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Posted by melva on 01/24/2005 at 5:54 pm:


Yes, the Dementors are definitely a great threat!
And I do hope that Rowling lets them really come into their own in books 6 and 7!
Who knows what other creatures Voldi has now drawn to his side? Giants, water people, vampires .... ??
Yes, there are (hopefully) really dark times ahead of our magicians!

Posted by HermineG. on January 24th, 2005 at 6:02 pm:


I also think the Dementors are in great danger.
Especially because they make you go through the worst of your life all over again.
I think DD is doing everything possible to contain Voldemord's power, but it is not easy.

Posted by Phoenix Warrior on January 24th, 2005 at 7:20 pm:


How many Dementors are there actually, roughly?

Regardless of the question, a team of, say, four Dementors would make an excellent raid team. Voldemort could strike with them in many places at the same time, a very frightening thought, for the minority of wizards are well trained in the Patronus spell to use without much warning.

Besides, the Patronus only drives out the Dementors, or can an extremely strong Patronus even have a devastating effect? If not, the Order of the Phoenix needs something better to counter this threat anyway, such as a spell that destroys or subdues Dementors.

Yes, a serious problem and unfortunately not the only one.

Posted by GinnyWeasley on 01/24/2005 at 8:11 PM:


The Dementors pose a threat not only to the wizards who are not on Voldemort's side, but also to the non-magical Muggles. Regardless of whether their opponent can perform magic or not, a Dementor will attack anyone who comes within range - the best example of this is Dudley in Volume 5. Umbridge had the two Dementors only targeting Harry, but they are also hunting done on Dudley. No matter which person the two Dementors met on their way to Harry, they would not have hesitated long and took what they wanted.
I think the hope for the wizarding world is that the Dementors will be just as uncontrollable under Voldemort. Sure, Vodlemort will give them more power and freedom, but if he thinks he can control them completely he is very wrong. They will stand by him to a point, but if they find they are better off without Voldemort and his instructions, they will stop listening. What could he do about her?
Dumbledore identified the problem with the Dementors early on: they are simply beyond control. Not from the Ministry, and not from Voldemort either. At first he may be able to offer them more than the Ministry can offer them, but once they enjoy freedom, Voldemort will not be very pleased to have given them so much freedom in the first place.
The Dementors are a danger to absolutely everyone, not just the Order members, not just ordinary people and Muggles, but Voldemort and his followers as well.

Posted by Arminius on January 24th, 2005 at 10:57 pm:


Written by Aurora on January 25th, 2005 at 11:25 am:

  RE: yeah


No botch!

I would also be interested in that question.
If you can really only drive out Dementors but not destroy them, and if only a relatively small number of wizards and of course no Muggles have mastered this "drive away", then I wonder what makes the Dementors at all to ally themselves with any side.

It is said that the Dementors liked to be on guard in Azkaban because they had "soul fodder," so to speak, that could not escape them so easily. Well that's an argument.
Voldemort could possibly give them even more "fodder" and even fewer restrictions on who to tap or kiss, but how is he going to get them to spare his pureblood allies?
The Dementors have no conscience or anything. You cannot argue with them unless you have some leverage against them. Just what could that be?

Posted by Neskaya on January 25th, 2005 at 13:02:


Either there is leverage or a spell stronger than the Patronus that really hurts or even kills the Dementors. And if anyone can really control these creatures, it's probably Voldi. Although I'm really not sure to what extent they can be controlled.

At the end of Volume 5, someone (Hermione, I believe) mentions an article in the Daily Prophet about how to protect / defend against dementors. And I got the impression that the wizarding world is indeed aware of this threat.

JKR once said we will find out what Dudley saw / heard when the Dementors attacked him. So we will definitely read more of them.

Posted by Nightrunner on January 25th, 2005 at 13:05:


Yes, yes the Dementors are fascinating beings. I am also very interested in this topic. But consider one thing. Our dear Jo has not yet answered all of the questions about dementors.

For one thing, there is the question of how Dementors communicate with wizards? We've discussed this before. Sure, as an adult, you can quickly conjure up a full Patronus, but what does that look like when you're influenced by a Dementor in the middle of an attack.

At the end of Book 5, if I'm not very mistaken, the Daily Prophet said ways to keep Dementors off your neck. There seems to be something else besides the Patronus, albeit less effective.

As you saw in Volume 3, with a good Patronus you can drive away a lot of Dementors. Harry's Patronus fought back about a thousand of them, or so it said in the book.

In any case, the Dementors are not easy to control. We'll see if Voldemort can control and use them so much better than the Ministry.

Posted by LadyOfThePensieve on 25.01.2005 at 14:14:


Info! where did Jos Dementors come from?

On the additional DVD (Special / Extras) Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Jo tells that the origin of the Dementors is a childhood nightmare.

She once dreamed of these veiled, gruesome creatures.

Addition: In psychological terms, this means that Jos Irrwicht would also take the form of a dementor. The Dementors spring from their worst nightmares, they are their "Freddy Krueger".


Posted by Fate on January 25th, 2005 at 7:08 pm:


At first it is not easy to characterize dementore and we actually brew that in order to know your 'goals'. But here are some questions that bring us closer:

there are male and female dementors and then they reproduce please don't get this wrong; no, I'm not a pervert either )

i mean: all beings in this world have to reproduce for better or worse, right? magical beings too, exceptions are ghosts.
But, ghosts don't just fall from the sky either! They are the 'prints' of magicians. Let's say demented people are also something like this (we are now in agreement that demented babies CANNOT make babies, OK?)

so: are dementia also 'prints'?
maybe from evil wizards?

so, now it's your turn again, because I don't feel like it anymore!

Posted by Liasan on January 25th, 2005 at 8:26 pm:



I guess I can let my imagination run wild? ..

I can imagine that dementors cannot reproduce normally, and that their origins are as mysterious as that of other magical beings. But if the Dementors had to reproduce differently, I can imagine that they are the embodiment of hatred and all kinds of evil energies ... or something ... I can't imagine anything more precise, just that maybe in one place where a lot of suffering, hatred and anger can grow, a dementor arises who can live through the positive thoughts, such a balance so to speak ... or so ... confused?

Do you remember the Death Eaters in Azkaban who were liberated halfway in their minds? You didn't die and you didn't lose your mind, did you? So the wandless Death Eaters are still powerful enough not to be sucked out by the Dementors, just like Sirius. Then imagine how powerful they are when they are free walking around with their wand ?! And then there's the strongest of them all, Voldi ... The Death Eaters, with or without a Patronus, are powerful enough to keep the Dementors at bay ... anyway, who said that no other spell against the Dementors works but the Patronus? There are forbidden curses, and because they are forbidden nobody would think of using them, would they? not even against the Dementors .. I would say .. o.o

Also, I read that Harry had chased away about 100 Dementors ... did I misread and it was 1000? O.o '' weird ..

But how did the Ministry keep the Dementors at bay ... they allowed them to steal their memories from the prisoners, but no Dementor has dared kiss them ... has they? ... I mean so without arrangement

Then how a wizard can talk to Dementors normally ... I guess if a Dementor knows what memories to suck up, then they might know what's going on, right? Something like telepathy? Also, a Dementor is only a threat if he finds a victim to get in his way, I think a Ministry wizard then makes a lot more impression on a Dementor in terms of skills ...

But what if you now associate the Dementors with that? I mean, they'd fit in perfectly, wouldn't they? Apart from the fact that they are probably not so easily held captive as brains ... What if their origin and reproduction actually come from the Department of Mysteries and the Ministry people have studied the Dementors to the point where they have used them, such as Wä right in Azkaban? Of course there is always a catch somewhere, but what do you think of the idea? ..

Posted by Frank Diggel on January 25th, 2005 at 8:51 pm:


I could imagine occlumency helping.
if you shield your mind from the outside, then dementors cannot suck out happy thoughts from you.
snape and dumbledore, who both know occlumency, are probably immune to dementia. and i think harry could get immune once he masters occlumency.
but of course that only applies to a few spells.

I think it will help:
1. take on his animagus form
2. Occlumency
3. patronus magic
unfortunately all things that no average magician has mastered.

with which voldemort probably feeds his demented people. beforehand they had the prisoners in askaban. but now. are you plundering through muggle areas?

Written by Du Ankou on January 25th, 2005 at 9:31 pm:


Mystery - Dementors.
Where would they be kept?
But surely behind a door that is specially secured.
Or is it more like the means you need to make Dementors compliant?
Voldemort wanted what's behind the door too.
And now the Dementors are following him.
The Ministry had them - more or less - under control, they even "worked" specifically on instructions, as with Umbridge. They must have had a way.
Love greetings

Posted by The Dark Lady on January 25th, 2005 at 10:14 pm:


Honestly, these characters really scare me, far more than any of the Death Eaters put together. They can only destroy the body (maybe also the mind), but the Dementors can testify souls - just horrible! If this was a nightmare, it could be mine. My bogus would be a dementor too. Get rid of these creatures!

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