Why does it snow in April

Weather April

The reason for the exciting Weather extremes is the Change of weather from winter to summer. The real cause, however, lies in the position of the sun. in the April the position of the sun has reached a height at which the land masses can heat up more than the still cold sea surfaces. This leads to temperature differences and thus to weather reactions, which can sometimes be quite violent.

On the other hand, however, the higher position of the sun causes increasing turbulence within the polar vortex, which is approaching its winter finale in April (final warming).

The turbulence ranges from one Arctic outbreak up to the first Thunderstorms. Winter weather phases are only of short duration. The April rightly belongs to the turnaround Months.

In the last April third the weather, which had been changeable until then, calms down and slowly adjusts to the mild spring weather in May. According to the long-term mean of 1961 and 1990, the average April has an average temperature of +7.4 degrees. In the last 30 years the April months have become warmer and show an average temperature of +9.0 in the comparison period of 1991 and 2020. In other words, April has become significantly warmer in times of global warming. The target precipitation is 58 liters per m².

The vegetation begins to move

At the end of March, the average temperature is above +5 degrees, which is crucial for the vegetation period, because the vegetation only really starts from the +5 degree mark - much to the chagrin of some allergy sufferers - but it also shows that spring is in April is now slowly moving in.