How much do braces cost

Costs for braces and what the health insurance pays

Assumption of costs by the health insurance company: An example

A 10 year old child needs fixed braces. Of course, this should be as inconspicuous as possible, preferably the color of the teeth. The health insurance company only covers the costs for the brace from KIG level 3. Tooth-colored brackets, which usually cost between 500 and 1,000 euros, are not covered by the health insurance company.

Due to the fixed braces, oral hygiene requires more effort. It is true that statutory health insurance pays all children and adolescents (even without braces) the cost of so-called individual prophylaxis, which includes cleaning and polishing the teeth in order to reduce the risk of tooth decay. However, this is often not enough for children with fixed braces. Therefore, the orthodontist or dentist has to carry out regular professional tooth cleaning. This creates additional costs that parents have to pay themselves.

After four years with fixed braces, the health insurance company pays for loose braces so that the teeth can be kept in their new position. The removable braces are of course unpopular with children and adolescents for aesthetic reasons, as they are easy to see on the teeth.

The alternative to loose braces is a fixed retainer. This is a small holding wire that is attached directly behind the teeth, is barely visible and more practical to use than loose braces. Retainers cost around 250 euros and are also not covered by health insurance.

A tip: ARAG supplementary dental insurance covers up to 90% of your own contribution, for example for tooth-colored brackets or retainers.