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Sex with a new partner: 7 tips to relax

There is hardly anything more exciting than having sex with your new partner for the first time. When you're freshly in love, sex is incredibly fun, plus the fact that everything is completely new and unknown. Every touch is the first, so to speak. A great feeling. But at the same time, this can also be complicated and extremely nerve-wracking. So here are a few most important tips so that you can start the first hot night with him deeply relaxed.

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Tip 1: do not doubt yourself!

Let's be honest: we women already have one at the waffle. Because almost all of us - whether fat or thin, big or small, young or old - believe we have problem areas. Since we are unfortunately not ready to refrain from this self-tearing insanity, we consequently have a problem: the guy we are watching doesn't yet know our body. And then the inner film starts. Scene 1: We undress and he makes a face.

Stop! This is exactly what will NOT happen. Sure, we can't hide during sex. But neither should we! Because the fact is: There is a world of difference between how people see themselves and what others see. A man who has just chosen you to be the woman he wants to share his time and feelings with will not think that way (and if he does, he should be kicked out of the bedroom door!).

In addition, we don't help ourselves if we make ourselves small and ugly. Actually, we know very well that we are great. If you keep forgetting that, you should do something for your self-esteem. That means: Surrounding yourself with people who are good for you. Or just invest in beautiful lingerie. They can also ensure that we find each other good, sexy and desirable. No matter how you do it, it's worth keeping the negative voice in your head shut. Those who like themselves also have a much more positive effect on others!

And another little tip: A little sport and exercise also make you feel better about your body.

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Tip 2: take your time

There is no way you should rush things. If you think you have a headache and are totally stressed - then it will be another day for the first time with him. Waiting a bit doesn't put him off - provided he really likes you. The first time with a new partner may not be as perfect as having sex with someone you've known for a long time. But that's what makes this uncertain first time so incredibly exciting and great.

Every touch, his body, his hands on your body - all of this is so ingenious precisely because it is so new. Goosebumps and tingling and everything that goes with it. And - open your ears - it will be the same for him. Therefore: what should go wrong? Enjoy this important and intimate moment that you will probably remember for a long time and take the time you need. And if you two pounce on each other and sink into the sheets after a quickie: why not? This is also an exciting first time with a new partner.

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Tip 3: Save yourself acrobatic top performances

You want to show him how passionate you can be and that you can be really fun? That's okay, but don't put any pressure on you. You don't have to beat all previous women by doing the Kama Sutra for contortionists. You are exciting enough for him because everything is new and exciting and the feelings are already upside down.

So relax. Better to shift down a gear and start having sex with a new partner slowly. Then you can both enjoy a lot more. Since everyone does not yet know exactly what turns the other on, it is always a back and forth, teasing and testing. You both just try out what the other likes without going straight into the "Special Sex Preferences" section (unless you already know about each other what you like). Everything else is there in the second or third round ...

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Tip 4: Don't worry - there is no wrong!

Don't think just because sex with new partner may not be an absolutely passionate explosion will make the new guy leave you. And don't ask yourself whether you're good in bed or not. Ultimately, this is completely unfounded! In addition, you only tense up when you want to come across perfectly and easily. Make it clear to yourself: You can't unlearn sex.

And there is no right or wrong. There is just too much tension and potentially unsuitable sex partners. So the most important thing is to listen to yourself and to do what is good for you. Stay authentic! And you can do without a guy who leaves you because he is not offered porn-ready sex anyway!

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Tip 5: Laughter saves every situation

Misunderstandings are inevitable when having sex with a new partner. After all, both of them get excited and don't know what to expect. But don't panic! The jammed trouser fly or inconsistencies as to where to go, to bed or wherever - none of this is a reason to run away. Just accept these moments and encounter them with the necessary humor and intuition! Help him when the bra gets stuck and just laugh when you feel like it - that makes a lot of things easier. Always remember: Sex is not an exam or a thesis, it is fun.

Tip 6: Be charming too

The man next to you is also tense when he stands with you for the first time. He wants to be "ready for action" when the time comes, because of course he also wants to spoil you perfectly. If you show or tell him he's doing everything right, he too can relax more. So show him when you like what he's doing. A "I like that" is often enough. The more he relaxes, the more relaxed you can be. A win-win situation, so to speak.

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Tip 7: An orgasm is not a must

Just don't stress yourself by expecting the two of you to have an orgasm. You hardly know each other and are getting closer for the first time than ever before. If under these conditions one does not come to the climax, this is no cause for despair, but quite normal.

Just enjoy the intimacy without secretly forcing yourself to climax. And if it doesn't really work out, always remember: If you really like each other, there will be a second, third and twentieth time.

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