What are the best murder weapons

10 bizarre murder weapons

What's scary: meeting a guy with a gun in a dark alley or a chubby one-legged woman eating dessert? Instinctively you may run into guns in front of the man, but in reality you have to be more scared of the woman in this scenario as she has at least four deadly weapons at her disposal. Unconvinced? This list of bizarre real-life weapons can make you look at common objects in entirely new ways.

10 breasts

The next time you feel the urge to deal with big bosom first, consider the Donna Lange case.

In January 2013, police were called to a trailer park in Snohomish County, Washington, after residents heard fighting at a neighbor's house. When the police arrived, they found the 192-pound tall man who apparently passed out on his 175-pound friend with his chest completely choking his face. Though some consider death by the chest to be the best way to go, it seems the friend hadn't enjoyed his final moments when witnesses heard him scream for Lange, and investigators discovered tufts of hair in his dead hands.

Lange was charged with second degree murder.

9 guitar

Derrick Birdow's friends and family said he was "out of his mind" when he drove a car into a Baptist church and then beat a pastor to death with an electric guitar that he picked up in the church's music room. Birdow's widow told authorities that he was paranoid, that he had been injected with drugs and that he had tried unsuccessfully to get help from a medical center. Although he was never professionally diagnosed, she believed he was mentally ill.

Of course, no one will know exactly what came to mind when Birdow attacked a popular member of the community with a stringed instrument since he died in a police car on the scene. The officers used a stun gun to hold him back before putting him in the car, but when they looked for him 10 minutes later, they found that he had no pulse.

It turned out that someone (likely the deceased himself) had injected Birdow with drugs because, according to toxicology reports in February 2013, Birdow was high on PCP on the day of the incident. PCP is a hallucinogenic phenomenon known to cause mood disorders, paranoia, hostility, and exercise resilience and invulnerability.

8 corkscrews

When 55-year-old Murat St. Hilaire failed to show up for work and missed his daily call to Carline Renelique (the mother of his children), Renelique became concerned and brought her three children to Hilaire's Prospect Heights, New York apartment. Once there, the 11-year-old daughter found Hilaire in his bedroom. It was in the side of the head with a corkscrew.

According to reports, the young girl ran out in shock and said, “Dad is dead! Dad is dead! Somebody stabbed him! "

This incident occurred in 2008 and it appears that no arrests have taken place. However, there are a few things we can learn from this tragedy: If you want to play it safe, only drink wine from bottles with screw caps and don't let young, formidable children chase down missing people.

7 Xbox 360

In April 2013, police in Fort Lauderdale, Florida (a state that has no shortage of weird crimes) discovered Monica Gooden's body next to a "broken and bloody Xbox 360," which is undoubtedly the Xbox's infamous "red death ring." The killer on the Xbox was her boyfriend Darrius Johnson, and it turns out the peculiar choice of weapon isn't the strangest thing about this story.

Apparently, Johnson said he had to sacrifice her because she was somehow controlling him against his will. Killing someone born under the sign of Taurus was the only way to set their soul free. By the way, Gooden wasn't even a Taurus, so there's no telling who now controls Johnson's soul. He also told the police that she "would not die," and he "fought her like he was fighting a dragon."

Not only did Johnson hit his girlfriend with the Xbox, he kept stabbing her with a knife in a post-mortem ritual. We think the guy was absolutely insane.

6 crucifix

If you are killing someone with a crucifix (no less for Christmas), you must be genuinely convinced in your non-Christian demeanor, or be prepared to risk some lightning strikes. We're not sure which side Karen Walsh from Ireland is on, but the woman was definitely ready to push her luck with the law when she used this religious ornament to kill her 81-year-old neighbor, Maire Rankin. To insult the injury, the soccer mom killer sexually assaulted grandma in order to throw off the police.

The body was discovered by Rankin's family, who were looking for the elderly woman when they couldn't reach her on the phone. She was found naked, injured, and bloody on the bedroom floor with the thorns of the crucifix imprinted on her chin.

Walsh was convicted of murder in 2011 after prosecution alleged she killed Rankin in a drunken rage when the older neighbor admonished Walsh to stop drinking and care for her two-year-old son. Walsh continues to claim she is innocent, saying that she only had a small amount of vodka that day and only went to Rankin to say "Merry Christmas".

5 prosthetic leg

In 2011, Debra Hewitt, a homeless woman from Louisiana, was convicted of injuring her boyfriend with her own leg. Although accused of killing twice (both acquitted) and being far from heaven, Hewitt had found the nickname "Angel" somewhere along the line. Prosecutors immediately turned it into the more appropriate "Angel of Death", which the press also came across.

The "Angel of Death" reportedly stomped on her friend Dwayne Ball, then removed her prosthetic leg and beat him to death while balancing on a good leg. After the pounding, she left Ball dead in Lafayette Parish. The body was found six weeks later.

Hewitt was sentenced to life in prison, so the former homeless killer is now given three seats a day, free health care and a roof over his head. She will teach that.

4 Poisoned vagina

While no one actually died in this case, it's too weird not to mention even trying to murder someone via toxic particles.

And so it went on: After a Brazilian woman's husband refused to get a divorce, she thought the next best option was to get rid of him for good. There were a number of murder weapons she could have chosen and many methods of poisoning (if that was her preferred technique), but amazingly she thought the best plan was to cram a poisonous concoction into her cha-cha and invite her husband oral sex.

The plan failed, however, because when the husband began the act, worried about the strange smell emanating from his wife's private life, he immediately rushed her to the hospital. Ironically, his quick action likely saved his would-be killer, as the woman could just as easily die from the poison.

3 fat

Günther Kaufmann, a famous actor in Germany, claimed to have fallen on a friend and accidentally suffocated him with his strong, 265-pound body. "I just fell on him - I didn't want to kill him," said Kaufmann. "Suddenly he stopped moving."

That claim alone is fishy enough, but the story becomes even more suspicious when you find out that the dead friend was not only a "friend" but also an accountant who loaned Kauffman money - which he had not paid back. The accountant also suffocated from his face taped to the carpet and was not instantly bruised to death (as Kaufmann alluded to). Medical examiners said the process took about five minutes, which, even if accidentally, seemed long enough for Kaufmann to notice he was pushing the life out of his pal.

Surprisingly, a Munich court found the fat actor not guilty of murder, but he gave him 15 years in prison for robbery and extortion with fatal consequences. In an unexpected twist to history, Kaufmann was released from prison in 2005 when police came up with new evidence suggesting that the actor's late wife was the culprit. Authorities believed Kaufmann confessed to the crime of breaking and entering to protect his wife.

(Really, Kaufmann makes 265 look good. Clearly, that's not all fat.)

2 stiletto

Breasts, vaginas, and now stilettos - it seems some women are running killing machines. Unfortunately, Alf Stefan Andersson, a professor at the University of Houston, crossed one of those deadly sirens and got more than 10 holes in his head over a remarkably sharp stiletto shoe. Some of the holes were 1.5 inches deep and all of them were supposedly supplied by Ana Lilia Trujillo, who was found at the blood-spattered crime scene.

Trujillo, a former massage therapist, claimed that Andersson attacked her when they were in his apartment together and that she acted in self-defense. She claimed he got jealous after another man bought her at a club that night, which led to an argument. They continued to fight when they got to his home, and neighbors called the police after hearing the sound of a fight. Of course, the damage had already occurred when the police arrived.

According to a motel manager Trujillo lived in, she had said in the past that her shoe was used as protection and that he would use anyone who "messed up" with her. Apparently she wasn't kidding. Trujillo was arrested in June 2013 and is currently on a $ 100,000 bond.

1 dessert spoon

In case you need even more convincing to convince yourself of pretty much anything, we introduce you to Timothy Magee, a man who got carried away by a mere dessert spoon.

On the day of this particular incident, a man named Richard Clare escaped from a window in a drug rehabilitation center in Hertfordshire, England to collect money that the disabled Magee allegedly owed him. When he couldn't get any money from the man, Clare took Magee's cell phone as part of a heroin deal. It was when Magee went to get his phone back when Clare hit him on the back of the head with the fatal spoon, which ruptured an artery and caused fatal bleeding between Magee's brain and skull (bad luck).

The courts found Clare innocent (for defending himself) and still gave him seven days in prison for stealing the phone. Seven years later, in 2010, Clare was convicted of another murder and sentenced to 27 years in prison. In the second murder, Clare opted for an ax instead of a spoon and buried the victim in a metal box in her garden.