What should I call my stepmother

Should I Call My Stepmother Mom?

Hello everybody,

my father and my stepmother have a child who they moved out together in the same household until they were 7 years old. My sister. I live with my birth mother and have always visited my father and his new family on weekends.

Now, unfortunately, the two have separated and my stepmother has moved with my half-sister (only 5 streets away from my father). My sister is actually always a happy one who wants to do a lot. Unfortunately, my sister doesn't want to do anything with my father anymore. She always has a new excuse: “I don't feel like it” or “I'm not fine”.

Often we have already planned something for the three of us, which didn't work out in the end because she'd rather stay at home. We went to the children's clinic with her and my stepmother because she always says she is bad. But the doctors say everything is fine.

My father is sad about it because he tries and just doesn't want her. I also have to say that our father is a great father and would do anything for us. My stepmother won't let herself be spoken to, so they haven't spoken out about anything since the split. My sister always sounds so gloomy and listless since the breakup. What can I and my father do about it?