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Funny Christmas stories. To smile, smile and laugh.

Advent and Christmas are also the best reading time of the year. With home-baked cookies, a cup of tea and candlelight, you can create a wonderful and cozy atmosphere with just a few means, which reminds of special moments with family or friends.

Christmas - contemplation - lightness

Christmas time is simply a time when everyone is moving a little closer together. And everyone has at least one moment in mind when thinking about Christmas that reminds them of a very special Christmas or a very touching moment. Rituals play a very important role in our thoughts on earlier Christmases. In addition to the rituals that every family develops for themselves over time, Christmas poems (e.g. the contemplative Poem Christmas shine), Christmas carols and Stories to read aloud a permanent place in everyday life.
In addition to all the contemplation and solemnity in this special time, lightness should not be missing, especially in senior work. And what is more light than a friendly smile or a hearty laugh?
For the Advent and pre-Christmas period, we at Mal-alt-haben.de have written funny Christmas stories that put a smile on your face and invite you to smile. We have put together a small selection for you in this article.

Funny Christmas stories to read aloud and participate

Christmas dinner? A funny Christmas story
Christmas baubles. A funny Christmas story
The missing gift tags. A funny Christmas story
The Christmas wish. A fun Christmas story to read aloud
Our nativity scene. A funny Christmas story

Our funny Christmas stories are deliberately based on the "classic" everyday family life, as we have all probably got to know before. With emotional moments, bright children's eyes, mishaps and their brilliant solutions and thoughts of the Christmas story. After reading aloud, there is still plenty of time and space for mutual exchange and personal thoughts and memories of previous Christmas parties or rituals.
Under the link 7 free Christmas stories for people with dementia you can find more Christmas stories that we found on the net. There are also some funny Christmas stories to read aloud.

Funny Christmas stories shouldn't be silly, of course. Especially for today's seniors, Advent and Christmas are still a very contemplative time, which is sometimes also shown a lot of respect. It should stay that way! The funny Christmas stories on Mal-alt-haben.de are an invitation to smile and can be an opportunity for one or the other listener (or reader πŸ˜‰) to remember humorous encounters or moments from their own Christmas festivities. In subsequent conversations we have often seen that the mutual exchange of mishaps or funny stories can be a real relief. Something goes wrong with others too.

Humor through movement

In order to give Christmas stories more lightness, it is also a good idea to underline the stories with movements. So can classic or funny Christmas stories in the Chair exercises can be transformed into stories of movement with the elderly with little effort. An idea with one Swing cloth we have in the Christmas story with the title The windy St. Nicholas Eve implemented. In the history Christmas dinner? (see above) you will also find an idea for a movement history. Signal words and individual movements are used here. All movement stories that have already appeared with us can be found in the category Movement stories. A look at ours Movement poems Definitely worth it too!

Christmas stories. Classic, contemplative or humorous

There are still some Christmas stories planned for this year, which you can definitely include in the program of your Christmas celebrations ;-). In the next year there will of course be more reading stories to accompany you throughout the year. For regular information on our new articles and current developments in care for the elderly, you can order our free newsletter or contact us Facebook consequences.