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Gina Lückenkemper chatting from the sewing box? The former head coach of athletics too? And all of that together in a podcast? Don't you think? But! From now on you can get that on your ears in "30 Minutes Flying". The podcast about the challenge in everyday training of one of the fastest athletes in Germany, about being human alongside sport, about incredible competition and training camp experiences, all rounded off with private anecdotes in an entertaining and entertaining one-to-one conversation with Alexander Stolpe. Listen in now and let the time fly by while listening. Don't miss it, Ready, Set, Go!

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  • Episode 20 - Season Start 2021

    In the new episode of "30 Minuten Fliegend" we talk about Gina's start of the season in 2021. Gina presents herself vaccinated, motivated and obviously very fit in this talkative and entertaining two-way talk with Alexander Stolpe. In addition to the successful start into the 2021 season, the new Olympic equipment for the athletes will be discussed and the TOP 3 episodes of "30 Minutes Flying" will be reflected on in a short review. Of course, there are also many new and private insights from the lives of Gina and Alex this time. Have fun listening and stay healthy!

  • Episode 19 - Vaccinated and Alive

    So dear listeners, in this new episode of "30 Minuten Fliegend" Gina and Alex talk about Gina's progress in training, life in Florida after 10 weeks away from home and how vaccinations are made in Florida. Of course, as always, everything is wrapped up in a friendly two-person conversation by the two protagonists and laced with funny and entertaining anecdotes from everyday life in Germany and Florida. Have fun unpacking and listening, stay healthy and do sports. Lots of cheerful greetings from Florida!

  • Episode 18 - Wrong Bunny at Easter

    Happy Easter - The Easter special from "30 Minuten Fliegend". This episode revolves around Easter, how do Gina and Alex actually celebrate Easter? What do both connect with Easter and what do you as a competitive athlete in athletics always do at Easter? N / A? Right, train. Gina has been training in Florida for 7 weeks now and gives up-to-date insights into her training at "Pure Athletics" and what else happens to her besides training. Nice and fun entertainment on this Good Friday 2021. Listen to it and have fun with this holiday edition of "30 Minutes of Flying". Stay healthy and enjoy the Easter days!

  • Episode 17 - What's up?

    In the latest and "fresh" episode of "30 Minuten Fliegend" Gina and Alex talk about Gina's training in Florida with your "Pure Athletics" training group and what Gina's everyday life looks like after 5 weeks in the USA. The core of the episode is answering the most exciting questions from our dear listeners, from differences in mentality among German and American athletes to DER! Nutella question is everything, mixed with interesting anecdotes from the everyday life of Gina and Alex. Switch on and have fun listening and don't forget, stay healthy and do sports! We wish you a lot of fun!

  • Episode 16 - Florida is calling

    Florida is calling - Gina is finally back with her training group in the USA, Florida. Connected live and across the pond, in this episode we talk about Gina's arrival in the USA in this currently difficult travel time and Gina's very personal and very interesting insights into what a training day in the USA currently looks like for her. We also talk about Gina's previous experience of daily training with her training group and her trainer on site. This episode is rounded off with a classic USA moment and the question of animal growth in Gina's life. Tune in and have fun with the first transatlantic edition of 30 Minuten Fliegend. Stay healthy!

  • Episode 15 - Sneaker Talk with Fabian Schweizer

    In this special "guest episode" of "30 Minuten Fliegend", Gina and Alex talk to Fabian Schweizer, who works at adidas as "Global Director for Athlete Services" and is a passionate "sneakerhead". This episode gives you an exclusive insight into the authentically told background of shoe development with professional athletes, the cooperation in the field of athlete service with Gina and other athletes and the shared passion for the craziest and latest sneakers. A very exciting episode is guaranteed, in which Gina and Alex find out together with Fabian what is important from the point of view of athletes in terms of the material and where the development of sneakers could move. Of course, this episode is also full of interesting anecdotes from Gina Lückenkemper's life as a professional athlete. So please tune in and have fun listening.

  • Episode 14 - Gina Lollobrigida

    This "30 Minutes Flying" sequence is like a boost. As always eloquent and with plenty of extra minutes, Gina and Alex talk about the other side of competitive sport, namely the analysis side. What is done in biomechanics in the athletic sprint to make the performance of the athletes understandable and usable? In doing so, you also draw a line on sneakers in general and the development of sports shoes. Not only are their favorite sneakers mentioned, but also what makes them so special. Furthermore, Gina and Alex have given the "Quick Questions" section new life and asked themselves exciting questions that lead to completely new and still unknown anecdotes from the lives of Gina and Alex. Would you give your best memory to erase your worst memory in life? Tune in and listen to the answers and the friendly conversation from Gina and Alex. Stay healthy and have fun with episode 14 of "30 Minutes of Flying"!

  • Episode 13 - Visa Here, Visa There!

    We hope you all got off to a good start into the new year 2021. In the first episode of the new year we talk about how we spent Christmas and the turn of the year under the given circumstances and about Gina's everyday life in relation to her USA visa. Has she finally got it? And how did that work in detail? Is Gina now "ready to go" to train with her training group in the USA? You can only find all the answers here, at "30 Minuten Fliegend" with Gina Lückenkemper and Alexander Stolpe in a charming chat as always. Tune in and stay healthy!

  • Episode 12 - Olympic New Year

    This 2020 year-end series is full of Olympic highlights around and with Gina Lückenkemper and, as always, Alexander Stolpe. Since it is the last episode of the year, there is a whopping "30 Minuten Fliegend" extra, yes you read that right, for you we gave everything for you in this very extensive and longest episode of all and never looked at the clock. Annual review 2020 - check. Positive learnings from 2020 - check. Olympic postponement - check. Unprecedented and very entertaining 2016 Olympics reviews - check. Outlook for 2021 - check. Quick Questions - check. Pick-up a full and entertaining 60-minute Christmas present for every 30 minutes of flying listeners - check. Tune in, have fun listening and stay healthy, we will hear each other again in the new year. Please keep subscribing to us, follow and "like" us on Instagram and finally we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Stay healthy and see you until 2021!

  • Episode 11 - The Christmas Schnucki's

    In this pre-Christmas episode, Gina and Alex talk about the most beautiful time of the year ahead, the Christmas season. This episode is dedicated to Christmas and gives a private and very entertaining insight into how Gina Lückenkemper celebrates Christmas and what is special about this time for you. So are Gina and Alex classic Christmas schnucki's? The answer can be found in the latest episode of "30 Minuten Fliegend" and lots of other funny details about Gina's and Alex's joyful anticipation of the happy holidays in the somewhat different year 2020. Do you feel it too? Christmas is around the corner. So switch in and listen to it! We wish you a lot of fun listening and, as always, an entertaining conversation with "30 Minuten Fliegend". Stay healthy!

  • Episode 10 - The Sprint WG

    "Due to the current situation", Gina Lückenkemper is currently training with Rebekka Haase in a training group in order to prepare for the new season in the best possible way. Training camp feeling in Germany. How does everyday life in the Sprint WG work? You will find the answers in this anniversary episode (10th episode, woof), in which Gina and Alex talk about the current situations in training and living together after training in the Sprint WG, all of course also and especially due to the current situation. Why? Because...! As always, this episode offers you an exclusive insight into the life of Gina as a competitive athlete and in the fresh and latest edition of 30 Minuten Fliegend answers the questions how the body feels after hard training, what the best and worst races from Gina was or offers you interesting tips for falling asleep that you can only get here. We wish you a lot of fun listening and stay healthy!

  • Episode 9 - 30 minutes "Lockdown-Light"

    Germany is currently in the "lockdown light", while the training preparations for the 2021 Olympic season in athletics have already started. In the current edition of "30 Minuten Fliegend", Gina talks, as always, in a relaxed exchange with Alexander Stolpe about current everyday situations in sport due to the "lockdown light" while Gina is currently in an intensive week of training at the Kienbaum Federal Training Center. Both also provide interesting background insights into the current situation and how the "lockdown light" is currently presented in everyday sport from their point of view. We wish you good entertainment with the latest episode of "30 Minuten Fliegend" and don't forget to stay healthy.

  • Episode 8 - Neighborhood Talk with Rebekka Haase

    As a guest today, in this special episode of 30 minutes of flying, the 4x100m relay is partner of Gina Lückenkemper, Rebekka Haase. The off-season is coming to an end and the 2021 season will start in the next few days for Germany's top sprinters. Gina and Rebekka give an interesting review of their off-season experiences and an exclusive outlook on the first challenges of the start of the Olympic season 2021. We are highly motivated and excited about the upcoming training situations, experiences with "good" and "bad" Muscle soreness, the situation-adapted training design by Gina, bureaucracy in the US visa application and the "Dolce Vita" of the Italian cuisine that "Becki" and Alex rightly fell for. As always in the sympathetic insider talk among old neighbors (reference to episode 1) between Gina, Alex and "Becki" in the first guest episode of 30 minutes Fliegend. We wish you a lot of fun listening!

  • Episode 7 - The subject is the subject

    Episode 7 - Special episode about topics that want to become topics. We asked you, which topic are you interested in? In this fan special episode we talk about your topic suggestions and present you the future topics of 30 Minuten Fliegend. From Myth Olympia vs. Cucumber Water vs. Training in the US vs. Mindset in Sports. In this special episode, we do not mince words and discuss your suggestions freshly and freely as always. Which topics make it into the selection for our future episodes? Listen to it in the "Fan Special" episode of 30 Minuten Fliegend, we wish you a lot of fun!

  • Episode 6 - Snapper and Schnaken