Why did some people sharpen their senses?

Your seventh sense - a thought impulse

Go through your circle of acquaintances in your mind:
Do you know someone who knew your feelings and thoughts even before they were spoken out?
Or disposes even someone somehow about a seventh sense and know things about people that remain closed to others?

If so, then it could be that he belongs to the so-called "Highly sensitive" belongs.

Sensitivity = a sharpened intuition and perception

Highly sensitive people have a particularly strong (intuitive) level of perception and thus also have premonitions again and again. For example, you can “foresee” or “smell” certain situations, which then often come true. Her special skills also arouse a strong interest in human interaction, empathy and topics such as philosophy, images of people, communication or metaphysics.

However, none of this has anything to do with hocus-pocus. The reason for these seemingly “clairvoyant” abilities is that they a high level of empathy and an unmistakable one Look for the character of people and the concrete situations to have.

you take minute details about the experience of other people and their actions true and, in turn, intuitively avoid people with unfair or manipulative intentions.

While this often seems like a blessing, it's not always easy to deal with. Overall, such a person “sees” a lot and there are other people who are even “afraid” of it because this “more sensitive” person can and will experience everything.

At the same time, he (it) is well targeted and can be used positively for one's own desired purpose.

Just in the area of ​​preparing offerscan this an enrichment his and many positive effects for

  • the structure, shape,
  • the content,
  • the design,
  • Clarity of the wording
  • customized presentation of the solution or the product

etc. in order to receive accurate and thus conclusive offers.

The encounter with the most diverse facets of the offer design and the offer system have helped me over the years to develop a sharpened intuition and perception for the area of ​​the offers / offer preparation in the respective concrete situation.

In the meantime, it helps others to achieve a better overall result.

True to the motto:

Inspire and convince customers with offers. There is nothing that cannot be explained, but there is much that can be misunderstood in Offered is pictured.

Whereby, the Sharpening process goes further with me and every new offer situation contributes significantly to this.

I look forward to it anew every day, because that's the only way to get it the "sensitivity level" for a very specific offer situation also with me always and always better.

With this in mind, I wish you maximum sensitivity and sensitivity for your customers.

PS: You can find more thought impulses HERE.

Greetings from you very warmly

[email protected]

Marco Fischer