What is an epicenter

epicenter, the


The epicenter of the quake was not at sea, but on land. Was that why one simply did not expect a tsunami and therefore underestimated the danger?

The epicentres of the quakes with strengths of around 9 on the Richter scale were in both cases about 150 kilometers off the coast, and the more than five meter high tsunami waves reached densely populated areas less than 30 minutes after the quake .2011]

The places near the epicenter offer a picture of horror: Buildings have collapsed like houses of cards. [Der Spiegel, 14.05.2008 (online)]

In Tokyo, which was 200 kilometers from the epicenter, the skyscrapers swayed for minutes. [Die Welt, 25.10.2004]

in the picture The epicenter of the stock market quake seems to be in technology stocks. [Berliner Zeitung, 16.06.1998]

Transferred Point from which sth. predominantly starts, at which sth. is very strongly concentrated


as active / passive subject: the epicenter [of the crisis] is, is [in Europe]

as predicative: to be regarded as epicenter


We were just looking at China in amazement, now [the virus] Corona has hit us in full. Impressions from the epicenter of the crisis […]. [Die Zeit, March 16, 2020 (online)]

Amsterdam was one of the epicentres of the music trade in Europe. [Welt am Sonntag, 11.08.2019]

It's also loud in the arena - the epicenter of emotions. [Der Spiegel, 03.06.2017 (online)]

I worked for more than five weeks at an Ebola treatment center in Guéckédou [city in Guinea], the epicenter of the outbreak. [Der Standard, 11/11/2014]

[Head coach of the German Swimming Association Ralf] Beckmann is the epicenter of power in German swimming. [Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, June 5th, 2004]

All over Germany these tensions led to fierce battles, even murders, but especially in Berlin, the epicenter of hostilities to the East and West. [Die tageszeitung, 01.09.1990]