Which is the best team communication app

Moxtra - the team communication app put to the test

Moxtra claims to digitally map modern teamwork and thus optimally promote the process of collaboration. Unfortunately, the functions on the website remain rather vague and unclear in detail. It is also not immediately obvious that there are apps for desktop and smartphones - in addition to the browser version.


website: http://www.moxtra.com
trial version: free
price: "Moxtra freemium pricing plans will be rolled out soon."
Apps: Yes
German: no

Moxtra is always in English, but clearly laid out. The term "binders" takes some getting used to, under which all projects with files ("pages") and tasks ("to-do") are located. The creation is easy and with the selectable icons you can make even more extensive project lists relatively simple and appealing.

Moxtra registration without price information

Moxtra offers enough apps

Moxtra comparison web and app

Moxtra tasks by project

The question of costs is not an easy one to answer. As far as we've seen, our scope of use was free. Unfortunately, there is no mention of costs anywhere. After a long search you will find the following in the support area under Getting started (without date):
"Basic service of Moxtra is always free. Moxtra freemium pricing plans will be rolled out soon. "
So "cheap".

My conclusion on Moxtra

  • Moxtra writes itself in the login objects without being asked. I can't stand that per se - regardless of whether it makes sense or not.
  • The time zone that is wrong for us is a bit stupid, as many time-based elements such as comments are no longer exactly correct.
  • Creating new tasks and projects is a good solution, as you can simply adopt previous settings. The tool also looks tidy and structured.
  • One problem for us is that the tasks are only structured according to projects. With many projects, you quickly lose track of which task is urgently pending - primarily regardless of which project.

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