Which is the most gun-friendly state

Gunfight in Virginia killed and injured

On Thursday afternoon (local time) in Richmond, Virginia, the emergency services were rehearsing the enforcement of the drug ban at a bus station for the Greyhound intercity buses when they were suddenly shot at. According to police, a man opened fire on the officers and seriously injured one of the troopers. The 37-year-old was rushed to hospital, but doctors couldn't save his life.

The attacker was also hit in the exchange of fire and succumbed to his injuries in the hospital. According to the police, there is still no information about his motives.

Two women who were in the bus station at the time of the incident suffered minor injuries. Witnesses told NBC that there were at least ten gunshots they heard.

Home of the gun lobby

The Greyhound bus company has closed the terminal, which has been cordoned off by the police, until further notice and has promised the police full cooperation. The company announced on its website that the investigators will be given the recordings of the surveillance cameras.

The gun laws in the US state of Virginia are comparatively lax and there are repeated rampages here, as in 2007 at Virginia Tech University. At that time, 32 people died and 29 others were injured.

Virginia is also home to the powerful National Rifle Association. The US gun lobby is vigorously fighting for the right of Americans to carry a gun. US President Barack Obama has already failed several times in attempts to tighten gun laws in the United States.

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