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Innovative thinking for efficient engineering solutions

The effective and efficient management of the information that is processed and communicated in engineering processes is of central importance for economic success. The Institute for Information Management in Engineering (IMI) develops innovative, practice-oriented, methodical and information technology solutions, whereby it successfully contributes to securing and expanding the competitive edge of research and industry.

Our research areas Process Management (PM), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Smart Immersive Environments (SIE) and Digital Twin (DT) complement each other for the purpose of holistic process and system-technical mapping of product knowledge in product life cycles.

The innovative Center for Artificial Intelligence Talents (CAIT) offers the central platform for the implementation of the institute's research results, the interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge at KIT and the transfer of technology into practice. In addition, our competence is reinforced by our group Process and Data Management in Engineering (PDE) at the Research Center for Information Technology (FZI).

Lighthouse project RegioMORE

On April 14th, 2021, the flagship projects of the state competition "RegioWIN 2030" were awarded by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Economics. The Technology Region Karlsruhe (TRK) applied with three projects, all of which were awarded. At IMI, we are particularly happy about the award of the RegioMORE flagship project initiated by Professor Jivka Ovtcharova.

The RegioMORE project consolidates the strengths of the TRK, including: in digitization, (e-) mobility and resource efficiency as well as skilled worker development, citizen participation, location and future security. It creates the organizational, technical and infrastructural basis for breaking up rigid value chains by setting up a digital ecosystem. This results in greater flexibility, which leads to competitive advantages for companies in the region. The hub for this is the digital innovation center in Bühl as part of the regional development strategy (RES) TRK 2030. The center bears the name SYNAPSIS as a symbol for networking and growing together and stands on the three pillars CAMPUS, SANDBOX-LABS and ENTREPRENEURSHIP. With the associated competence triad LEARNING-EXPERIMENTING-INNOVATING, the project reveals new fields of action and converts knowledge and digital services quickly, pragmatically and seamlessly into professional qualifications and competitive digital business models to strengthen the region. The "HOLODECK LOUNGE" serves as a space for communication, after-work events and live demonstrations.

The RegioMORE project is being implemented in Bühl in the south of the Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion. The central location is the former assembly hall of the project partner USM. The project now has a usable area of ​​approx. 1400 m2 on the ground floor and approx. 330 m2 in the basement. The hall offers a high-performance building and information technology infrastructure that is optimally equipped with a 5G network and fiber optic cable connection.


CAD training with tradition

For more than 15 years, IMI (until 2003 RPK) has offered CAD courses as part of engineering training at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Between the lecture periods, CATIA V6 and Siemens NX 11 internships are currently offered, two of the most up-to-date CAD systems that are enjoying increasing popularity. Furthermore, SolidWorks 2016 will be presented in the course of the lectures.

In two pool rooms with state-of-the-art workstations, the students have the opportunity to acquire knowledge about these programs, which they can draw on in their later professional life.

Bachelor thesis honored with BIM Award 2021

As part of an online event on January 25th, 2021, BW Transport Minister Winfried Hermann honored six winners with the “Building Information Modeling” Award 2021 for outstanding research on digitization in road construction. We are delighted with Katharina Schmucker about first place in this competition!