Why are emails always sent as spam?

Why do my emails end up in spam?

Do you know that? Are you writing an important email and getting no answer? Your email has probably ended up in the recipient's spam folder. That is the death of any newsletter campaign, and in many other cases it is annoying too. Here you can find out what you should pay attention to when composing e-mails so that they are not marked as spam.

Dingelstädt, October 12, 2019 - E-mails have become an integral part of everyday business life today. They enable quick and easy communication with customers and business partners, even over long distances. In contrast to the telephone, they are also suitable for sending files. This makes them perfect for a wide variety of uses, such as online advertising. However, all of these advantages are irrelevant if the emails do not even reach the recipient. In the following lines, you can read what you should pay attention to to prevent that from happening.

This is what you should pay attention to

  1. approval
  2. Serious return address
  3. Formulate carefully
  4. Appendices and illustrations
  5. Legal terms
  6. Remove return addresses from the list


As an entrepreneur, you should make sure that you only send emails to someone if they have given you their consent. A common method that has become established in marketing is the so-called Opt-in procedure, in which the recipients have to confirm their consent again, for example via a link in a confirmation email that has been sent.

Serious return address

Make sure you have a reputable return address to use. Word and name combinations that include the term newsletter in the address, for example, have proven to be particularly effective.

You should refrain from addresses with strange strings of numbers and letters.

Good: [email protected]

Bad: [email protected]

Formulate carefully

When composing the mail, there is also a careful formulation important.

In the subject in particular, you should choose a serious title that reflects the subject of the mail. Empty subject lines and those that contain words such as “win”, “super special offer” or the like usually lead to marking as spam.

Incidentally, modern filters also screen the text content of the mail. So you should go there too Stimulus words dispense

If you are writing to a new customer, you can use these tips as a guide for designing a cover letter to acquire new customers.

Appendices and illustrations

Attachments are also often used to identify an email as spam. It is important to refer to the correct attachments. In particular that PDF file has meanwhile established itself in mail traffic. In general, you shouldn't send attachments that are too large. The attachment should not be more than 5 MB in size, preferably even smaller.

Also, business owners should check their emails not in HTML format, but rather represent them in plain text format. The former is often a sign of spam mail.

Legal terms

It is best to point out that every mail recipient is receiving the Cancel emails can. The simplest method is to include a link at the end of the email through which the cancellation can be made.

Remove return addresses from the list

Should entrepreneurs regularly send to the same addresses and get returnsthat cannot be delivered, these addresses should be deleted from the inventory. The more returns entrepreneurs receive, the greater the risk that the entrepreneur will be classified as a spammer. The mails should only be sent via a seriousMail server, which can be found on a whitelist.

Note: Mails are an important part of online advertising. But they are far from the only tool of choice when it comes to modern marketing. In the founder's checklist you can find out what else you need to know about online advertising.

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