How much does Nitro Discord cost

What is Discord Nitro and is it worth paying for?

Discord Nitro is a way for power users in the most popular gaming chat app to overload their experiences. Find out if you can make better use of the free level or if the paid service is worth it.

What is Discord Nitro?

Discord Nitro is the premium subscription to the world's most popular chat service. It provides global access to custom emojis from all of the channels you're a member of, a custom Discord license plate, animated avatars, and server reinforcements for your favorite groups.

It comes in two flavors: Nitro ($ 9.99 per month) and Nitro Classic ($ 4.99 per month). There are also significant discounts for year-round subscriptions: Nitro is $ 99.99 per year and Nitro Classic is $ 49.99 per year.

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Paid Disagreement versus Free Disagreement

The free version of Discord has all the features you need to talk to your teammates, join channels, and start your own server. However, Nitro has the following additional benefits that can enhance your Discord experience:

Global emoji: Most Discord servers have custom emojis created by the community or the server owner. These can usually only be used on the servers on which they were created. With Nitro, users can use any emoji they have in their library on any server.

Improved go live streaming: Go-Live is a feature that allows you to stream your game to a small group of people. You can stream up to 720p at 30 FPS at a free level, up to 1080p at 60 FPS on Classic, or in source quality on Nitro.

Custom Discord Tag: Each Discord username is followed by a random four-digit number. With Nitro you can change this number however you want, as long as this combination of name and number is not used.

Share screen: You can share your screen with your friends at up to 1080p at 30 FPS or 720p at 60 FPS.

Increased upload limit: At the free tier, you can only upload files up to 8MB, but Nitro Classic and Nitro subscribers can upload files up to 50MB and 100MB, respectively.

Animated avatars: Paid subscribers can use an animated GIF as an avatar instead of a static image.

All subscribers will also receive a small tag next to their username indicating that they are a Nitro user.

Nitro, Nitro Classic and Server Boosts

Aside from high quality streaming and file size restrictions, the biggest difference between the two subscription levels is in Nitro's two server enhancements, which typically cost $ 4.99 per month. The Classic level has no boosts. However, both levels receive a 30 percent discount on the increase.

While a Discord server is free to build and run, server upgrades can offer some benefits to servers that you own or visit frequently. There are paid tiers for servers that members can contribute. Every server on Discord has a tier that gives it a number of benefits, and each of those tier corresponds to Boosts. For example, to bring a server to level 1, 2 boosts are required, level 2 requires 15 server boosts and level 3 requires 30 boosts.

Here are the benefits of raising a Discord server level:

Additional community emoji sites (up to 250) Better voice quality for voice channels Improved video quality for go live streams Increased upload limit for everyone on the server Custom server url and banners

For owners with active servers, Discord Nitro is sufficient to give their server Level 1. Owners also have access to the “Buy Level” feature which allows them to directly purchase the number of Boosts required to reach the next level. Server upgrades are also beneficial for businesses using Discord for workplace communications.

For members, boosts are a great way to show your support for a community in which you are active. This is especially useful when you are involved in a smaller, community-driven server.

Is nitro worth it?

If you're just casually using Discord to chat with your friends while playing or join group discussions, you probably don't need Nitro's power features.

However, if you use Discord every day and there are dozens of servers around, you can get the most out of Nitro's global emoji system, improved Go Live streaming, and increased file size limitation. You can get Nitro Classic even if you don't plan to expand a server.

If you're a creator or community leader who owns a server, Nitro is definitely worth it. The price for two servers adds a monthly Nitro subscription to the cost, without the additional benefits and a 30 percent discount on future boosts.

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