Virginity can be lost through injections

We asked porn stars how they lost their virginity

While educators and conservatives are racking their brains over what can be expected of children in sex education, many children get their sex education online anyway.

While the teacher talks about how to respectfully treat the precious gift of sexuality, the students can watch a MILF bukkake video on their mobile phones under the table.

And they do it too: a few years ago, 50 percent of 13-year-old boys in Germany had contact with pornography, with 15-year-olds it was already 85 percent (with girls the numbers are initially significantly lower, but at 16 they also have 63 percent have seen porn at least once). That means: porn plays an important role in how young people perceive sexuality.

The problem: while adults know that real sex doesn't have too much to do with sex in porn, kids aren't that easy to place it yet. Last year, a Danish sex education professor even called for porn to be shown in class — in order to educate the children to be "critical consumers".

But even if porn doesn't always represent reality, the performers are real people. People who also had their real first time at some point. And just like most people, these pornstars' first sexual experiences were absolutely not glamorous. They range from embarrassing or kind of boring to physically injurious and really gruesome — and thus cover the entire spectrum of real life. Pornstars have told us about their first time and how big the differences are between real sex and sex in front of the camera.

VICE: How many years did you first have sex?
Aaron Van Damage: When I was 15. I was at a metal concert in a youth club in Kassel, when a 25-year-old girl towed me away. I was so tipsy that I could barely walk. When we finally got to her home, everything happened so quickly.

Did you have sex right away?
Yes, it felt like you closed your eyes, opened your eyes - and we were naked. She sat on me dryly. When it really got down to business, it hurt and burned for a moment. I still had fun and was happy with my performance.

How long did your first time take?
I held out for almost 15 minutes. After that I was unsure because my cock felt so slippery. There was no light in the room either, so at first I didn't understand why everything around me was so damp. Until I finally noticed that her ass, wall, and floor were red. At first I thought she had gotten her period. But the blood came from my tail.

Ouch! Why did your cock bleed?
At first I didn't even think about it. I was so keen on her that I just washed off the blood. Then we had sex again. The second time everything was fine, but the third time I got dizzy. The girl didn't really care about my unstable condition. She slept while I was half bleeding to death. When I was sober again and at home, I noticed that my penis ligament broke the first time.

Was your second time painful too?
No, on the contrary. Half a year later I had my "real" first time. I was freshly in love and totally crazy about my girlfriend at the time. When we first slept together, I was so excited that the sex didn't last more than three minutes. I think this is how the first time can go smoothly - briefly and with someone you love.

VICE: Do you like to remember your first time?
Violet Porn: I think the first sex is either shit, embarrassing, or good. Looking back, I would say: my first time sucked. I was only 12.

How did that happen?
It was a difficult time. I went to adolescent psychiatry, and that's where I met my boyfriend at the time. We'd been together for eight months, but our first time wasn't planned. So I didn't even know what to expect. My ex-boyfriend was no longer a virgin. So I found it all the more strange that he kept pushing me out of bed while I was birding. My spine was really hurting. It wasn't fun at all.

How did your relationship go on?
Unfortunately it got worse. He never got in touch with me after sex, he left me for someone else. If I could turn back time, I would punch this asshole.

Do you have better sex as a porn star?
I've been working in the porn industry for three years now, but it hasn't automatically improved my sex life. It took many years before I knew what I was into, what I enjoy in bed. And besides, everyone defines "good sex" differently. Maybe in ten years time I'll be wondering how I could be satisfied with my sex life today.

VICE: When did you have your first time?
Jason Steel: On New Year's Eve 96/97. I was 14. Friends threw a party at their home. I made out with a girl all evening, her name was Christine. Unfortunately, she went home pretty early. Then another girl, Jenny, asked me if I could lend her my lips too. I, quite the gentleman, did that of course. When Christine suddenly appeared again and was totally shocked.

That sounds like drama.
I don't know where the courage came from, but I said there could be three of us kissing. We even did that. Christine didn't like it, she ran away. So I made my way to my home with Jenny. My mother opened the door for us and was horrified. She didn't let me into the apartment with the girl by my side.

What happened then?
At that time we lived in an eighteen-story skyscraper. On some floor she gave me a blow job, put a rubber band on, and then rode me. I came after ten minutes. After that we really panicked because the condom broke. In the end everything went well, I didn't get her pregnant the first time.

Do you think young people have different sex today because they grew up watching porn?
In my youth, bubbles were frowned upon, and splashing in the face was a taboo. Nowadays this is the absolute standard, even among young people. I've been working in the sex industry for 16 years, during which time porn has also gotten much more extreme. And they completely falsify reality.

In what way?
The male performers all have permanent stands — let's not kid ourselves, no one has a stand for more than 45 minutes. In the past, sagging penises were also shown in porn, today the guys open their pants and their boner pops out. And the switch from vaginal to anal sex in porn does not correspond to reality either, it is not that easy. A woman has to be loose, stretch, or the guy can hurt her. As a consumer, you should consider whether you can do justice to all of this and the answer should be: "No". Otherwise, porn dulls you.

VICE: How did you lose your virginity?
Freddy Gong: I grew up in England and went to boarding school there. One evening a classmate took me by the hand, took me to the girls' dormitory, and that's when I had sex with her for the first time.

How old were you?
I was 16 then, but I don't even remember how old she was. But I still remember well that she moaned really very loudly. So loud that we were caught by a guard.

So was there stress?
No, luckily we were only admonished. I found it all so exciting. Back in boarding school, I had sex in the dining room, in the library, always with other girls. But I was only caught once.

Samy Fox, didn't want to tell us her age

VICE: Tell us about your first sex.
Samy Fox: I was 16 and I was into a guy from the neighborhood. One evening his parents weren't there, then we had sex in his room. He was upstairs, I was downstairs - it was pretty unspectacular. I much prefer to tell people the story of my second time.

Us too, please.
We didn't want our parents to know that we were already having sex, so we always secretly had sex with each other. And to be on the safe side, we went to the cellar the second time. There was an old wooden folding chair on which the guy sat completely naked. When I tried to sit on his lap, the chair collapsed and we were lying naked on the cold cellar floor. We laughed about it for minutes and then couldn't go on.

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