Why did WhatsApp banned people

WhatsApp: Account blocking is imminent! You should never break these nine rules

Anyone who uses WhatsApp must also observe the rules of the messenger. Otherwise there is a risk of the account being blocked. WhatsApp warns of this in its usage guidelines. Don't break these rules.

Over 1.5 billion people worldwide chat via WhatsApp, including over 30 million Germans. Every day, users exchange billions of messages with one another. It is not unlikely that this will include insults. Many fake messages are also spread via the messenger.

What many users do not know: Anyone who sends such messages or insults other users is violating WhatsApp guidelines. The result: In the worst case, WhatsApp will block the phone number. To avoid this, you should never break the following rules:

1. Insult other users

WhatsApp prohibits its users from insulting, threatening, harassing or making racist or "ethnically objectionable" statements against other users, among other things.

2. Calling on other users to violence

Users are also not allowed to encourage or incite illegal or "otherwise inappropriate" behavior. This also includes the glorification of violent crimes.

3. Spread fake news

Anyone who spreads "falsehoods, misrepresentations or misleading statements" could also be banned.

4. Send spam messages

WhatsApp users are not allowed to distribute "messages like bulk messages". "Auto-messaging" or "auto-dialing" are also prohibited. This means messages or calls that are written in advance and sent at a specified time, as for example advertising companies do. Exception: WhatsApp has approved the process.

5. Impersonate someone else

Unlike Facebook, WhatsApp does not force users to use real names. So you can use a nickname. But it is forbidden to assume the identity of another person and to spread nonsense or joke on their behalf.

6. Spread malware via WhatsApp

The messenger can also be used to send documents and files from the computer. This, of course, carries the risk of bad guys launching a virus. But something like that will be punished immediately.

7. Hack WhatsApp or manipulate the code

WhatsApp users should feel safe. That is why the service offers end-to-end encryption. Anyone who tamperes with the code and tries to hack the app will be kicked out.

8. Spy on other users

WhatsApp means that you can not "get information from our (Users, ed.) or about our users in any inadmissible or unauthorized manner.

9. Change phone number too often

If you use two SIM cards in your smartphone, you have to choose a phone number on WhatsApp. Because those who constantly change the number can be "excluded from the verification process at some point".

How to report users

Of course, an account lock only threatens if WhatsApp is also aware of the rule violation. Users have the option to report accounts. It works like this:

  1. When chatting with a user, click the three dots at the top right of the screen.
  2. Choose "More"and click"Report".
  3. In the next window you have to confirm that you want to report the user.

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