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How long can I travel at least and at most?

That's a good question! And there is a really good answer to that: As long as you want! Depending on how much time you want to spend, you can, for example, do small but important work as an animal rights activist in an elephant protection project in Thailand for a week. Or you do a two-week language course in England, Ireland, Cape Town, Vancouver, Toronto, ... and then travel to a charitable aid project or to your chosen internship. Even longer ones Stays abroad of several years or traveling through several countries in a row is entirely possible. We can easily determine possible combinations through our experience and make great suggestions. We are familiar with the visa regulations and support you with the application.

Am I too young or too old for what I want?

Youth travel, time off from work and stays abroad for senior citizens place different demands on preparation, travel time and accommodation. From more than ten years of experience in special and active travel brokerage, we know which one Regions, Tasks and adventures from a legal point of view (Entry and residence regulations) but also from the physical exertion and what is available budget and Timeframe for different Age groups are most suitable. Let us accompany you in the planning, during and after your stay abroad and benefit from the bundled knowledge from many thousands of individual trips per year: +49 (0) 89 / 286751-0.

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Which accommodations for which type of travel?

"Where do I live, what does it cost and where do I make compromises?" Clearly, with the above-mentioned types of travel, there is not always the 3 or 4 star hotel in the center where the cleaning of the sanitary facilities, vacuuming, cleaning and ventilation is done by the staff.

  • Hostel

    In the youth travel sector it is well known that travelers want to keep costs down. (Youth) hostels are inexpensive accommodations in which the overnight guests share a room. The rooms have 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10 or even more beds and bunk beds, sometimes Spartan lockers, sometimes just clothes rails. Those who are very active during their stay abroad do not need luxury either, they only come back to the (youth) hostel to sleep. In the morning and in the evening you mainly meet travelers with small luggage, often backpackers who have a lot to tell. The average age is more likely under 30 than over.

  • host family

    For longer stays abroad and especially for those that you start learning a foreign language, it is worth thinking about living with a host family.

    One usually takes part in family life and so far away from the official regulations speaks the colloquial language of the population. You also get to know the usual dishes very well, provided that the host family cooks traditionally from time to time. Accommodation with a host family is compulsory in some countries if minors traveling alone want to stay longer in the country.

  • Internship world houses

    As the specialist for stays abroad, we know the added value of traveling together. This also includes living, cooking and living together. We therefore run several houses for our participants in Ghana, Mexico, South Africa, Zanzibar, Thailand, Peru and Costa Rica. Some houses are on the beach, others in a city. The apartments are two-bed rooms, four-bed rooms and 5-bed rooms with kitchens, bathrooms and great lounges. Some internship homes have a pool or large terraces and gardens.

  • Couchsurfing, AirBnb, 9Flats, Wimdu

    There are also very cheap or even free housing options if you ask local private individuals to be allowed to stay with them. Couchsurfing, where you sleep on a host's couch, is very popular. There are some internet platforms for this, on which hosts can present their sleeping places and travelers who like to travel can send inquiries. If you find yourself personable and trustworthy, you can move into the couch or guest bed of a local in exchange for good stories or light housework and get to know the country and people very quickly through an “insider”. Example:

    AirBnb, 9Flats and Wimdu are web portals through which private individuals can temporarily rent unoccupied apartments. If the actual owner or tenant travels, he can offer his apartment there in order to obtain a small sublet. At the same time, travelers could take care of pets and plants during this time, ventilate them and refill the refrigerator for those returning home afterwards.

Better to be safe than sorry, even if you don't like to think about what might happen. Through our own travel experience, reports from the Foreign Office and our on-site teams, as well as from the reports of our thousands of participants, we think of a lot of eventualities when preparing your travel and can answer questions about the Travel insurance to advise. This includes suggestions for the first-aid kit, advice on vaccination protection and recommended travel insurance.

  • Travel insurance

    We generally recommend these travel insurances:

    • International travel health insurance
    • Liability insurance
    • Emergency and accident insurance
    • Luggage insurance

    Many young people are also insured with their legal guardians when it comes to liability. It is important to check this and also to clarify whether the cases covered are sufficient for the planned stay abroad. It is usually worth taking out extra key loss insurance, as replacing a locking system can be really expensive.

  • Foreign health insurance

    Many statutory health insurance companies have one Foreign health insurance already included in the standard tariffs. For a long-term stay abroad, however, you might have to organize additional insurance.
    Travel insurance

Are you really looking forward to your stay abroad? Are you well prepared or will you get advice from our hotline afterwards? Together we will be happy to clarify with you Financing your trip. What kind of costs can arise?

  • Flight tickets for return flights, accommodation (hotel, hostel, host family, holiday home, apartment, ...)
  • Meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, restaurant, shopping in the supermarket, ..)
  • Sightseeing costs (entrance fees, guided tours, sightseeing tours, safaris, day trips, ...)
  • Means of transport on site (taxi, public transport such as bus, rental bike, tuktuk, ferry, train, ...)
  • Souvenirs (photos, postcards, souvenirs, ...)
  • Daily necessities (hygiene articles, detergents, money for the washing machine, make-up, ...)
  • Shopping (broken umbrella, chic dress, good rubber boots, ...)

If you are planning your stay abroad with an organization, fees will also apply for their placement. our prices You can find internships, language travel offers and "Work & Travel" routes on the individual project pages, as well as in the catalog and, of course, by request. Surely you want to know what the fees for attack. In the case of volunteer work, almost 70 percent go directly to the target country, where jobs have been created for locals through the programs. What happens to the other 30 percent, we break down for you here: Why pay for organization?

How do I finance my trip?

Traveling is an expensive hobby. In the case of longer trips, the accommodation is the most important factor. If you travel to more distant countries, the flight costs are very high. Aside from looting the savings account, there are also subsidies for foreign travelers.

  • Foreign BAföG

    Auslands-BAföG entitlement to payments according to the Auslands-BAföG is usually if you are also entitled to the BAföG that is usual in Germany. However, a claim can also be made if you do not receive a domestic BAföG. More about this here: BAföG abroad

  • Travel grant

    A great way to go abroad for free are scholarships or travel grants. Many well-known companies such as Google, GlaxoSmithKline, Schwarzkopf, but also universities, state governments and foundations are sponsors of travel grants. Every year we at Praktikawelten, together with our partners, select several scholarship holders, who are then organized for a wide variety of stays abroad. Apply to us here: International travel grants

We have put together all the other important information for you on our detailed page on the topic of financing stays abroad: Tax refund; Tips on how to save money while traveling; Saving tips before the trip and other points of contact for financial support.