Which US states have militias?

Militia Protests in the USA: Relief and Insecurity

In the USA there are hardly any demonstrators for the “Million Militia March”. The mood in Washington before the inauguration remains tense.

The Capitol is largely cordoned off - but the mood in Washington remains tense. Photo: Erin Scott / Reuters

BERLINtaz | The concern was great among the security authorities in the USA: right-wing extremist militias had already called for pro-Trump demonstrations last Sunday. Not only in Washington DC, but in front of the parliament buildings in all 50 states, they wanted to come together for a "Million Militia March". In the US capital and 17 state capitals, the National Guard had moved to prevent anything that might have looked a little like the January 6th storm of the Capitol.

At the end of Sunday, however, there were no more terrible TV pictures - but a sigh of surprise. Only in five states had demonstrators even appeared in front of the parliament buildings, some of them armed. But there were very few. Five masked gunmen came to Concord, New Hampshire, to express their concern about "government abuse." Twelve members of the far-right Boogaloo Boys showed up in Lansing, Michigan. There was nowhere much more. Nobody showed up in Washington DC at all.

The mood in the capital remained tense. In the days leading up to Joe Biden's public swearing-in as the new president on Wednesday, up to 20,000 National Guardsmen were stationed where an aggressive mob stormed the parliament building on January 6th after a Trump demonstration against “election fraud”. The Capitol, on the stairs of which the grandstand has been erected for many days, on which Biden will take the oath of office, is largely cordoned off.

FBI checks National Guards before inauguration

In the local media, walkers questioned, who had to make their way through police, military and concrete barriers on Sunday, said they were reminded of the weeks after the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001. The police and army presence definitely gives a feeling of security. Though that, said a woman of the Washington Post, Again, it is absurd: “These are the same officers against whom we demonstrated at Black Lives Matter a few months ago. We ran away from them last month - and now we're going to them and say thank you. "

The trust of the authorities themselves in the armed forces has apparently been shaken by the events of January 6th. After it turned out that members of the military and police were also involved in the storming of the Capitol, the FBI is currently investigating all approximately 25,000 National Guardsmen who are to be brought into position in Washington for the inauguration on Wednesday. Together with the Pentagon, they take a closer look at those emergency services that are to be deployed in the immediate vicinity of the induction ceremony.

In any case, this inauguration will not be a big party like usual. Because of the corona pandemic, there won't be an audience of millions or the traditional parade on Pennsylvania Avenue.