Can my PC run these games well?

Find out the system requirements of PC games online

Before you buy PC games, you should first find out the system requirements of the games. You can also do this online. We will show you where to find the requirements and how you can test your computer for gaming suitability.

Can you run it? - Check the system requirements of games online

  1. First, open the website.
  2. Enter the game whose requirements you want to check in the search bar above and click on the "Can You Run It" button on the right.
  3. Now you can choose between two options: Either you download the program to check it and install it (desktop app) or you can only display the requirements (View Requirements).
  4. Note: If you use the Google Chrome browser, you will only see these two options. With Firefox you also have access to the option "Automatic Detection" which reads your hardware via the browser.

Option 1: View Requirements

If you have selected the item "View Requirements", you will see the system requirements of the game.

  • At the top you can switch between the "Minimum" and "Recommended" tabs. Here you can see the minimum requirements and the recommended performance.
  • Information is given on the type of CPU and its speed, the size of the main memory (RAM), the operating system (OS), the graphics card (video card), the DirectX version, the presence of a sound card, the free memory space and the CD-ROM -Drive.
  • If you are not very familiar with your system or the information, you can start a check using the "Desktop App" option in the previous step. Read on in the next paragraph.

Option 2: Automatic Detection

This option is no longer available in Google Chrome, only in the Firefox browser. Your hardware is read out directly via the browser.

  • If you select the option, you have to confirm access to Java. This process can take a few seconds.
  • If you receive an error message, Java is not installed on your PC or it is out of date. Download the latest Java version here.
  • Your hardware specifications are then displayed on the website and compared with the required ones.

Option 3: desktop app

If you do not want to compare the values ​​manually, you can do this using the "Desktop App" option from the first step. For this purpose, software is installed on your PC.

  1. If you have selected the option, a download will start automatically. Open the file and follow the installation steps.
  2. After the installation, the tool starts by itself and first scans the hardware of your computer.
  3. Then open the browser again and select the game you want. Your hardware specifications are compared directly with the information.

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