How does the fashion industry make money

Make money with fashion

We've often suggested the craziest things to invest in. Today we're going to go one step further: we'll show you how you can make money with fashion

Next time you're sorting out your closet, think twice before throwing anything away. Because real treasures can be hidden under the old things. But also as a long-term investment, an investment in a piece of costume jewelery can really be worthwhile. Whether handbags, clothes or shoes - on the secondary market, many pieces have real collector's value. We'll show you a few examples of how to make money in fashion.

What's up

Own a pair of the Jordan 1 Retro High Off-White University Blue? Then you can be happy: For the shoes, which you could buy for 170 euros at the beginning, you now have to pay around 1,750 euros - and the trend is rising. That corresponds to a return of over 900 percent percent. Want to learn more about how to make money with sneakers? Then look here

The handbag that beats the S & P500 and gold

The average consumer probably doesn't have something like this in their closet: the world-famous Birkin Bag from Herm├Ęs. An investment could still be worthwhile (if you can get hold of one of the coveted specimens). According to a study by the online retailer Baghunter, the handbag has gained over 14 percent in value over the past 35 years, beating the S & P500 and gold. The new Birkin in the boutique costs around 8,000 euros - but there is much more in the second-hand market. Extreme example: In Hong Kong, a white crocodile leather Birkin bag sold for a whopping $ 300,000.

Money with time: the clock as a global currency

It is considered the most expensive watch in the world: The Daytona reference 6239, which formerly belonged to the actor Paul Newman and was sold for the equivalent of 15 million euros in 2017. Newman paid less than 1,000 euros for this in 1972. It is known that watches can be worthwhile as an investment. At Rolex, it is above all the steel sports models. The watches are real classics that only change their appearance minimally over the years. The Submariner Date reference 116610 is considered a good investment. In 1993 it cost the equivalent of 2,122 euros, in 2017 it was 7,750 euros - an increase in value of over 265 percent in 24 years.