How much are talk show hosts paid

Do politicians on talk shows receive a fee for their appearance?

Hello all experts and non-experts who want to help!

I am a BA student and earn € 440 gross monthly with my practice partner. I do not pay wage tax, but pay the social security contributions. (Contract A1) Tax class 1

Since my practice partner is a group of companies, I still have a contract with him for part-time employment. However, I do not work regularly, but when required with an hourly wage of € 8.50. I earn a maximum of € 120 every three months. (Contract A2). It is unlikely to exceed the limit of € 450 / month in this case, so I generally need advice about fees.

I also work on a fee basis as an English tutor. I know that if I don't want to pay the tax, I can't exceed the limit of € 2,400 per year. (Contract B1)

Question 1: Do I always have to declare my tax return due to my fee work (Contract B1) submit?

Question 2: Does part-time employment count towards general income and tax-free allowance in the amount of 8652 € / year? (Contract A2)

3rd question: What if I exceeded the limit of € 2,400? Will there also be any changes in terms of socially liable taxes on my first earnings (Contract A1)?

Question 4: If I am on my main income (Contract A1) earn € 5280 (€ 440 gross x 12 months) annually, can I earn an additional € 3372 tax-free?

5th question: Can the excess of 2400 € limit fee be included in this 3372 €?

Question 6: What income tax should I expect if I earn more than € 8652 a year? Is there a percentage to calculate that and to know beforehand whether all the effort is worth it?

7th question: What else do I have to consider if I exceed the limit of € 2,400 per year?

8th question: What else do I have to consider if I exceed the tax-free amount limit?

I would be very grateful for any help! I care a lot about the solid answer!

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