Why is there no coordinating conjunction?

Coordinating and subordinating conjunctions: overview and example sentences

in order toI would like to do my abitur, in order to i can study.Final movementbecauseI came too late, because I missed my busCausal clause (reason)thereThere The rioting fans could not hold back, they were expelled from the court.Causal clause (reason)especiallyShe'll keep the deadline especially she had promised us the meeting in writing.Causal clause (reason)ifIf I get the job, I am overjoyed.Conditional sentence / conditional sentenceifIf If you don't make it to the meeting, I'll take over your duties.Conditional sentence / conditional sentenceprovidedProvided I have time, you can count on me.Conditional sentence / conditional sentenceso thatEmil has so drank a lot of coffee, that he couldn't sleep at night.Consecutive clauseso thatHe didn't want to believe him so that he finally called the police.Consecutive clausealthoughHe puts on the sweater for her sake although he doesn't like him.Concession rate (restriction / restriction)althoughThey work very well together, although they can't stand each other.Concession rate (restriction / restriction)althoughThe stubborn didn't want to apologize, although he realized his mistake.Concession rate (restriction / restriction)by doingYou can do something good for the environment by doing You ride your bike to work.Modal ratebeforeI take my child to school before I drive to work.Temporal clauseafter thisAfter this When the guests had left, I fell into bed dog-tired.Temporal clauseasAs When I got home, I ate another pizza.Temporal clauseifIf When I was with my grandmother, I always felt very comfortable.Temporal clausewhileWhile When he spoke to his mother on the phone, he ironed his shirts.Temporal clauseas long asYou'd better drive now as long as it's still light outside.Temporal clausesinceSince we have a new boss, the working atmosphere has deteriorated.Temporal clausetoI still stay awake to you come homeTemporal clauseasThe exam was easier as i expected.Comparative theoremhowThe exam wasn't that easy how I had accepted.Comparative theorem