Which wood is used for hammer handles?

Which handle material should a good hammer have?

The term hammer and the associated object are known to everyone. What is less well known is probably that there are different types of hammers and that the handicraft tool is also divided into different areas. A distinction is made, for example, with machinists' hammers, sledgehammers, sledge hammers, and rubber, wooden and plastic hammers. The different variants are intended for different manual work. The machinist's hammer is the "classic" variant. Such a tool is divided into a hammer head, eye and handle. The hammer heads are available in different dimensional standards, different weights and dimensions. The handle is the handle of the hammer and it can be made of different materials. In addition, the handle can be purchased on many models and attached to the hammer head. The different handle materials of a hammer handle are discussed in more detail below.

Handle materials of a hammer

Which handle materials are available for locksmith's hammers and other types of hammers should be answered before asking about the right handle material. A hammer handle can, for example, consist of the following handle materials:

  • Wood
  • plastic
  • Steel pipe
  • Glass fiber or fiberglass

Which wood materials are used for hammer handles?

The woods used can be different, but wooden handles made of hickory offer the best properties for use among the wood variants. Wood is generally warm in the hand and is processed with a good grip. It is important that the hammer handle is ergonomic and easy to grip so that it does not slip while working. The work equipment, such as the hammer or the machinist's hammer, must lie optimally and securely in the hand.

Why is plastic used as a hammer handle?

Plastic does not come off through dry shrinkage and offers a good, permanent and firm handle. Since plastic itself does not offer a good grip and this should definitely be present in a hammer handle, the plastic surface is produced with a suitable and non-slip surface finish.

What are the advantages of fiberglass as a hammer handle?

Fiberglass is very resistant and offers the user of a locksmith's hammer an above-average usage time. A fiberglass handle or a fiberglass handle is extremely robust and is provided with rubber or plastic handles that allow the user a secure grip. Fiberglass handles should also be ergonomically shaped to enable optimal work.

Where are tubular steel handles used?

Steel tube as a handle material is mostly used on hammers in the construction industry. Steel tube handles, just like fiberglass handles, are provided with rubber or plastic handles to ensure safe working.

Which handle material is good for a machinist's hammer or a mallet?

The question is not that easy to answer and is also related to the preferences of every craftsman. A wooden handle, for example, is very easy to grip and is therefore often attached to a hammer head.

However, wood wears out faster than fiberglass, for example. Fiberglass is also very tough and, if the handle is properly attached to a hammer head, offers a long service life.

In general, it is essential to pay attention to the grip and durability of the hamster handle. Furthermore, the user should keep the hammer head and the hammer handle as free of grease and dirt as possible so that safe working is guaranteed and the hammer handle and the hammer itself can be optimally guided and not slip.