Why should you lift weights

Why women should lift weights too

Women lifting weights are a rare occurrence in the gym. But why actually? Just because women don't strive for enormous biceps girth or brutal abdominal muscles, that doesn't mean that women can't or shouldn't lift weights. Classic weightlifting also offers many advantages for women, from the loss of belly fat and stress reduction to health and motor benefits. Even so, only a fraction of women who attend gyms do weight training. Here are a few reasons why women should start doing it today.

But first we want to dispel a few prejudices:

  • One reads again and again that women don't want to look like the Hulk and that is why they rarely do strength training. It does not matter whether this fear really exists or is only written about. The fact is, women who do strength training have a very difficult time actually gaining mass; instead, the muscles become tighter. The reason for this is that women have little testosterone in their bodies.
  • The fear of injuries is often a reason why women shy away from classic strength training with weights. It must be said very clearly: as long as you don't overdo it with the weights, the risk of injury is relatively low if the exercise is performed correctly. In order to perform the exercises correctly, however, it is good to get professional advice, especially at the beginning. Then you are on the safe side as long as you slowly approach higher weights.
  • The fear of not making it also often plays a role. The same applies here as with the fear of injury. The nice thing about strength training is that you can adjust the weights to suit your personal needs. So you can always do it.

Good reasons for weights

  • Weight training burns more fat
    You often hear that if you want to lose fat, you should start endurance sports. But that's only partly true. If you only do endurance training, you lose weight. But only 75% of the weight lost is fat and the rest is muscle. Since muscle mass also affects metabolism (more muscles need more calories), the chance of gaining weight increases with every gram of muscle mass that you lose. A combination of endurance and strength training is ideal.
  • You burn more calories
    Strength training increases muscle mass, which at the same time increases the basal metabolic rate. When women lift weights, they burn more calories even if they just sit in front of the TV. Studies have shown that the metabolism is increased up to 39 hours after strength training because the body needs energy to repair or adjust the muscle fibers.
  • Clothes fit better
    In the years between 30 and 50, the body loses around 10 percent of its muscle mass; this loss of muscle is mostly made up for with fat. This of course increases the hip and waist circumference, because one gram of fat has 18% more mass than one gram of muscle.
    Women who do strength training regularly get better figures over time. If you only do cardio, you lose weight, but then you are thin. Defined muscles, on the other hand, emphasize the natural shape of the body.
  • Better stress management
    The bodies of fit people release fewer stress hormones compared to untrained people. In addition, the blood pressure drops back to the average level more quickly in people with more muscle mass after stressful situations. So the more muscles a woman has, the less stress she has.
  • Prevention of osteoporosis
    Older women are particularly prone to osteoporosis. This can be prevented with a simple means. Just four months of weight training leads to an increase in bone density. (Of course, further training then makes sense so that it does not decrease again.)
  • Healthier heart
    Strength training reduces diastolic blood pressure, resulting in a 40% lower risk of stroke and reducing the risk of heart attack by up to 15%.
  • Longer life
    The University of South Carolina found that whole body strength is linked to lower risk of death from cardiovascular disease and cancer. The muscle mass also reduces the chances of developing a serious illness.
  • It is fun
    The best comes for last: Weight training is just fun because it is varied and motivated. There are innumerable exercises for every muscle group. So you can always try something new and that is always more varied than staying on a treadmill. You can also see your own progress (if you keep records) because you are constantly improving. This is extremely motivating and it is a pleasure when suddenly a weight can be moved that previously seemed impossible.