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How to delete temporary files in Windows

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How to remove temporary files from Windows operating system.


Problems with Autodesk software could be caused by too many or damaged temporary files.


Most problems with Autodesk software, related to too many or corrupted temporary files, can be resolved by deleting the contents of a user's local temporary folder. To do this, you have to delete the contents of the local temp folder:
  1. Close all programs.
  2. Press WINDOWS + R on the keyboard to the window To run to open.
  3. Enter% TMP% and then click OK.
  4. Delete the contents of the folder that appears.
Tip: Some files may be used by background processes and cannot be deleted. A restart can remove all of them.

Annotation: Instead of the Run window, you can also go to the temporary folder by entering% tmp% in the search field at the bottom of the Windows Start menu or in the address bar of any Windows folder.

Temporary folder locations on Windows:

Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10:
C: \ Users \