Smoking cannabis leads to spiritual awakening


An addiction is always a search.

A search for what?
Ultimately a search for God, even if it can be a search for something else on other levels. Many drug users believe, sometimes unconsciously, that God is to be sought in another world and that one can "get closer" to it with all kinds of drugs. They seem to be activated by their inner experiences and visions during the drug intoxication, although they usually cannot really classify these inner experiences. For them this is usually something new and fascinating, but to which they are helpless because dealing with their own mind is not part of general education and was not taught in school either.

What happens in the energy body when you take drugs?

I am now speaking very generally: With almost all drugs, the energies on the chakra level are shifted strongly upwards from the first chakra to the sixth chakra. This means that life force (= 1st chakra) is converted into visions (= 6th chakra). Here we can already see for whom drug use is particularly dangerous, namely for all those who already have little energy in the first chakra, the root chakra. Those with a badly functioning root chakra will quickly run into problems from drug use. The themes of the root chakra are life force, the connections to the material world, including wealth and possessions, etc. And this is exactly what can be observed in many drug addicts. They become more and more impoverished and their life force tends to zero.

In general, the flow of energy from the first chakra up is in itself a natural flow of energy. But it just has to be balanced by an opposing current, downwards. This happens, for example, with every breath. Both energy flows are constantly stimulated in a gentle way, and our energy aura remains in a stable, balanced state. It is different with drug use. This creates such drastic energy currents upwards in the aura that it sometimes even rips open, and "holes" form in the aura. These holes in the aura can have the following effects:

  • Perceptions that would normally be blocked by an intact aura enter the person's consciousness through this hole. It may be fascinating to have such perceptions / visions, but of course your own mind has its reasons why they are usually blocked:
    • Either they are worthless scraps of perception that are useless for the person concerned and are therefore normally sorted out by the consciousness. The negative effect then is that the conscious part of the consciousness is littered with too much useless information.
    • Or they are perceptions for which the person concerned is not yet developed enough, or shall we say not yet mature enough to understand them. Again, this can cause problems if the person draws the wrong conclusions from the visions. He then gets to see things too early that he cannot really deal with yet and that he cannot classify correctly. These can be visions of the future, for example, to which the person concerned then believes he is helpless because he lacks the knowledge that and how the future can be changed at any time.
  • All kinds of negative energies or lower spirits can nestle through these "holes" in the aura, and they usually do this too. Of course, this also has damaging effects on organs, the brain or the metabolism at some point. This can be seen particularly clearly in practice when drug addicts die of any physical dysfunction.
  • Of course, these holes in the aura also mean that various aura layers can no longer fulfill their protective functions. You are less protected from strokes of fate, attacks and other influences.
    A damaged emotional body can, for example, mean that you suddenly cannot distinguish between your own feelings and those of others. The drug addict suddenly feels the feelings of other people. Then you are no longer able to be yourself.


Drugs FAQ

If the drug "depletes" my life force, why do I feel pushed (with some drugs)?
You can imagine it like this, first of all, latent life force energies in the root chakra are stirred up, and of course that gives a push. This can be observed even with gentle drugs like caffeine: You are up for about an hour, after which the energy curve drops lower than before. And even with a second or third coffee you can no longer reach the energy level of the first cup. On the contrary, after each push you fall deeper than before, because the root chakra can fall back on less and less stored life force.

Shamans use drugs too ...
First of all, basically: modern "big city shamans" do not use drugs. In fact, in Indian cultures the shamans used all sorts of substances. But that is by no means a reason to take them as a role model, after all their culture was so weak that it was overrun and almost perished when the whites took over the continent.
But you also have to know that these shamans were people whose root chakra was in optimal condition because of their natural life. They also use certain drum rhythms to additionally activate and stabilize their root chakra (deep drum basses stimulate the root chakra to turn faster, i.e. activate it). This means that there is less energy deficiency in the root chakra than with the usual western drug consumption behavior. So, unlike normal coffee drinking, only stored life force is used up. So if you want coffee (Drug caffeine) want to drink, then they drum at the same time - this works against the energetic bleeding of the root chakra! Basically, there should therefore be a drum group next to each coffee machine.
Furthermore, these shamans always have a goal in their actions. This means that the energy is directed towards a goal instead of fizzling out in the senseless emptiness, as happens, for example, in the hustle and bustle in discos (here too, all kinds of drugs and deep bass are often present).

Can't you reach deeper states of consciousness much faster with hallucinogens than without?
No, that's just a belief that drugs would do better. Most drug users just don't know how to do it. With meditation one can easily reach deep states of consciousness and also have control over them at all times.
Even to the use of nicotine there are simple alternatives that lead to a relaxed state much faster. For example, breathing in and out three times deeply and relaxed leads to relaxation more quickly than smoking a nicotine cigarette.

How can it be wrong if this (drug use) makes me really appreciate the things in life? Can accept all life as equal? Not only preach tolerance, but practice it, how can that be wrong?
Because you could have had all of this without running the risk of destroying your aura layers. As I said above, all this works better with meditation. The only way to permanently become a nobler person with purer thoughts is through a real expansion of consciousness. That doesn't have to be forced with drugs. On the contrary, it is a belief in addiction, a superstition that you think you used drugs to do this. You could have just sat down in a nice place in the forest and so you could have come to the same insight.
> I have experienced how you feel when you die and watch your life run again
It shows you how tough you were at the limit. As mentioned above, the damage to the aura layers can quickly lead to functional problems in the body. In Germany alone there are over 1,000 drug deaths every year.
> I felt like the other person felt
Yes, this is because your emotional body layer of the aura was disturbed by the drug. When foreign emotional energies mix in, you feel like the other person. However, you have no control over it.
Of course you don't need drugs to feel what others are feeling. This ability is called empathy. Anyone can do this with a little practice. You definitely don't need drugs, you just have to open yourself to the fine perception of the other person. (The belief that drugs get better is wrong. This belief is a strict addiction program.)

It is also not an expansion of consciousness when you feel at one with others and, for example, feel their feelings and fears. Expansion of consciousness would be when you become aware of why you are feeling the other person's fears, i.e. why you are in resonance with their fears. Which of your own fears do they reflect you?
When you are in a state where you can no longer differentiate between your own fears or feelings and the fears or feelings of other people, that is actually the opposite of expanding consciousness, it is a limitation of consciousness.

Are these levels of being that one reaches through drug use real?
Yes and no. These planes or worlds are just as real as our normal world, namely not at all. Just as our real world is only an illusion, so are these hallucinogenic worlds. Just as everything is constantly changing in our world, there is nothing permanent there either. Just as we create this world through our thoughts, feelings, and actions, these other worlds are also created through our minds. So they also reflect our own being. However, those who cannot cope with the real world should not additionally overwhelm themselves with the perceptions of these other worlds. Achieving it is not an expansion of consciousness, but just a shift in consciousness. In the case of a drug intoxication, only one (illusory) level of perception is replaced by another (illusory) level of perception.
An expansion of consciousness does not take place, since these perceptions are generally of no use to humans. The drugs do not produce these perceptions either, they just cause them to flow in unfiltered, mainly via the third eye chakra. Usually our consciousness filters out such perceptions precisely because they are useless. If it is of no use, but has a restrictive effect, then it is not an expansion of consciousness but the opposite. (Dependency, impaired perception, up to driving inability, etc.)

Expansion of consciousness is when things become conscious, such as fear, which dissolves when one realizes what the root cause of fear is. Such an expansion of consciousness does not normally take place through drug use.

Can you get closer to God with drugs?
By shifting one's own spectrum of perception, as happens with drug consumption, one does not find God, because wherever there is a perception (e.g. also a vision), a form has already developed from the original ground (= God).

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1. Andreas wrote on December 2nd, 2013:

>> Are these aura damage curable?

Yes of course. Everything is curable. But first of all, the cause, i.e. drug use, has to be stopped. And the healer cannot force that, because the drug user also has his own free will, which should not be interfered with. The initiative must therefore come from the drug addict himself.
Affected relatives can often still do a lot by putting the system in order (in which they themselves are involved as affected persons), i.e. systemic work, family constellations, etc.

lg from Andreas

2. Nico wrote on January 14, 2014:


Between the ages of 15 and 24, I experimented a lot with drugs, mainly with hallucinogenic and emphatogenic, i.e. strongly opening substances (MDMA, mushrooms, LSD), and during this time I also smoked marijuana regularly. That was all in a rather "moderate" framework and always associated with rather quiet phases and longer breaks, but I and I only become really aware of the possible consequences after I have been completely drug and alcohol free for a good 1.5 years wonder how much I suffer from the long-term effects. I have already been able to free myself from some foreign occupations in this regard, but I have not yet thought about the damage to the energy body. It is clear to me that my drug use was merely an expression of a general tendency to flee the world, which has now partly shifted into the spiritual realm and is now expressed in an extreme withdrawal from social life. My real question was, however, whether it is not, among other things, this damage in the energy body that complicates my worldly-earthly life so much and if so, what treatment options are there for damage in the energy body caused by drugs? Can I only solve this myself or does it make sense to consult an energy healer? I am always a little suspicious when someone outside of me is energetically doctored, but maybe it would really make sense in that case.

I would be very grateful for a short answer!

Thank you and love greetings


3. Andreas wrote on January 15th, 2014:


yes - in the article I put it in such a way that one is looking for something, ultimately God. Perhaps it would be more appropriately expressed that a divine order is sought. BECAUSE: The drug addict feels deeply that something concerning himself is not in the divine order.
This (invisible) that is not right now naturally affects many levels because it is an energy that pervades everything. It is there before the drug use. And it is still there afterwards, because you cannot dissolve or change it with drugs. You have noticed this when you write:

From an energetic point of view it is still the same as when the energies of the root chakra steal upwards. One steals away from society. If you want to find the reasons why you are caught in this pattern, you have to look at your previous lives. In order to resolve them, however, it is sufficient to systemically change your own situation. Since these energies permeate everything, one can take any system of which one is a part. In practice, you simply take the most common of all systems: your own family. (This systemic work is then called family constellations or Family constellations.)
In the case of drug addicts, from a systemic point of view, it is often the case that they are entangled in a role that has been assumed by someone else's ancestors, which means that they want to get out of life (= 1st chakra). Even with a normal cigarette smoker (drug nicotine) this is already the case; statistically, he dies several years earlier. In any case, it is what the person concerned feels that the role he is in does not correspond to the divine order, because he cannot be himself and live his own life.

The divine order implies that everyone lives himself.

To pursue other life goals out of solidarity is already ungodly, because we all have unlimited divine creative power. That is, the other is not at all dependent on us, at least not if we grant him this full divinity.

lg from Andreas

4. Nick wrote on June 21, 2015:

First of all I want to say that I consumed amphetamines, Mdma and alcohol for about 6 months. I have now stopped doing that. I've always had strong self-esteem problems and I am currently solving them by going to a psychologist with whom I have already done a family constellation twice. One 2 weeks ago and the other a week ago. So now to my questions. Is it meant that this energy damage is only caused by drug use or only by these blockages that I carry around with relatives and previous experiences. Because yesterday I made use of amphetamines again after a long time and I feel really bad now because I now have the fear that I have broken something again through my consumption yesterday, which is currently healing, since the family constellation is already behind me have and am currently also in the process of becoming aware of myself, and then consumed drugs ?! Was it all unsuccessful because of my relapse, or does it not stand in the way of healing?
And as far as alcohol is concerned, I still consume it almost every weekend .. And then the same question arises.
Thanks in advance for an answer!

5. Andreas wrote on June 23, 2015:

Is it meant that this energy damage is only caused by drug use or only by these blockages that I carry around with relatives and previous experiences.
Our energy system has so many more levels than we can think of.And of course there is also a lot of mutual influence. An aura disturbance is therefore never "just"Created because of drug use. You can imagine it like a house wall with a small crack that many might not even see. But then the drug comes and, like an earthquake, turns the hairpin crack into a fat crack in the wall of the house .
Through your family constellations, you have learned another important chain of causes.
Was it all now because of my relapse?
The impulses from family constellations are usually so clear and strong that they continue to have an effect. Often they only develop their full effect months or even a year later. Even so, your relapse can show you that there may be more to do and that you keep on taking good steps in a good direction. Even someone who always goes 2 steps forward and then one back, comes forward ..

lg from Andreas

6. katja wrote on July 6th, 2016:


i think the article is absolutely wonderful and i have a real problem!
of course, my spiritual growth is at the top of my self-realization. but I also feel incredibly strongly drawn to drugs, even before I have used anything for the first time ... it has always fascinated me incredibly ... I have really devoured books like "we children from the zoo train station", I have them feelings sucked into me, positive as well as negative, I wanted to get to know this world, the ups and downs ...

can you give me an explanation for this? and how do I get rid of it? p.s. I'm not dependent and never "slipped" in any way ... but now I've got to know even darker sides of myself than I would have thought ... but how do I feel I wanted that too ...

hmmm ... can someone say something about that?

7. Andreas wrote on 07/07/2016:

If you are drawn there, of course, it is only because there is a response. And where can such a response come from? That too is easy, it can come from previous lives. In that sense, just look at your previous lives and pacify whatever you find there. That is the real work and task that we must face in this life. Whoever flees to the Bahnhof Zoo in truth takes refuge from this inner work with one's own past.

However, you can also use a Hellinger family constellation to see whether there is something in your system that pulls you in such a direction, so that such external family influences are deleted.

And then of course there are also bans that work, for example religious bans on sex. These also need to be resolved, because otherwise the subconscious likes to use drugs or alcohol to be able to act out certain things that you would otherwise not allow yourself. But it is clear anyway that you have to delete all religious and social, i.e. externally determined, sex bans for yourself, because otherwise you are a slave. (Slave consciousness = very similar to drug junkie consciousness, because both are dependent and externally determined)

lg from Andreas

8. Benjamin wrote on December 4th, 2016:

Dark sides?

I think everything that is deep inside you could come out through drugs, for example

Maybe it's good that you discovered the pages
I don't know what dark means for you, but you have the opportunity to deal with these now

Perhaps in a previous life you walked the left path
And that still has that in you
Nothing is only negative, nothing is only positive, everything has its purpose

9. Sandra wrote on 11/27/2017:

I woke up to LSD, worked through the problems of my childhood and live in the here and now without being constantly under drugs. I enjoy everything around me and feel my inner balance. In the beginning I used the drugs as an escape and I would never have believed that it would lead to a spiritual awakening. When the time came it was incredibly good to work off all of these blockages. It was exhausting and certainly has nothing to do with being lazy. I was just as good at controlling my thoughts, allowing and rejecting what I wanted. I have to say that I never increased the dose. I knew how much was good for me and when it was enough. Also, I didn't start trying strong drugs until I was in my late twenties, so my psyche is already more stable than when I was in my early twenties. Currently I pull a joint but by no means am looking for strong intoxication. I started to meditate, which I would never have been able to do before LSD because there were too many blocks in me. My partner is overjoyed that I now understand him and see him as an individual, just as I see myself as an individual and am starting to appreciate myself more and more. This was not the case before. Above all, I restricted my partner a lot, just because of my trained behaviors from my childhood.
All of this might have happened without LSD, although I'm not sure if I would have been interested in spirituality at all, but if so, then probably at some point in old age and I would have wasted wonderful years that I have now won.
In addition, if you look at people who consume every now and then, you notice what kind, open and cultured people they are. Of course you shouldn't overdo it, I agree. And not all drugs are suitable for this, especially not alcohol. But to say all drugs are abysmally bad for spiritual development is just wrong for me. I have gained so much in life and I am grateful every day that my eyes were opened so that I can now continue my life without constant drug use.
Months have passed now that I haven't used LSD and I have no desire to do so. Still, I can't say if I won't do it again at some point. That gives the time. In any case, I don't need it right now. So my conclusion, as long as you consume in a controlled manner and have a mature psyche, it can even help you on your way. But if you exaggerate, I can well imagine that this can also be dangerous. Therefore always keep the respect.
best regards

10. Andreas wrote on 11/27/2017:

yes, hello Sandra, your contribution sounds funny, according to the motto, oh how good and beautiful my life is .. so it's typical for someone who refuses to look at the dark in their own life with the help of drugs and to recognize and work on it.
You think it will help you to meditate and develop yourself, but the truth is simply that, under these drugs, you cannot perceive the dark parts of your life that should actually be addressed - and therefore cannot dissolve them.
Right now I'm pulling a joint ..
yes, I know how it always works: If after a few days or weeks (depending on the state of the body's energy system) the body has managed to break down all consciousness-shifting substances, then the next joint comes - and so does the body and also your consciousness not to the point where it could come to itself .. - as long as there is even a tiny bit of such consciousness-shifting substances in you, it is never an expansion of consciousness, but ALWAYS just a consciousness shift - you are just lying to yourself

lg from Andreas

11. Yule wrote on December 6th, 2017:

Thanks for this page! She explains so much, thanks for the comments too! Seldom found such useful knowledge collected in such a way! Gladly to answer further comments that helps so much.


12. Sandra wrote on December 10th, 2017:

Dear Andreas,
if you didn't read right, I'll be honest with myself. It's been a really long time since I've been using drugs and you really want to tell me my life is wrong? This is probably what you are trying to convince yourself so that you don't have to open your eyes to the fact that what you see as wrong in your life can also be right in some ways. If you do your research carefully, not all drugs are harmful. And why should I lie to myself? I've been honest with myself that I started using drugs out of repression and I'm honest with myself that I've made a complete change since then. And sorry, but if I pull on the joint in 3-4 months, I really don't have a permanent substance in my body. You're trying to portray me as a junkie who thinks he hardly consumes and can't really judge it. You don't know me and you don't know how much I've changed You say I can't process the dark inside of me. Sorry? Did you read my text correctly? I've processed a hell of a lot of dark stuff in myself and still do it WITHOUT drugs. Instead of assuming I am lying, you should perhaps step out of your bladder and accept that other paths are right for some and that are wrong for others. I don't go around telling everyone to take drugs, I'm just saying that for some it means the freedom to finally get out of their habitual thought patterns in order to finally be able to work on themselves.
Apparently you didn't really understand my text but just picked out what you're trying to misrepresent me with.
I wanted to be honest and unfortunately you are trying to use that against me instead of reading my post objectively.
I haven't had anything stronger for over a year and a half. I don't need it anymore and all that is reported about spirituality happened to me. I am not lying to myself. I did that before. I'm finally being honest with myself. Sorry but I know the difference and when I surround myself with people who have been spiritually awakened in a different way, it is confirmed to me again that I am not fooling myself. Rather the opposite. I am a big skeptic and reflect a lot. At first I thought that couldn't be true and it was confirmed to me again and again that this is exactly what happened to me. It's a shame, I thought people who discovered their spiritual side are a bit more objective. But even among them there seem to be black sheep who want to dictate how the "true" enlightenment is again. Just like this and not otherwise. For me this is nonsense. We are individuals and each person can have a different path to awakening. There is no right or wrong. However, I agree with you that non-stop consumption doesn't really promote the ability to awaken. In the long run you have to decide in which world you want to live. In the world in which one is drugged or the "reality". I chose to be clear. Believe it or not. I wouldn't be as far today as I am now. I am a person who often looks for the negative, but at the moment I cannot find anything negative in my life. Nevertheless, there are things that have to be worked on and I fully and completely stand behind and do this with a clear mind.
Have a nice day.
Kind regards, Sandra

13. Michelle wrote on 12/13/2017:

I would like to know what you think of the drug DMT.
Since it is basically a body's own substance that is poured out every night while dreaming.

14. Andreas wrote on 12/13/2017:

Hello Sandra,
you might think I wrote this to piss you off .. but the truth is just that every time you (even if only after 3 months) If you take a drug again, you then tear out this tiny plant every time, which tries to ground you in the root chakra. As long as this connection (which, as I said, is like a plant that develops and has to grow), is not stable, you cannot perceive reality correctly at all. Every spirituality is then ungrounded and therefore cannot lead to a high level at all. It's like a tree that can only grow as tall as its roots are.

There is no essential difference between hard and soft drugs. Even with cigarette consumption, this is the case if someone only smokes one once a week - everything that the body has done for seven days of cleaning work in the lungs is then destroyed again and again, and you are then back to zero.
Either you take drugs or you live a completely pure life (= is clean).
Only when you are completely clean can this connection to the divine be established. Otherwise there is always a connection to the dark and a connection to those who deserve from you, i.e. those Satan worshipers who control the state with the help of their lodge structures. And these powers not only live from the life energy of the drug users, but also directly from their money. It is no secret that the state earns money from every cigarette, earns heavily from every alcoholic drink, controls almost the entire drug environment - if you don't believe it should just do some research why our soldiers are in Afghanistan and even guard drug fields there, etc. etc.

Due to the increase in vibration, we are currently at a point where all those who are still stuck like in the hippie era and have not really developed further and who have been muddling through with their occasional joints for 40 years are at a crossroads. Due to the increase in vibration, they now notice that they are now standing with nothing and have been experiencing severe crises for over a year. This is precisely because the true divine connection could not grow and is now missing ..

Hello Michelle,
what do you think of the drug DMT
this drug also destroys the person's energy system and thereby leads to damage.

And yes, important: ALSO with this drug there is nothing that this drug could do that humans cannot achieve in exactly the same way without DMT. I say it again very clearly:
All vision experiences for which a person believes that they need drugs can easily be made in dreams.

lg from Andreas

15. Bella wrote on 12/28/2017:

In itself a very interesting article that explains a lot well and also addresses the bridge to the beneficiaries of drug use worldwide.
However, I looked incredulous at the statement about the weak culture of the Indians, which was overrun ... seldom read anything ignorant. In that regard, it is really important to look back at the historical events in perspective. Perhaps starting with what the origins of the annual Thanksgiving celebration really are. Then fate took its course when the weak, emaciated whites were first nursed up by the natives before they then stamped them out. Let us see the "weak culture" as a nature-loving group of people filled with warmth of the heart and charity. But of course that can also be seen as a weakness if you want ...
Best regards

16. Andreas wrote on 12/28/2017:

Hello, I didn't write that the Indians were overrun because they nursed some white people. I wrote that they were overrun because they did not voluntarily fulfill their life-learning task. Everyone has the task to develop further here. And where, please, had there been further development in Indian culture? Feeding someone is not enough, it is not enough for the soul. The soul always wants development, development - and that would have meant learning from the whites - namely learning what one could have learned GOOD from the wise - not drinking alcohol - but rather "freeing oneself from enslavement" Because many Christian groups fled to the new world precisely because they wanted to escape the persecution of the Catholic Church in Europe. So this breaking out of their own old encrusted belief structures, the Indians did not do that voluntarily, but they should have done it in order to survive. This is superstition that the Indians of all people have no life-learning development tasks ..

lg from Andreas

17. Eva wrote on April 6th, 2018:

Hello, my question is what about our beloved sugars! According to drug statistics, sugar comes first when it comes to hard drugs! Vlg

18. Andreas wrote on April 6th, 2018:

Hello, yes, there is an extra article for sugar - lg

19. Eva wrote on April 6th, 2018:

Hi Andreas! Then ayahuasca is also a lie! Or? Although there are many people who have been able to experience a lot of healing and some have also gotten completely clean from drugs! Hmmm ... why? Vlg

20. Andreas wrote on April 7th, 2018:

Hello Eva, yes - that's right, even Ayahuasca does not cause an expansion of consciousness, but only a shift in consciousness.
lg from Andreas

21. Chris wrote on April 9th, 2018:

So if I understand all of this correctly.
If you take a spiritual path, then drugs (including sugar and ayahuhasca), even if it is only one joint a year, are simply pointless and hinder your own development. There is no way around anschrinemd.
There is no middle way, right?
Looking forward to an answer

22. Andreas wrote on April 10, 2018:

Hello Chris,
yes, the path that the soul of every human being wants is the path into one's own divinity. And that is always associated with freedom and independence.Freedom in this case means that one does NOT need any special intoxicating substances to influence the mind.
In our society it starts with alcohol, that people believe they have to get drunk to be in a good mood. That's all superstition, of course. Because a person can simply work on their inner bad-feeling parts and then be in a super good mood without alcohol. Nobody needs any substances for it. You can see it particularly clearly with alcohol:
A drunk does not live real happiness - it is then a lie. It is the same with all other drugs. They do not lead to true, real divinity. We also have a transfigured picture of indigenous peoples. If you think you need Ayahuhasca or whatever in order to feel and experience your connection with nature or whatever, then that just shows that you don't really have this connection AT ALL TIMES. Therefore, it is important to take a very close look at indigenous peoples too, most of the time they are by no means ahead of us in their intellectual development - on the contrary, they are often much more involved in superstition than we are ...

(Even though with us too, e.g. considering the superstition that you need alcohol to be in a good mood, it is so widespread that we are not much further than the most primitive native tribes ...)

lg from Andreas

23. flower wrote on April 29, 2018:

Dear Andreas,

How can a person who has been using drugs and has realized that the 1st chakra has been moved to the top find healing?
My guess: he has to catch up in the lower chakras everything that jumped up in the upper chakras. Or what would you say?

I do not know whether alcohol caused this in me or whether it was something else, that has still not been entirely tangible to me for a long time, I think it will show up at some point. In any case, I feel the enormous effects as you describe them. I recognize the shift from the 1st to the upper chakra in myself. Because of this shift, process work just seems to me to be different in some areas compared to other people. By process work I mean, for example, work with chakras. (For example, I somehow get stuck in shamanic journeys and family constellations as a constellator and hardly come back - both in the beautiful spheres and in the dark spheres. The other family constellations come back great, that is apparently my individual special problem. And my grounding is with it the common grounding tips hardly attainable) Do you have any tips that are especially recommended for such people with a drug use background in their spiritual development? Maybe also where I can get information? Left? Literature? Or a spiritual exchange of experiences between former drug users?
Family position helped me a lot when it was set up for me, I'll repeat that. Otherwise I try to feel my way forward with chakra work and the inner feeling of the energy body. That helps well, albeit slowly. Your description with the little plant that tries to form in the root chakra helps me, that makes it even more tangible for me how difficult it is to balance the contrast of energies that has emerged, then I can accept the process with its obstacles again more easily.

What would you say from your perspective? Is there even a possibility for someone who has ruined his energy system through such strong influences to create healing and harmony in this energy system through conscious energy work? It feels like a big challenge.

Thanks for the great contribution and the many responses to the other comments. I am of course happy if you write an answer. =)

All the best,

24. Andreas wrote on May 8th, 2018:

yes, that is something big, because the person concerned has to turn his inner path by 180 degrees. Instead of happiness outside (drug substances) he has to take a direction that looks directly inside. Society is no help to him either, because it is society that pretends this belief that one can find one's own divine with external substances.

lg from Andreas

25. flower wrote on May 24th, 2018:

Hi Andreas,
Nice to have feedback from you, thank you. =) =)
All the best,

26. Jayjay27 wrote on April 6, 2019:

Hello Andreas, unfortunately I only came across your great site 1 year later because I can hardly stop my indiscipline regarding speed consumption. I meditate daily, have finally felt self-love for a few months and try to heal and develop myself through Buddhist / Kabbalah books. If this addiction and love for "fast pace / alertness / thinking" actually has something to do with my previous life, how do I overcome it and feel love for the outside world? Thank you

27. Andreas wrote on April 6, 2019:

yes, the easy way into a supposed increase in vibration ..

But it is not really an increase in vibration (viewed holistically) because you become dependent on a substance, because you have to add speed and buy speed.

The very first requirement to stop doing this is always to make a deep inner decision.

And since the addiction sits deep in the unconscious, this decision must also be made from at least the same depth (or even deeper), otherwise it cannot work.

But since you are not yet aware of everything, it requires a lot of inner work to become conscious, so that you even get the inner access to the level where the addiction is located.

What are you really looking for with speed?
What are you fleeing from at speed?
Because what gives you speed, i.e. the change in your state of mind, you could also have it that way. That's how a drug triggers a change in the aura, I talked about it in the article. Most of these changes are negative, harmful, but some are also of the type that blockages that you carry with you in the normal state of your aura are eliminated.
If you now dissolve such blockages (through inner work on yourself), then the addiction disappears all by itself, because that is the unconscious reason.
That means awareness work regarding your own blockages, eg blockages to feel the love for the outside world, which you already seem to be aware of.
So where do these blockages come from?
Where, when, how did they come about?

As I said, everything that speed (or another drug) temporarily dissolves for you, you can instead dissolve for yourself forever. But this is the uncomfortable way, because it requires inner work, forgiveness, finding peace, etc.

It is not only necessary to decide not to take any more speed, but also to decide not to buy any more, etc.

lg from Andreas

28. july wrote on May 13, 2019:

wow, having such a spiritual knowledge and staying so realistic and grounded, I've really rarely seen. that shows a lot of wisdom and a very good holistic way of thinking. thanks for the article. they have helped me understand myself so many times. all love and god blessing!

29. Hermes wrote on July 4th, 2019:

Hi Andreas
I have a very big problem that has meanwhile taken away from my life (I'm the first 16 years old) and although I smoked pot with a colleague about 8 months ago, I rarely smoked pot when it came up 9 times, but this time something worked tremendously crooked because about 2 minutes after I pulled a bit on the joint, my reality totally fell apart I had the feeling or rather said the hope I was just dreaming but unfortunately it wasn't like that, I couldn't sleep on it all night because of the fear of this Disgusting and strange feeling not to get rid of I wanted my old reality where everything is really all beautiful and I enjoy life back but this is not the case to date uch feel as if my soul is only 20% bound to my body and knows simply not going any further, what exactly could I do to "repair" this again? Are castings in my aura the problem? I have completely stopped my consumption because I have this e h only acted out of "peer pressure" and was never addicted. I would be very happy about an answer, because as I said I have no more zest for life, rather the opposite. Lg

30. Andreas wrote on July 4th, 2019:

I don't know what you've tried before. Basically, your goal is to better ground yourself. e.g. grounding meditations. If you are well grounded, your energy system will most likely crack on its own at some point (through the joint) can heal in your energy body.
You can support this by regularly visualizing a sunscreen around you, and importantly, it has to go all the way down, not just in and around the upper part of your body. For example a light egg around you which completely surrounds you up to your feet.

And no more drugs, important, also no cigarettes or alcohol, because they also damage your own energy system and thus prevent healing.

lg from Andreas

31. Markus wrote on July 29, 2019:


First of all, I have to say, I can only confirm what you wrote in your article.
I could write everything that happened to me now. But I try to keep it short.

I'm 22 now Completely Drugs Free, but that wasn't always the case for years. I took cocaine, amphetamines, MDMA, alcohol, cigarettes, mushrooms.
So I've already tried everything.
And was already at the bottom ...
have been through a lot.

Above all, I have always liked my mushroom experiences. Am hiking. Gone and always had the feeling that it helps me to process things.
I always thought I was only damaging my physical body.
Thought or did not know that there is more. Until I was taught better. And still struggle with it today.

I woke up in the night (yes I was clean)
And it may sound stupid but it's real, I saw a girl in my room. Really. I was so scared ... didn't know what was happening.
In any case, by now I know what's going on.
There is an alien energy in my emotional body.
I can hear them and also feel their touch.
Yes, every day ! Meanwhile i'm clean eat healthy i do everything to heal my emotional body to get rid of the mind at some point. I've been living with it for 1 year now.
But yes, day after day I feel the touch and also hear the spirit.
I will never use drugs again and PLEASE do not use drugs.
I had to learn the hard way.
I'm still struggling with it for an indefinite period of time and I regret it very much. But something always has to happen first.
Otherwise I would never have stopped using drugs.

Believe me or not, what I'm saying is. Real.

32. My truth wrote on October 14, 2019:

Hello :)
I think it's nice that you / her write about drugs.
In my perception and interpretation it is the case that an attempt is made here (especially by you Andreas) to present your truth as a generally valid one.

My perception and experience is like this:
- Drugs, like everything that exists, can lead to spiritual growth
- in every experience and form of appearance the primordial ground is God
- some experiences and manifestations may or may not be useful in the moment and in the respective way; However, this is subjective and, in my experience, not generally valid; Except the truth / awareness / experience of solitude
- The flow of energy in the aura and in the body is dependent on many factors and, above all, can be controlled and influenced in a targeted manner with increasing awareness, and this does not have to negatively affect the aura body and the entire body.
- In my opinion, drugs have a very great potential, especially when the use of drugs occurs from an inner divine impulse, and this is also possible in my experience, so divine guidance and drug consumption can be one
- Drugs can lead to big problems if they are not in harmony with God / your deepest truth
So much for that :)

One tip from me is: listen to your truth no matter what it is and agree with other truths, and represent it when it suits you to the outside world, stay open to the truth of others and open to your new truth.
Act and consume when you are in real peace and love with yourself and with your action / Kunsum manner. Otherwise, act in such a way that you are or will be. Or do not act / consume if it is not from a deep experience of love and peace.

God is the truth and love that is lost in you !!

33. Freshman in the whole history of meditation wrote on March 21, 2020:

Good Morning,
This question is now primarily for people who have already dealt with the topic themselves not only drugs, but, as in my case, as a combination after a night of partying like now today in which I have poked myself up (not with coffee). I started meditating about a week ago and really enjoyed it. I noticed how nice it is for my body to calm down and since I usually do it before going to bed I am already in bed and almost fall asleep with it :), the question that is busy me, (yes, I have read the entire article, However, I would like appropriate comments and only from people who have already dealt with it in some way) whether one should not come down with mediation through the substance not mentioned directly above. Not that I do this often and want permission, but how unhealthy it can get and whether it actually applies to everyone in almost the same way. I would be happy if the forum was still active here and someone could answer me. (Please excuse my spelling and my missing punctuation marks) Thank you in advance
Respect your meditation novice

34. Andreas wrote on March 21, 2020:

Hello, yes, I didn't quite understand what you mean, but in any case, that's always just belief, if you think you need this or that, even beyond drugs, it's exactly the same: Some "need" an incense stick or whatever, you might even think you have to go to church to feel the sacred, but that's all an illusion. You don't need any of that, you just believe ... you had a night of drinking - then take a look at a couple of hypnotists on youtube, you can see that drinking pure water works the same way - and yes, you don't even need a hypnotist , because you can program yourself: "With every bottle of water I drink, I become happier and more drunk with happiness." - and it will be just like that, because whatever you believe will happen to you ..

lg from Andreas

35. Horse happiness wrote on December 3rd, 2020:

Hi Andreas
Your views seem very wise to me. somehow spiritual and down to earth at the same time.
Can you guess by chance why I only attract partners who smoke pot even though I don't take anything except a coffee.

36. Andreas wrote on December 5th, 2020:

yes, in such cases these are mostly fears - and the resulting pattern of choosing only those men who are energetically weak and of whom you then think you don't need to be afraid because energetically (unconsciously) you can control such men more easily (and e.g. bind to you, etc.)

And because you may have lived this pattern for many lives, it is anything but easy for you to break out of it. Or ultimately, you can only break out by releasing your own deepest unconscious fears.

Incidentally, these fears are reflected by the respective drug user, because in the end he also escapes from (unconscious) fears into drugs.

lg from Andreas

37. Friedensreich wrote on December 4th, 2020:

Hi Andreas,
Where can it come from if one has an extreme aversion to, for example, marijuana?
Would never try and it almost leads to anger or hatred when thinking about a certain remedy? ... without recognizable reasons ... for the mind.
Thank you Lg.

38. management wrote on December 4th, 2020:

What about nature in general?
There are so many medicinal herbs ... like mugwort, mint or roses ... which also have their effects. I don't quite understand it yet.
Our foods also have their effects. Nutmeg, sage, any ginger tea ... some seem stronger, some weaker. And influence us on several levels.

According to your list, although you explicitly go into "consciousness" shifting psycho drugs,
Still ... it includes everything we eat ...
Everything affects our state of consciousness, or we are in one u choose our food accordingly.
But since inner healing is needed ... processing, well ... we will still continue to consume our food ... an interaction between inside and outside. Up to where we only inhale pollen and enjoy sunlight. Change your diet and be ready to continue working inside ... work inside and change something outside ...
So "drugs" which nature makes available to us can also be used ... eg mugwort, right? For example, it should be smoked ... not smoked! have an opening and cleansing effect.
Or sage ... I think plants are a chapter of their own ... maybe consciousness matters. (Or)or on a good connection with the ancestors who tell you what is good in order to continue to heal. Nothing from the ego. Hm. I like the view. In the world of illusions.
Everything that heals is right. But individually?
I am open to criticism, experiences, exchange of ideas ...

39. Andreas wrote on December 5th, 2020:

extreme aversion to marijuana
yes, then there is something very negative (e.g. an experience / event) what the subconscious associates with it. The subconscious then associates it with marijuana even though it actually has nothing to do with it. This experience has to be found out and consciously pacified so that one becomes free from these associations.

lg from Andreas

40. Andreas wrote on December 5th, 2020:

Everything affects our state of consciousness.
A problem only arises when one is looking for something that cannot be found there, i.e. an addiction arises. One cannot find one's own divine in drugs, not even in churches, that only works within oneself.

lg from Andreas

41. Horse happiness wrote on December 21, 2020:

Hey thank you very much for your answer. I'm the one with the stoner partners ...
Shit really🙈 They are always so sensitive, of course only as long as they smoke weed for about an hour, thought is because ... but what you wrote could have something🤔

I completely suppressed the fact that I smoked weed, took extasi, felt and mushrooms as a teenager ... and smoked and was a passive stoner for years ...
For several years I have been meditating, listening to Eckart Tolle, Saddhguru, doing inner child exercises, self-love, etc. I will incorporate the grounding meditation that you suggested to someone ... and of course accept my fears ... then I am now looking forward to the changes🤩
In gratitude

42. Horse happiness wrote on December 21, 2020:

It can also be that I choose emotionally weak people who are mentally absent and leave me because my father left me.

As you write, I have to look at myself and look at my fears.

Thanks for the suggestion ☀️

43. Svenja wrote on December 21, 2020:

I've been smoking pot since I was 14 years old and now I'm 36 years old.
I see spiritual beings, help me and have been therapeutically active.
I think the plant helps me to find my inner world, I am balanced and trust the divine in me and everyone.

44. Andreas wrote on December 21, 2020:

Hello, yes, that is a belief in dependency on something external, in the case of the plant .. A god who sets another god over himself is no longer a god, but a slave. It doesn't matter whether you put a hemp plant over you (and thinks it would be better with her) or whether one puts a cosmic galactic advice over oneself or whether one seeks one's salvation in the measures of the German federal government, one always disguises one's direct connection to the divine with it.

lg from Andreas

45. Andreas wrote on December 21, 2020:

that I choose emotionally weak people who are mentally absent and leave me because my father left me.
yes, such an energy of "walking" is indeed produced with a drug. The fact that you have dressed yourself with such a father shows you that you already had this pattern in you when you came into this world.

lg from Andreas

46. Kevin wrote on January 21, 2021:

Hi Andreas,

thank you for your support for enlightenment. I also go with the whole thing ... but then I still wonder what about a microdose of psychedelics / mushrooms / LSD = no intoxication, just an expansion of the senses and a more activated brain. Is there also a risk of a crack in the aura there?

If you now say, no matter which drug, just let it be, no matter if a little or a lot, since it affects the aura, the question is still what about all the herbs? As previously mentioned. Are these also classified as drugs by you?

Many Thanks! Really.

47. Andreas wrote on January 21, 2021:

Hello Kevin,
Colloquially, the vernacular knows that "one takes refuge in drugs", for example someone takes refuge in alcohol and so the question is whether it is actually an expansion of your senses or just a shift in your focus of consciousness, i.e. even an escape. In any case, you can achieve both directly with your consciousness. Whether you think you have to go to church to the pastor or you think you have to take mushrooms to change your consciousness - it is both a belief in addiction.
And yes, the difference is in fact also this threatening danger of exposing your aura to unnecessary dangers, because if you work directly with your consciousness, then the aura cannot crack, simply because there are many control bodies in you that that prevent you from being in such a conscious (also aura-) Come to a state that you are not yet able to cope with from your level of development.
The spirit of the mushroom, on the other hand, cannot really protect you very well, simply because it is not the very purpose of the mushroom consciousness.

If you really want to expand your awareness of the mushroom (instead of moving) then immerse yourself mentally in the mushroom and establish a spiritual contact with it - your consciousness remains with you and will also be able to continue to protect your aura. With trees, everyone automatically does it right, you hug the tree and melt into it, but nobody eats or smokes the tree .. (just like with people ..)

lg from Andreas

48. David wrote on January 21, 2021:

Hello everybody,
My path of spirituality began with heavy cannabis use with the opening of the third eye.
If I had known what I know today almost 6 years ago, I would not have done it. It's like starting a test and grading it even though nothing has been written yet.
However, that was and is my way that I had to go in order to begin to understand.
Of course, this led to the occasional or physical consumption of cannabis over and over again for several years. Always one way or the other ...
I now know that if you don't understand intuition and have no feelings, it can do more harm than help.
Even now that I was rolling someone a joint the little devil came up in my ego he said "pulling once is not bad, you can relax and meditate and continue to grow"
I chose no!
That is also the reason why I am writing the lines here.
My subconscious has known this for a long time, but the conscious understanding of it only develops over time. Sometimes earlier, sometimes later, or never ...
Nevertheless, I have to say that not too long ago I freed my inner child from the shackles of the past on xtc. But that doesn't mean that xtc is good ... The opposite is the case.
I did NOT take xtc and was cured!
It included a lot of details and a lot of preparatory work on myself without drug consumption ... I don't want to go into more detail now because it is simply true depending on the situation and I don't want to encourage anyone to do so. I know it's tempting people I know that feeling but no way! Better not, leave it. !!
I can only say that my ego has suppressed and hurt and kept my inner child down for more than 27 years.
My ego developed stories, methods, alternatives so that I wouldn't find out what is right, who I am, what I can, etc. And suddenly the ego was seen through. The ego felt like it was standing on a market square in front of 100 people and the stark naked, it was ashamed. And my Inner Child was dancing and being seen by a person who can see more. That was how it was saved.
Since then I can feel (understand) and show my emotions for the first time, express them, feel my heart and let them shine like a light switch when I take a deep breath. Show my very sensitive and sensitive nature as a man .. And I especially the ice-cold drug a ...
My ego had turned into the opposite of what I am. (that also has reasons why it does that inform you about it)
However, that does not mean that I am finished now, the journey goes on and on and I learn new things every day.
And most of all, I haven't even taken mind-altered drugs since that experience. And still do not want to.
I'm still a smoker and in stressful situations I notice again and again how my body pulls like a robot at the tip. The understanding is there but the implementation has yet to happen. All power of thought.
It is the same with nutrition. Most of all, sugar is satisfying but is not healthy, not healthy for the body and not healthy for the mind either.
It is addictive. Alternative "sugar" is just as harmful.
I haven't eaten meat for about 5 years.
And I can also say it is addicting and harming your body.
To the doubters: many who say this is nonsense ... If it is so nonsense then do the self-test. Don't eat any sugar or meat for a week. And please no arguments about the minerals and energy and the zinc and protein and blah.
Everything you need to SURVIVE God has already given you naturally and the rest comes from above.
Water and vegetables are enough for life. Nuts, oils, fruit, etc. Everything, of course, everything healthy and everything is not harmful and, above all, it does not make anything dependent.
Eating has become a real national sport, in my opinion it's all just greed.
I also like to eat very much, but definitely consciously and especially less and less.
And I'm grateful for every peanut I can peel.

I think I could write several hundred pages here about knowledge that I have made that serve spirituality.
Spirituality is not a concept to be something.
Spirituality is the way to become conscious of being and today I can say that I am still far away from it but getting closer and closer.
But step by step. And don't skip any more.

Drugs are not good, they are addicting and only serve the ego.
There are exceptions but they are so rare and depending on the situation like 1: 47000000 as in the lotto.

Sorry for the huge text of my view of addiction. I've been addicted for years and can tell you that it's never the way out of this mess. You just walk in more.

Find out about the ego, the subconscious, emotions, control yourself first.
So that you can gradually find out who you are and especially what you can do.

And don't start the other way around because it won't work ...

I also thought it wouldn't do any good ...

I am of course grateful to the author if he has a point where I might be wrong or what he can help me with. I gladly accept criticism.

I wish every single one that he can grow happily and full of love with his consciousness in order to finally understand.

Thank you for reading :)

Love and arivato

49. Cindy wrote on 3/16/2021:

Hi Andreas,

I once had something of paranoia with canabis. I had a visitor in my apartment, which I hadn't been around for that long and then I had in my head that he wanted to harm me. Specifically, it was about the feeling as if he was mixing something into my drink to make me unconscious.

What is this paranoia about?
Did I just imagine it or is there something to this bad feeling that I felt?

I thank you.

50. Andreas wrote on 3/16/2021:

Hello Cindy,
Yes, the thought / feeling was there for real, so it must have come from somewhere, because there is no coincidence. Maybe the thought comes from his aura (and he actually did or planned or thought of something like that at one point) and that's why you perceived him, or something like that happened to you e.g. in a previous life and you have now projected it onto him, or he came to you in a completely different way ..

lg from Andreas

51. The gunk wrote on May 6th, 2021:

Hi guys,

For all of you who read this blog, you have probably had experiences with drugs, good as well as bad, but I think rather bad. I would like to let go of my story here. I find everything with half a Redbull Ecstasy, a feeling of elation overcame me on the summer after graduating from high school at the age of 19. It was the best feeling I had ever experienced. My mind felt free just as if I were where I belong and never want to leave. The first ecstasy pill kick IIMMMMERRRR the hardest. In any case, this was induced in the circle of friends and was operated more frequently in the next few years and also abused excessively. Since you get confirmation through a good feeling, the brain reacts to this stimulus and does this more often, then you still feel cool because you have just blown away such a thick line - vicious circle.
The biggest problem I had with Psychdelika was there I was hospitalized twice, once because I had popped Lad for 10 days in a row, the second time because it wasn't LSD but Angel do or mbome no longer have a clue. Anyway, I was lucky and not suffered any serious psychosis. The adolescent recklessness, I wanted to discover how to be and felt the whole process from ego to transcendence and deity lived through and I also died once. Well what does that tell us?
When we become "God" through heavy drug use (typical god syndrome in psychidelika) we don't know what to do anymore - if you can do everything, what do you do then? : D

I thought I was the Bringer of Light and bring love and enlightenment to people, but in reality I have fed my ego with this noble thought and made it look as if it was a conscious unconditional act.

Now I think very differently, I know that deep down I am such a person but am afraid to show it, I have truly noble intentions but whoever is altruistic is weak in today's society, or at least I believe that society is thinks.

Had Corona not happened, I would certainly have continued in the same way, Corona showed me the way, Corona enlightened me personally.
What I took away from all the drug use is just:
Everything is impermanent.

I think differently now than I thought back then.
I don't smoke anymore, I don't drink much anymore and I smoke a maximum of one puff every 2 weeks.
The way is a healthy life.

I love you guys, thank you for being there

Before commenting, please check whether your question has already been answered in another comment - thank you very much.

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