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In 6 out of 7 supermarkets or discounters there is a rotten alarm when it comes to strawberries! As was shown yesterday evening in the consumer magazine “Markt” on NDR, the strawberries are often rotten or moldy. What should you watch out for when buying and storing so that there are no nasty surprises?

BILD.de asked Dr. Ulrike Bickelmann from the Federal Office for Agriculture and Food according to:

How do you recognize good strawberries?

Good product: The strawberries are shiny, undamaged, fully ripe (i.e. evenly colored red with no white or green spots).

Bad goods: The strawberries are unripe (with white or green areas). The strawberries are overripe (dull fruits). Rotten spots or severe pressure marks have formed.

If with transparent bowls Traces of juice on the bottom of the bowl can be seen, this is an indication of mushy fruit.

How decisive is the price?

The price is not a sign of good or bad quality. The price results from supply and demand.

To what extent does the place of purchase represent quality: discount stores or straight from the field?

The place of purchase is not a sign of good or bad quality. Sales outlets with good sales that get fresh goods every day and sell them quickly can usually offer good quality.

Strawberries are delicate fruits when they are harvested in damp or damp and warm weather or are offered in the window of a shop, they are less durable.

Are rot and mold a health risk?

The fungi that commonly occur in strawberries, which cause rot and mold, are not known to produce toxins, so the health risk is not very high. This is different with putrefaction caused by yeast. Therefore, as a precaution, one should not eat rotten or moldy strawberries.

Is the whole peel inedible if a berry is moldy?

No, all other fruits can still be of good quality. However, it should always be checked critically.

How long do strawberries last after purchase?

They keep in the refrigerator for a day or two, preferably spread the fruit out so that any rot that may develop cannot spread.

Can berries that are already a bit mushy be consumed without hesitation?

Muddy strawberries can ferment, especially in warm weather. Mushy fruits or fruits with weeping bruises should not be eaten, as this spoilage could always be caused by yeast.

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