Gage.

Sincerely you

Bernd Seitz

Network Careers Editor





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Publication: Monthly on the 30th

behind the year 2017

can we do the famous


do. For the

most of it was a

Year that is out of the ordinary


passed by. There

had it like in that

Petra Seitz

Past 365

24 hours a day. So the year came

not faster, it is we who are in ours

self-chosen 24/7 rotating hamster wheel

make more and more pace. We

must always be reachable, everyone

read no matter how irrelevant e-mails and if possible

answer every minute. We must

about every crap posted on Facebook

& Co be informed. It is also

extremely important whether Susi and Klausi are one

Have eaten pizza or pasta. We let

us with completely useless information

Shoot down until your brain glows. Without

We can no longer use our smartphone

Life. From getting up to falling asleep

it rules our precious time. in the

Every owner looks more than 30 on average

Times the next day. Our children felt comfortable

300 times. A recent study says

that adolescents (after a self-assessment!)

221 minutes a day online

are. Real should be a good five hours on

Day get together. If you do the math

together, how much time it takes

Way to school, school, homework, food,

Friends, sports, hobbies, etc.

take one shouldn't be surprised

if they are for such trivial matters

like tidying up rooms, taking away the rubbish

or go out with the dog

just don't have time. Has her day too

just 24 hours. If we're honest

our kids are not using smartphones

and Facebook was born.

You just got quickly from us

learned. Today parents are proud like

Harry, if you three-cheeses, 15 month old

unerringly on mom's smartphone

find all episodes of Benjamin Blümchen

and can play.

How will the new year be? 60 percent think

just like 2017. 28 percent say

everything will get better and the rest is dear

it doesn't matter anyway how 2018 will. They have

no time anyway.

Your Petra Seitz,

Publishing director of the network career





Randy Gage knows the industry like no other. Therefore

he sees it as his duty to take a serious word with him

to talk to the people involved in the network marketing industry

not doing well. Trading with executives and less

with products for the end customer harm the industry

sustainable. HE is harshly judging the companies that do

support such practices and advocate that

every team and every company monitors itself for this

Practices to put an end to it.

Page 17


BEMER continues with the European

Health initiative for more

Awareness of a healthy

Lifestyle a.

Page 06


Alexander Herr does with direct sales

but not end and rise

at the Austrian company


Page 06


Rolf Sorg's company starts

in the Asian market.

Six salespeople make it

in the top 25.

Page 07


After a successful start in

Germany, Piroche now wants international

take off.

Page 08


Joey Kelly was again for ENERGETIX

and the RTL donation marathon 24

Hours and was able to

twelfth time one

Set a world record. Page 10


The fresh cosmetics manufacturer can

keep growing. Hence the company

continue to expand


Page 11

Christian Bremer

The business coach explains how to do it

deals with fear and stress. He pleads

but actively against emerging

negative feelings

proceed. Page 14

Prof. Dr. Patrick Schüffel

Is Bitcoin a pyramid scheme?

The financial expert explains how he does the

Cryptocurrency market sees.

Page 15

Bernhard Kuntz

With the right communication

it often comes down to the little things,

that make a difference


Page 24

Robert Pauly

Tips from the marketing coach help

2018 to make it a successful year.

With four small tasks that is

possible in no time.

Page 25

Stefan Dederichs

Happiness is not a gift, it is

must be worked out. And happy ones

People get easier


Page 26

Dr. Johannes Fiala

Dipl.-Math. Peter A. Schramm

When can the basic pension be seized?

Federal Court of Justice decides.

Page 30

+++++++++++++++++++++ LETTERS TO THE READER +++++++++++++++++++++

Dear readers,

Your opinion is important to us.

After all, we make this newspaper

for her. Write us what

Find them good or bad, give

Suggestions, express wishes,

come individually

Report ... - we are pleased about

Your feedback! And uncompli

It is also adorned: send it to us

just send an email to:

read my opinion @ net work-carri e

What a motivating story

a woman who does the ups and downs

lived through life several times

Has. Respect for so much courage it

to try again and again.

Have so much confidence

probably very few.

Margo Spielhau

Whether you get your first Porsche at 25

must have to then at 31 a

Going bankrupt is questionable. Nevertheless

makes the life story

from Katja Porsch all those courage

who have a profound

had to experience a blow. The motto

from Ms. Porsch: “If you like life

kick your butt, step back! ”should

to hang on to the mirror.

P. Derichsweiler

Your report on Frau Porsch got me

very impressive. Does he show that

despite all the adversities of the

Never let life get you down

may. Get up, straighten the crown and

carry on, as the saying goes.

Ute Schönleber

I am also aware of other cases of involuntary

Bankruptcies. They have each other

never again despite private bankruptcy

recovered. In our society is

a bust a Cains time one

no longer going on.

Fritz Ungerer

In the MLM business, I always meet

back to people who are already

one or more bankruptcies

have participated. Most of them

but have their self-confidence

lost and never come

really on your feet. Respect

in front of Mrs. Porsch!

Ulrich Wegner

The report on the ProWin dream career

by Angelina Kurras shows

that with appropriate commitment

and an iron will also among Germans

Network companies quite a lot

Money can be made. More please

such understandable and motivating

Stories from the

Everyday direct sales.

Annalena Kainz

A very nice article about women

Kurras and her ProWin team. He proves

once again that straight

Women from all kinds of professions

Top positions with top incomes

reachable. Indeed

It is also true here that it cannot be done without diligence

goes. The dream of getting rich

without work there is always an unfulfilled one

Stay a dream. Even if it

different from some MLM companies

is promised.

R. Hartl

Your report on the tax evaders

on Paradise Island drives every little one

honest taxpayers shed tears

in the eyes. The author totally did

right when he says that the Germans

Tax numbers completely ripped off

become. The little one hangs

you let the big guys go.

The Baden-Württemberg tax authorities

shared last week

with the fact that they give them 350 million

Taxes are lost because they are too

have few auditors. Alone

at the corporations went 100 million

lost per year because ten examiners

absence. Then where are they around?

2,000 auditors, if not there,

where could you really get money? There

where there is least contradiction

there - among the small and medium-sized


Gerald Koch

To your report on the tax haven

Paradise Island that obviously

from many corporations to reduce taxes

is used: If private

Corporations use tax loopholes,

then it lies in their moral

and legal responsibility.

But if companies are there, how

Deutsche Post and its subsidiaries,

on which “Father

State “involved directly or indirectly

the question must be allowed

what is going on in our country?

F. H. Fleischer






Did I read that right? The

Health insurance companies are managed by the tax offices

informed who

as a self-employed person more than 426 euros

earned? Where is data protection then?

Small business owners are supposed to

May be heavily punished if

they do not have their own data protection officer

employ? But the

Authorities are allowed to use highly sensitive income data

pass on? Maybe

should be our country instead of the federal republic

rather in banana republic

To become unknown to Germany.

Emil Wurster





As part of the European

Daniel Wolf, the runner Stella Stroh-

Health Initiative (EGI) run by the

bach and the show jumper Jenny von

BEMER Int. AG initiated in September

Awls. They reported on affected

and until April 2018

printing experience with BEMER

continued, found on the first

in sport and in everyday life for regeneration

Advent weekend five international

ration, performance improvement and

national sports congresses take place, three

to increase well-being.

since in Frankfurt, Berlin and Lands-

Also on December 2nd,


the BEMER partner Tino Göbel

and Bettina Ulmer the Landsber

After the Europe-wide events

to the world heart

ger world sports day. Were guests here

Charly Steeb, Ironman triathlete

day on September 29th and

Peter Stallknecht and the former

Men's Health Day events

league professional soccer player Sven Kresin. in the

on November 3rd it went on 2nd and

Sporttalk discussed the participants

December 3 all about the topic

on site, how important the users

Sport and health. Goal of the eu

formation of the physical vascular

European Health Initiative (EGI)

rapie BEMER before, during and after

is to work with numerous cooperative

the sport is.

partners awareness of one

healthy lifestyle in the foreground

The company BEMER

reason to move. Sporting activities

in Germany, including the

and are there on the BEMER

Triathlete Steffi Steinberg, the world

The BEMER Int. AG based in Triesen

is essential for a healthy life

BEMER World Sports Day with over 200

become noticeable. Most of all from

master in Utraman, said: “Dear

in Liechtenstein is an international

important to men and has been

Visitors to the base of the hessian

has a scientific perspective

I leave running shoes at home, however

Companies in the health sector

BEMER was founded around 20 years ago

sports federation in Frankfurt am

I am impressed by how the therapy

the BEMER comes to competition

che. BEMER is a technological

an integral part of the company

Main on December 3, 2017. Fashion

pie devices are manufactured and how

in any case

leading manufacturer in the field of

mens philosophy. Especially former

The event was organized by Karsten

the blood circulation is improved. So

with. ”It is remarkable that

Physical vascular therapy. The

current and current sports professionals like Marc

Starnberger and as speakers too

put the athletes in Para Nordic

every participant of the sports talk

Core competency of the company

Girardelli, Axel Schulz, Tina Weirather

The guest were Christian Klinsky, Head of

Ski the BEMER successfully. "

on physical vascular therapy

are the treatment options for

or Carl-Uwe Steeb know theirs

Education of the BEMER Int. AG, Dr. med.

In addition to the specialist lectures,

trusted by BEMER.

smallest blood vessels, BEMER works

Body inside and out and

Elisabeth Hutter and Prof. Matthias

the organizers set up bar

The day before, the world

i.a. also with active and former

relate to the therapeutic

Scoundrel, scientific-technical

bara Ramm, Hans-Jürgen Eichenber-

sports day in Berlin under the organizational

Top athletes like Marc Girardelli,

Effect of the BEMER therapy.

Adviser to the German Nordic Para-

ger and Margaret Meijering one

sation by BEMER manager Susan-

Axel Schulz or Charly Steeb also

This combination of sport and

ski teams and head of the Fraunhofer

Sports talk, moderated by Katja Hof-

ne lacrouts instead. In addition to interesting

together. The physical vascular

Physical vascular therapy was available

fer Center for MicroTribology in

man. BEMER-

The tenth specialist lectures were also given here

therapy BEMER comes in different

at the World Sports Days in German

Karlsruhe: "For the para-

Sports ambassador Charly Steeb, Hür-

a sports talk with ex-professional boxer

which product lines for humans and

country as well as Austria in focus.

Olympic team after a

runner Eileen Demes, 400 m

Axel Schulz, the fitness trainer of

Animal to carry.

Three of these events took place

Looking for support for physiotherapy

Relay runners Constantin Schmidt and

U17 national soccer team


A power duo for a power brand -

Martin and Nina Dvoracek, founders of VABO-N.

A few months ago, Alexander shared

Lord of the network career editors

with that he is in the network marketing business


be done. Wanted the reasons for this

he did not call. At his previous

It cannot be successful

have, after all, he built

one after the other at Unicity, MonaVie,

Qnet, Jeunesse and Filabé great

Sales teams up and reached

high positions in record times

and related payments.

In February 2017 received Alexander

Mr. von Filsuisse GmbH, the

German sales company of

Filag Schweiz AG, a termination without notice.

About the reasons of the immediate

Alexander was silent about resignations

Lord, but doubted them

Legality since he was using this

Society have no contract.

Alexander Herr announced in this

Context that he will be in the future

for the network marketing business

no longer available

would stand. The network career

said in a post that here

surely the last word has not yet been spoken

be. Because Alexander Herr

need the flair and the challenge

the network marketing


Obviously Alexander had mr

his “never again network marketing!” statement

not quite myself

taken so seriously because now announced

the Austrian direct sales company

VOBO-N that

Alexander Herr as a new sales partner

could be won.

VABO-N was launched in the middle of 2015 of the successful

Entrepreneur couple Martin

and Nina Dvoracek founded.

The founders have been010 in the range

of nutritional supplements and

Network marketing and look out

on many years of experience and

extensive know-how in this

Area back. Guide your success

they are passionate about health

and healthy lifestyle as well

especially product-based

Business development, intensive coaching

Activity, persistence and a series of lectures

for the development of executives






PM-International company founder

Rolf Sorg seems to be his “One Billion

Realize sales “vision faster

to be able to than planned. While

the European family company

already in the past

above average every year

Report sales growth

could, the year 2017 all previous

Beating growth records.

Not only the European PM

Market continues to grow, now storm

the Asians the PM ranking

Lists: While in the past

the top leaders Joachim Heberlein,

Carsten Ledulé, Ralf Wünsch

and Marcel Dezö each the first

Have chosen places among themselves,

has now Chuang in November

Piu King Carmen from Hong Kong

the nothing out on the second

Pushed into place.

Also places 11, 20, 21, 22 and 23

are now being used by Asian distributors


TOP 25 PM-International

WORLDWIDE (November 2017)

1 Joachim Heberlein / Germany

2 Chuang Piu King Carmen / Hong Kong

3 Carsten Ledulé / Germany

4 Marcel Dezö / Switzerland

5 Ralf & Heike Wünsch / Germany

6 Aage & Wenche Senseth / Norway

7 Astrid Trondsen / Norway

8 Satu Rusanen / Finland

9 Anita Agnemyr / Norway

10 Hege Bläcker / Sweden

11 Siu Ching Zusanna Ng / Hong Kong

12 Sabine & Wolfgang Lindemann /


13 Coach & Win S. A / Luxembourg

14 Adele Samarelli / Italy

15 Helene & Rudolf Junker / Switzerland

16 Christian Krönke / Germany

17 Kerstin Lazzaretti / Switzerland

18 Anne-Britt Ellingsen / Norway

19 Anette & Lisa Einarsson / Sweden

20 Nicholas / Japan

21 Yan Yan / Japan

22 Kyoko Akiyama / Japan

23 Marina Longhi / Japan

24 Maritha & Jörgen Ragnarsson /


25 Ute & Tino Puschmann / Germany

PM-International AG is one of Europe

largest direct sales company

in the fields of health,

Wellness and beauty. It evolves

and sells high quality

Food supplements and cosmetics.

PM-International was founded

AG 1993 by CEO Rolf Sorg.

PM sells food supplements worldwide

the FitLine ® series

and cosmetics from the BeautyLine ® series

in more than 35 countries. PM has

over 40 locations in European

and outside of Europe.

More than 450 are employed

Employees, including around 175 in Europe

Logistics center in Speyer.

There are also a large number worldwide

from sales partners. The PM-International

AG is an unlisted,

economically independent

Family business with a solid

financial resources. The

Equity ratio is about twice that

as high as the average equity base

of companies

of the German middle class.

The annual turnover was 2016 at over

$ 460 million. The headquarters

of the company is located

in Luxemburg. 2018 celebrates PM International

the 25th company anniversary,

that with over 10,000 guests

celebrated all over the world in Germany

becomes. It is to be expected that PM

Internationally again in the anniversary year

a brilliant increase in sales

will identify.



PM-International is committed

sponsorships for 300 more

Children in collaboration with

to take over the NGO World Vision.

With a grand total of

468,000 euros in the year 2018 will be

Company 1,300 children worldwide

support. End of 2017 is charity

Ambassador Vicki Sorg to Cambodia

traveled to there 116 the

to visit sponsored children.

Change the future

The commitment of PM-International,

Children all over the world too

support is part of a complex

Campaign that focuses on the

Help for self-help is available. In the centre

are sustainable solutions

to develop infrastructure, education,

Nutrition and hygiene. The

Program was made in collaboration

elaborated with World Vision.

At the leadership event in

Alpbach, Austria has a charity ambassador

Vicki Sorg announces that

PM-International new sponsorships

for 300 children will take over:

100 in India, 100 in Indonesia and

another 100 in Vietnam. Lots of communities

in these countries, especially

in rural areas, fight

with poverty and the lack of

116 sponsored children in Cambodia. "For

it was an exciting experience for me

to see the progress that

over a longer period of time

hire with our support

can, ”she explained. The results

were quite impressive

and all thanks to the sponsorships

and the professional support teams

from World Vision.

The sum of around 42,000 euros

in year 2017 helped build

Water supplies and schools.

There were both educational events

on education and nutrition

organized by World Vision

as well as lessons in

more resource-efficient


Care and education.

The communities in which

the children live have limited

Access to clean drinking water,

proper nutrition or sanitation.

With the support of PM

Various development projects can take place internationally

for self-help groups

and schools are implemented,

about health awareness

and increase education and thus

the standard of living to sustainable

Way to raise.

Sustainable solutions for children

in Cambodia

Accompanied by World

Visited Vision

Vicki Sorg

production techniques given so

Youngsters and women alike

later have the opportunity

Get Loans At Low Interest.

"It was incredibly beautiful