Which muscle builds dips

For many people, regular exercise is part of everyday life. Many end up in fitness studios, sports, swimming and gymnastics clubs, which are closed in times of the corona crisis. Hard training is quickly undone with a longer break. But to stop the loss of muscle and strength, we have prepared suitable tips!

When does the body break down muscles?

If the muscle is no longer used and the necessary stimuli are missing, the body slowly breaks down muscles after about two to three weeks. It is too expensive for the body to supply unused muscle cells with energy. To stop or slow this process down, there are a few ways that you can do at home.

1. Don't go on a diet

Muscles need energy. If you start dieting now, you run the risk of muscle breakdown if there is insufficient stimulation and insufficient calorie intake. This is why you should now be eating at least the calories you consume every day. Even a small excess does not hurt now.

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2. New stimuli and progression

Athletes who have been training hard for years will have a harder time at home without the right equipment than those who only use the sport for themselves on the side. Still, it is not impossible to postpone muscle breakdown. The important thing is that you try at home to set new stimuli in the musclesto stimulate the muscles to maintain. Through progression, i.e. increasing weight and repetitions in each new training unit, it is possible to build up strength. Sports beginners in particular benefit from this, as they can gain muscle well with little training weight.

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Those who train regularly in the gym can adapt their exercises for home and, if necessary, exchange them for similar exercises. Now is also the ideal time to train with your own body weight. Push-ups provide z. B. for strong shoulder, arm and chest muscles and dips on the edge of a chair train the triceps muscles. Exercises for strong legs and a firm bottom can be found here. If, on the other hand, you want to work on core tension and abdominal muscles, you will find suitable exercises for at home here.

By the way: Another winner of the corona crisis are the fitness trails, which are currently experiencing a real boom. Fitness trails are a great change for all those who want to stay fit and train in the fresh air. Various stations have been set up at a distance of about one hundred meters, with signs asking for exercises. Whether flexibility and stretching exercises, jumps, pull-ups, strength, gymnastics or coordination exercises - the athlete's heart can beat faster here.

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3. Proper nutrition

Protein is not only essential for building muscle. It should also be on the menu regularly to protect the muscles. Healthy people without kidney disease can increase their protein consumption to 2.5 to even 3 grams per kilo of body weight with less exercise than usual. Increasing protein intake is important because muscles break down without the small amino acids. Protein-rich foods are mainly lean meats, such as B. Chicken, but also fish, eggs, milk and milk products as well as legumes and nuts. If you like, you can also use protein powder.

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4. Get enough sleep

Sleep is extremely important for the body to regenerate sufficiently. However, if you don't sleep enough, you risk a mess of your hormonal balance, so that muscle breakdown is more likely. Testosterone, which is also responsible for building and maintaining muscle in women, is less produced while the cortisol level rises. The body is more likely to use the muscles as a source of energy. It is therefore at least better six to eight hours of sleep a night get!

5. Don't despair

Of course, it is terrible for any athlete without a home gym that the fitness studios are currently closed. To despair and mourn for the muscles is the wrong way to go. The important thing now is to make the most of the situation, keep exercising and eat healthily. The good news: when the gyms reopen and training can begin, the so-called Muscle memory effect be noticeable. Through earlier training, each muscle cell builds daughter cells that have a kind of memory. If the cells of the muscle are stimulated again, this memory of the earlier stage of growth sets in and the muscles return more quickly.