Why are Dyson products expensive

Dyson products put to the test The hype holds,what does he promise?

British technology company Dyson is shaking up the home appliance market. With success: only recently, company founder James Dyson (70) reported a jump in sales of 40 percent to almost four billion euros!

Dyson became known for its futuristic design devices such as the hand dryer used in airports around the world and the fan without blades.

BILD wanted to know how good Dyson really is and tested the two latest products: the Cyclone v10 vacuum cleaner and the Supersonic hair dryer.

The supersonic hair dryer

► It is quieter than many conventional hairdryers. ► It is strong (1600 watts) and dries the hair almost twice as fast. ► It is easy to handle, but more suitable for women's hands. ► Unfortunately, the device becomes very hot after prolonged use. ► The attachment, which is held in place by a magnet, falls down quickly. ► The purchase is expensive at 350 to 400 euros.

The conclusion of master hairdresser Maurice Klostermann (Berlin): “The Supersonic is a real eye-catcher, has the wow factor. The device is good for at home, but rather unsuitable for professional use. "


The Cyclone v10

► It is very absorbent, almost nothing remains on the floor. The engine runs at 120,000 revolutions per minute. ► Since it is a cordless device, the usual tangled cables are no longer necessary. ► The battery charge lasts around an hour. But you always have to make sure that the battery is full. ► The transparent dust container is small and quick to fill. ► Since there are no bags, you have to be careful when emptying that the collected dust does not escape again.

Conclusion of the BILD editorial team: That is really a matter of taste! The device is really strong, but unfortunately the purchase price is also around 600 euros, depending on the equipment.

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