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How can non-smokers stop smokers from smoking? Once addict always addict ... The non-smoker compensates for addiction differently ... Then another league comes into play? The problem is then just shifted ...

Sarosh Irani: It is not possible to lose the habit 'from the outside'. You are right, as with other addictions, that the person concerned really has to want to.

+++ Actually no question.!. Until December 2003 I smoked 2 to 3 packets of cigarettes. Without any withdrawal symptoms, I just stopped "smoking". The recipe for me was: Our grandchildren once mentioned that they no longer come to visit us because it always stinks. I would like to share my experience in quitting smoking. Perhaps my attitude "it takes a long time to come and go" will help many people. Kind regards, Peter H. born November 8th, 1934 +++

I once read that if you quit smoking after the age of 35, the likelihood of dying from the effects of smoking (cancer, heart attack, etc.) is equal to a person who continues to smoke. is that correct in your opinion?

Sarosh Irani: No, this is not true. We now know that as a smoker you can benefit from quitting at any age. So from a medical point of view, you are never too old to quit.

I smoked 3 packs. For 20 years. I did have a small project. But beforehand I had to think hard about why I smoke and, above all, what prevents me from quitting. It was really just a cruel fear. I asked my doctor how anxiety is treated. Antidepressants. After several weeks of use, when I had a real headache from dehydration and smoking again, I smoked the last one that evening. 7 years ago. Absolutely no more need.

Sarosh Irani: Congratulations! You mention one very important aspect: if you want to quit smoking, you have to prepare well for it and answer exactly the questions you mention for yourself. Calling in the help of a specialist also increases the chances of success considerably, and drugs can also be of great service.

+++ I don't really have a question, but I can add something for smokers. I stopped smoking 3 1/2 months ago because I simply couldn't smoke the cigarette anymore (coughing up to no longer works). Since then I have been constantly examined and the following came out: circulatory disorders, chronic bronchitis, keeping the lungs under control. An examination by the lung specialist awaits me. I wish you a nice evening. +++

+++ I was able to quit after 43 years when I had to undergo an operation that tied me to the hospital for a week. For me, easy - just don't start anymore. Would be nice if you could pass this tip on to viewers - I'm sure it will help some. Thank you +++

+++ If you want to stop, you can do it overnight. However, very few manage to stop completely. It doesn't have to be torturing yourself, it just frustrates you. The only solution is the e-cigarette, because that's what it's there for. After 30 years of smoking, I've been a vaper for a year now. I don't have to do without the ritual, but nothing stinks anymore and I feel much better. Simply inform and try, the success of the switch is well over 90%. +++

Good evening. Are e-cigarettes a good alternative to regular cigarettes?

Martin Frey: No, there are much better and scientifically proven methods and preparations, e.g. nicotine replacement products, Champix and Zyban. The ingredients of e cigarettes have not been analyzed in detail and their harmlessness has not been proven.

+++ I stopped smoking a year ago because I had a large leg thrombosis and lung embolism. I was in the hospital for 14 days and have not smoked since then and I feel very good +++

Hello, does acupuncture help "forget" smoking?

Martin Frey: It can definitely be helpful, although you have to be aware that there is no scientific evidence of its effectiveness.

Grüezi, I'm 23 years old. and have been smoking since I was 14 and have tried to quit several times without success (zybane). I am afraid that I have / will get lung cancer and wanted to ask what I can do to effectively quit. Since I have psychological problems, it is even more difficult for me to quit. Thanks and regards Emanuel Fuchs

Sarosh Irani: You make an important point. We know that people who suffer from mental health problems often have great difficulty in quitting smoking. It is all the more important that you undertake the next attempt with the help of a specialist.

So I stopped on October 6th, 2013, but I find that I generally have more complaints. Weight only went up after 4 months. I have more problems with hay fever, breathing, palpitations ... I get out of breath much faster ...

Sarosh Irani: Congratulations on quitting smoking. The smoker's cough may temporarily worsen in the first few weeks after quitting smoking. Weight gain is also relatively common after quitting smoking. The other symptoms you mentioned are unlikely to be related to quitting smoking and should be discussed with your doctor.

Is it better for the body to quit in one fell swoop, or to reduce gradually until you quit smoking? Or does that not matter (e.g. because of weight gain)?

Martin Frey: What matters is that you stop: whether this is done over a few weeks as a reduction or as an immediate stop is actually not decisive; everyone should take the method that suits them better.

I don't smoke on Saturday and Sunday. However, on average half a pack a day during the week. How much am I addicted approx?

Martin Frey: If you have no withdrawal symptoms at all on the weekend, it can be assumed that you are not relevant to the nicotine addiction.

As a pleasure smoker, I smoke 1 to 2 cigars per week. I don't pull the smoke into my lungs. How harmful is that?

Sarosh Irani: We know that when 'puffing' nicotine gets into the blood and harmful substances are inhaled. A comparison with inhaled cigarette smoke is difficult, but the risk is probably lower with 1-2 cigars per week than with a regular cigarette smoker who smokes 1 / 2-1 packets a day.

+++ I don't smoke anymore since June 5th, 2014. Hadn't smoked before for 2.5 years and started again out of spite for 9 months. Sven Bader (Gais) helped me both times. Anyone who thinks they can not make it should give him a try. I had no withdrawal symptoms and no cravings. I feel very good, have stamina again, my senses of taste are back and it just feels great not to be dependent anymore - just to be free at last. : -) +++

Good evening, I quit smoking 2 years ago. As a substitute I chew nicotine gum, about 8 pieces of 4 mg / day. Besides that, I'm very athletic, run around 50 km a week and have already run 2 marathons. Is the nicotine from the chewing gum also harmful to the heart and blood vessels, or is it primarily the nicotine from the Zigis? What can you recommend to me? Kind regards Toni Barmettler

Martin Frey: I would try to reduce the amount of nicotine gum chewing and then stop. The chewing gum ultimately contains the same nicotine. Nicotine withdrawal drugs are intended for 3 - 6 months and are not intended as long-term therapy. If this is unsuccessful, consult with the family doctor

if i stop smoking but consume nicotine with snus (chewing tobacco), this is an alternative

Sarosh Irani: This is not a good alternative. With chewing tobacco, many other harmful substances get onto the mucous membranes and into the blood in addition to nicotine.

Hello! My partner is a heavy smoker and has heart problems. Unfortunately, all of the persuasion doesn't help make him quit. What could help Do you have any advice? Thanks for your answer.

Martin Frey: I would recommend that he take professional smoking advice and probably a corresponding medication that can be prescribed by the family doctor, alone without support and medication the chances are probably too low in this situation.

Good day. Don't smoke since yesterday evening .. You still feel like it, only that it is always stormy for me .. I don't feel awake .. you can do something there

Sarosh Irani: You are feeling the nicotine withdrawal. In this situation, it may be useful to temporarily replace the nicotine. Here, however, you must seek advice from a specialist; the type of drug therapy that makes sense depends to a large extent on the 'type of smoker'.

My partner hasn't smoked for eight years. But she coughs very hard every day. She thinks it's slime that comes from smoking. is that still normal.

Martin Frey: That is not normal: various diseases such as COPD, chronic bronchitis and others can be behind it. Consultation with a doctor is indicated here.

I am now 30 years old and have been smoking an average of 1 pack of cigarettes a day since I was 15. In total, I didn't smoke for almost 1.5 years during this time, the longest smoking break lasted 7 months. How big is the damage at my age and how quickly does the body recover from these "exertions"? Unfortunately, despite several tragic cancer cases in the family, I can't get away from it, how can I better encourage a "click"?

Martin Frey: If you manage to quit, you will have health benefits for your entire life. If you haven't managed to do it on your own by now, I would recommend smoking advice, possibly in combination with a medication: this increases the chance of quitting by a factor of 10.

I quit smoking five years ago, but take Nicorette tablets every day. is this also harmful?

Sarosh Irani: The nicotine of the cigarette and that of the substitute preparations are no different. The substitute preparations should be tapered in the course of the months after quitting smoking, i.e. gradually reduced in the dose and then stopped. Long-term use of these preparations must be discouraged.

+++ Actually no question, just one more remark: I don't understand why people often try to quit smoking with nicotine replacement products, since it is precisely the nicotine that keeps the miserable cycle of addiction alive! It is a shame that such methods are often considered by doctors in particular. +++

For about 1 year I have been rolling my cigarettes myself with a tobacco, which is sold as a tobacco without additives. How can quitting smoking be easier if I "only" have to wean myself off nicotine?

Martin Frey: This tobacco will also contain nicotine; this makes one just as dependent on this tobacco as on any other type of tobacco. The additives themselves are not addictive.

Good evening, I'm 18 years old and I'm addicted to nicotine. I don't smoke, but I've been using snus for a good three years. After numerous unsuccessful attempts to quit, at some point I gave up hope and came to terms with having to live like this. The problem, as far as I think, is the fear of withdrawal. What should I do?

Martin Frey: I would recommend discussing this with your doctor; there are very good medicinal options to make the withdrawal bearable.

Is it normal to feel like the throat area is a little inflamed after quitting? Could it be that this is regeneration? Smoke-free for 2 months. Best regards

Sarosh Irani: This is very possible. You should watch this symptom for a while. If it doesn't improve in the coming weeks, you should discuss this with your GP.

What about nicotine replacement products (Nicotinell lozenges)? I haven't smoked for seven weeks now, but I take up to 10 2mg Nicotinell lozenges a day. How harmful is the nicotine in it? Thank you for your reply.

Martin Frey: The harmfulness is much deeper than smoking. Usually it is possible to reduce and stop nicotine chewing gum within 3 months; in exceptional cases, these preparations are used for longer without hesitation.

In the previous broadcast, only harmful cigarette smoking was reported. It would be interesting to hear how the cigar and pipe smokers are doing. Many Thanks

Martin Frey: The harmfulness is just as present: nicotine and tar substances are also absorbed here; this is less discussed and science is less concerned with cigar and pipe smoking.

Good evening. After how many years can a former smoker's lung no longer be distinguished from a non-smoker's lung? Best regards, C. Uebelmann

Sarosh Irani: A smoker's lung in the sense of COPD generally no longer fully recovers after quitting smoking.

20 years until the consequences are over? That seems very long to me. Where could my problems lie with the following data: Started smoking at 15; Consumption approx. 1 package + per day; stopped at 50; 57 years old today.

Martin Frey: Quitting is worthwhile at any age; the first positive effects appear after a short time. After 20 years, it can be assumed that the risk of illness is the same as that of non-smokers

When can the body release these "happiness hormones" again after you have stopped smoking? After 23 years of hardcore smoking, I have now been smoke-free for two months. No initial withdrawal thanks to acupuncture treatment. Only mentally, I've often struggled ...

Sarosh Irani: gray expression. It is normal after two months of quitting smoking that the craving for a cigarette may still be strong. This feeling will slowly diminish in the coming months.

What can I do to get someone to stop smoking? To what extent is outside help possible?

Sarosh Irani: Help is primarily possible in the sense of support. If the person does not want to quit smoking, it is very difficult. If necessary, the information that the smoker not only harms himself, but also his environment can help.

Always wanted to stop. I'm 37, have been smoking for about 15 years, average 5-8 cigarettes a day. My lung function is currently 88%. Had mild asthma and severe bronchitis as a teen. These are gone as smokers. Had a facial surgery 10 days ago due to an accident. Since then nothing smoked, there was no need and recovery. No need for pain or medis that are used as a substitute? Fear of relapse. What happens if I stop taking Medis? Will lung function only improve in 20 years?

Martin Frey: In this case I would only reduce the medication in consultation with your doctors; if you don't have any withdrawal symptoms, a lot has already been achieved and you have the chance to definitely quit smoking. Lung function: The most important thing is that the lung function stabilizes after quitting smoking and that the deterioration is age-related as it does with never-smokers.

My husband smokes cigars and I smokes cigarettes, but without pulling the lungs. Is there also this damage?

Sarosh Irani: Nicotine gets into the bloodstream even without pulmonary pulls. One must also assume that other harmful substances are also absorbed by the body when 'puffing'.

How are the successes with acupuncture?

Martin Frey: There are smokers who are successful with acupuncture. Unfortunately, there are no scientific studies that prove that acupuncture is generally effective - in contrast to the drugs presented here, which have been proven to be effective.

+++ I quit smoking very successfully 5 years ago with "CHAMPIX". This is a miracle cure and will reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms. This drug has been reimbursed for about a year and it is definitely worth using Champix as a support. The good thing about it - despite quitting smoking, I didn't gain weight and my quality of life improved a lot. My recommendation - CHAMPIX! +++

Can you "forget" smoking with acupuncture or hypnosis? thanks

Sarosh Irani: This is certainly possible in individual cases, but there are no reliable scientific studies here. It is important that the person concerned has the will to stop.

Good day. Does the Lung League offer further courses to quit smoking? With kind regards.

Martin Frey: The lung leagues offer regular smoking cessation courses; it is best to contact us directly and ask for appointments.

I (30) smoke cigarillos or a cigar from time to time (about once a month). I do endurance sports on a regular basis. Does this consumption affect my performance or how long does my lungs need to "recover" from a cigar?

Sarosh Irani: With this low consumption, you hardly have to expect any negative effects on your performance. I cannot answer to what extent a cigar affects the lungs per month.

I quit smoking for 3 years because I had to cough all the time .. the cough got less but is still there ... but my doctor didn't find anything out .. and when I exhale I still have these * whistling noises * .. like long does the cough and the whistling noises last? But I have also (unfortunately) put on a lot of weight (30 kilos), the cough could also come from the stomach or overweight ..

Martin Frey: After this time you have to assume that you have a lung disease. In this situation I recommend an in-depth cough clarification, possibly in collaboration with a lung specialist.

How can you choose a time to stop when you are stressed and nervous?

Sarosh Irani: It is important to plan well when you stop smoking, preferably with the help of a specialist. Then you can develop strategies for what to do when you experience stress or nervousness.

+++ Hello! On July 11, 2014, I had to be admitted to the intensive care unit of the Uri Cantonal Hospital as an emergency. Findings: very dangerous pneumonia caused by "Legionella". Then I immediately stopped smoking (and alcohol), at my own request and with a firm will (that seems important to me; "on my own will!"). Didn't need any tools and it's actually going very well. THE WILL IS CRUCIAL !! I gladly accept the few kilos of weight gain! +++

I am not a smoker. Unfortunately I have to find out again and again that ex-smokers later resort to snuff. What are the consequences of this nicotine substitute?

Martin Frey: Snuff also adds nicotine to the body; therefore, you also run the risk of nicotine addiction and damage from nicotine. In addition, there may be diseases of the oral mucosa - so not recommended.

good evening, i'm 38 smoking a pack a day for 24 years. everyone would actually be happy if I finally quit and I admire people who quit smoking. Otherwise I live very consciously, eat very healthy and do competitive sports 5 times a week. I have a BMI of 19.5, so I am a healthy mother of four with a slim body. well, actually smoking doesn't suit me at all. But I just don't know how to go about quitting smoking. how shall I

Sarosh Irani: You have already taken important steps in asking yourself these questions. I would recommend that you consult a specialist; in your situation, the temporary use of medication may also make sense.

I was able to quit smoking many years ago with my family doctor. I was like a high voltage line for the first 2 months. Unfortunately I also have mild Epi disease, good results. How can I end my feeling of addiction with fears? What can / must I do so that I don't have any fears or feelings of failure? Please help me. Thank you very much.

Martin Frey: First of all, I would talk to your family doctor; there are also medicines that you can take for epilepsy. Furthermore, professional advice on quitting smoking can also be helpful.

Good evening. What do you doctors say about Allen Carr's book 'Finally Non-Smokers'? With this book I successfully quit smoking from one day to the next, without withdrawal symptoms and nicotine replacement products!

Martin Frey: There are many smokers who are successful, e.g. with the help of a corresponding book, without further ones: Congratulations! Not everyone needs medication.

The course appeals to me, I can't do it alone. Are there such courses only in Aarau? How do I deal with my partner continuing to smoke, how can I protect myself here? I can't force her to stop. Thank you and greetings.

Sarosh Irani: These and similar courses are also run by other leagues. Take a look at the home page of the lung league in your canton. A partner who smokes can be a problem. If necessary, take them with you to the consultation.

Action? take the first steps through my family doctor or hypnosis work might help. I want to do that once and right. but I am extremely weak mentally

Sarosh Irani: I would recommend consulting a specialist. Please consult your family doctor first. He knows what is on offer in your area. Quitting smoking should be planned well.

Mine gave up smoking 2 1/2 years ago while in hospital and 45 years ago. Unfortunately he has had a lot more trouble breathing since then. At first it was really bad, even without much effort he could hardly breathe. The lung examination by the family doctor, even an examination of the coronary arteries at the Hirslanden Clinic did not reveal anything. He has about 8 kg. increased. Except for the financial aspect, nothing has improved in terms of health.

Martin Frey: If the lungs are severely damaged, stopping smoking does not lead to a decrease in the lung disease, but to a stabilization. If he had continued to smoke, the situation would probably be much worse.

I am 67 years old and stopped smoking 32 years ago. For about 5 years now, I have been smoking one or two chubs or cigars a day, but I don't pull the lungs but blow the smoke out again without inhaling. Question: Will my lungs or my body be damaged anyway?

Martin Frey: A certain intake of nicotine and tar substances can be assumed anyway - even if the damage is likely to be much less than in the past with cigarette smoking.

How sensible is it to use electric cigarettes with nicotine instead of real cigarettes

Sarosh Irani: This question is controversial. I advise against the use of e cigarettes. The composition of the inhaled 'smoke' is not clear, the long-term consequences are unknown. It is better to stop smoking accompanied by a specialist, if necessary with the use of medical nicotine substitutes.

Are there a number of cigarettes a day that are not "harmful"? Or it doesn't matter if you smoke 5 or 20 cigarettes a day. Is there a difference between a man and a woman?

Martin Frey: There is a clear "dose-effect curve": the more cigarettes, the more damage. Thus, a significant difference between 5 and 20 cigarettes can be expected. Women are generally more sensitive because of their smaller lungs.

What kind of medication do you recommend to stop? I have been smoking around 1 packet per day for 40 years

Sarosh Irani: We know that a drug alone has a relatively low chance of success. It is better to seek advice from a specialist (type of smoker, analyze previous attempts, etc.), then the temporary use of medication can be very helpful.

How important is it to call in a professional when you quit smoking? I've heard a lot, I don't want to say anything wrong, about "rip off your money" and there are also various not very serious providers who promise you an easy stop, but I think little of that. I keep asking myself: "Why can't I do this on my own ?! After all, I started smoking on my own, why is that such a problem?"

Martin Frey: If you can do it alone, this is definitely a good option. If it does not work, however, good, reputable smoking advice, possibly in combination with medication, is much more successful than trying again "alone"

Good evening, just saw the show about smoking. I actually wanted to quit for a long time, but I don't know who to turn to here in Lugano-Paradiso. Should be German-speaking or possibly English. Do you have any advice?

Martin Frey: I assume that the employees of the Ticino Lung League speak German and can provide you with appropriate addresses.

How harmful are 2 cigarettes (tar 1mg / nicotine 0.1mg, carbon monoxide 2mg) per day? For me it is a pleasure like a glass of wine. But can do well without smoking. I once heard that the body can handle this without any problems. Thanks for your answer

Sarosh Irani: Two cigarettes a day are certainly less harmful than 20 a day. In this respect, the risk is small but not zero.

I have been smoking for 20 years, the amount has been increasing, I'm soon at 1 1/2 p. I'm terrified of getting sick ... I think what I saw on the show is terrible and I would like to quit, but I don't have the courage to be afraid. How can you strengthen your will and motivate yourself

Martin Frey: If you don't have the courage to stop on your own at the moment, I would recommend that you discuss how to proceed with your family doctor. The combination of support from your family doctor / quitting counseling with medication enables you to get these problems and fears under control.

I have been vaping for 1 1/2 months and have reduced my cigarette consumption from 15 to 5 cigarettes. For 1 week now I have only been vaping (liquid with little nicotine). I'm only hoping for a slight weight gain this way. I didn't smoke for a year and a year ago, but since I gained over 15 kg, I started smoking again.

Martin Frey: You have already achieved a lot with it. After further stabilization, I would try to reduce the vaping and leave it out.

Grüezi, I just wanted to know, is the weight gain a consequence of nicotine withdrawal, does this happen automatically physically, or BECAUSE you eat more without Zigis? Thank you for your competent answer.

Sarosh Irani: Interesting question. The often observed weight gain also occurs with nicotine replacement and accordingly has other causes as well. Increased food intake is probably also the cause of psychological side effects. For example, we know that weight gain is less pronounced with the antidepressant Zyban (at least while taking this drug).

I haven't smoked for 27 years. now have COPD. now that's just the explanation because I smoked. I am 67 years old. Can't understand the whole thing, because today I heard again that after 20 years everything has recovered.

Sarosh Irani: It is possible that your COPD is a result of smoking, even if you gave up years ago. Once COPD is present, it hardly recovers after quitting smoking. It is possible that you had COPD a few years ago but didn't notice it at the time.

good evening. I'm actually 28 years old and still I smoke my eighty garettes a day. how can this work out together? and what medication do you recommend to relieve nicotine cravings? Thank you very much

Martin Frey: The smoke damage often comes later, so that younger people don't even feel the negative effects. Without the 80 cigarettes you would certainly be even more efficient. Nicotine replacement products as well as Champix and Zyban are effective and can be prescribed by general practitioners.

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