What should I bring to a concert?


Can I take a chair with me into the city park?

Basically, the city park concerts are standing room. Due to the safety guidelines, it is not permitted to bring folding chairs or the like.

Which bags / backpacks can be taken to the concert?

Due to increased security measures, you can only take bags with the largest page no larger than a DIN A4 sheet of paper - e.g .:

Belt bags / hip bags
Gym bags / gymbags
Jute bags

Of course, this involves more thorough admission controls with metal detectors and body checks. To avoid unnecessary delays, please note the following:

please only take the bare essentials with you to the concert - this will shorten the waiting time at the entrance for everyone

admission begins at least one hour before the start of the event; in the case of sold-out concerts also an hour and a half beforehand - so it makes sense not to come “at the last minute”

Do not bring any larger bags or large rucksacks, helmets, etc. - these may have to be handed in to the evidence depot (subject to a fee) and picked up again after the event - this applies in particular to larger events

Can I take photos or record at concerts?

The answer is almost always: no. There are very few artists who tolerate sound and / or image recordings.

Since we are responsible to the artists and have corresponding contracts, we have to make sure that nobody takes photos, makes video recordings or cuts the sound.
Our security service is therefore instructed to ensure compliance with these rules during the event and to “take the appropriate equipment out of use” for the duration of the event as soon as you enter.

Umbrellas: yes or no?

Please no. Two points speak clearly against umbrellas:
Open umbrellas prevent other guests from seeing.
The risk of injury from the tip of the umbrella is quite high and, seen in this way, umbrellas at concerts are also problematic in terms of insurance.
Therefore we have to collect umbrellas at the entrance. The fee for storage is 1.00 euros; You will also receive a rain cape for this.

Can I take my dog ​​to the concert?

No Please not.

When do the city park concerts end?

Due to legal regulations, the Stadtpark concerts end at 10:00 p.m. at the latest.

Does the ticket indicate the start time or the admission time?

The start time is always indicated on the tickets.
Admission usually starts one and a half hours before the start - the gastronomic offer is available from that point on.

May (small) children to the concerts?

With the exception of designated children's concerts, we consider (pop) concerts to be unsuitable for children under 10 years of age for reasons of hearing protection - for children under 3 years of age totally unsuitable.
If you bring your child to one of our (pop) concerts, they must always wear age-appropriate hearing protection! Foam hearing protection sets for older children and adults are available at the box office and from the security staff for a small fee.
For the above-mentioned reason, the admission staff is instructed to Children under 3 years of age do not to let on the site. We expressly reserve the right not to allow older children to enter the event area - especially if there is insufficient hearing protection. This is for the protection and well-being of the child.

Can wheelchair users also take part in the concert?

There is a wheelchair grandstand - tickets for this can only be obtained (in limited numbers) from our ticket service. These seats are only available in advance and not at the box office. If the wheelchair tickets are sold out, wheelchair users can of course also be admitted to the concert with a regular ticket, but are not entitled to a seat in the wheelchair grandstand.

How do I get here and there?

The nearest train stations are ›Alte Wöhr‹ (S1), ›Saarlandstraße‹ (U3) and ›Borgweg‹ (U3). The walk from ›Alte Wöhr‹ is approx. 5 minutes, from
›Saarlandstraße‹ approx. 12 minutes and from ›Borgweg‹ approx. 15 minutes.
We recommend using public transport. Every Stadtpark ticket includes the way to and from the concert with the HVV.
The U-Bahn and S-Bahn trains usually run until around 11:30 p.m. Click here for the HVV timetable and here for the map on Google Maps.
If you arrive by car, it is a good idea to park at the ›Überseering‹. The walk is about 5 minutes.

Is there an intermission?

Usually there is a (short) break between the opening and main bands. Otherwise, breaks at rock and pop concerts are rather uncommon.

Can I leave the site during the concert?

If you leave the venue during the concert, you will not return to the site with your (validated) ticket.

Can I take food or drinks with me?

Since a restaurant has the license for the open-air stage, food and drinks cannot be taken inside. But you will find an extensive gastronomic offer.

Event canceled - what now?

If an event is canceled, you can return your tickets where you bought them - and only there, please, as otherwise the processing will be almost impossible.
If you have ordered from us, you will receive an email and an SMS in the event of a cancellation (or postponement). Otherwise we ask you to look at these pages shortly before the respective event and / or to follow the daily press.