What are the platinum diamond rings

Why choose a platinum diamond ring?

Platinum is of course gray-white

An important advantage of platinum is the natural (gray) white. The precious metal is naturally gray-white in color. For comparison, white gold is often given a layer of rhodium for a whiter and more radiant finish. This catches on after a while, which gives diamond rings in white gold and a yellowish glow. This is not the case with platinum.

Platinum can be restored

Due to the natural density and the sustainable character of this precious metal, rings made of platinum can very easily be repaired to their original splendor. By polishing new platinum rings again, they get their beautiful shine back. This is because there are still so many vintage pieces around. Buyers of antique rings do not need to despair if the precious metal shows some scratches. Technical experts can restore them perfectly.

Platinum is just a luxury

When shopping for diamond rings made of platinum, it is not just the shape and its beauty that are decisive. They also exude pure luxury. When you hold a platinum ring in your hands for the first time, the weight is immediately noticeable. Platinum is a heavy precious metal: about a third heavier than 18 carat (white) gold. Due to the gray-white color, the diamonds will shine even more, which makes such rings look even more luxurious.

Platinum is strong

Platinum just shows scratching. However, this does not mean that the precious metal is not strong enough. On the contrary! Platinum is very difficult to bend / forge, which makes it an excellent choice to set with diamonds and / or precious stones. This makes the frame more solid than any other precious metal. Because of its strength, platinum is often recommended for men's rings, but a platinum wedding ring for women is at least as elegant as a gold ring.

Platinum is rare

And what is rare is expensive. Rings made of platinum are very high quality and therefore not cheap. The global demand for platinum is increasing, and not just for making jewelry. Nowadays we also find small amounts of platinum in, for example, our cell phones.

Platinum is hypoallergenic

Platinum diamond rings are perfect for people with an allergy or sensitive skin. Certainly if you wear it every day, like your engagement and wedding ring. The condition is that you keep the ring clean. Every now and then cleaning with warm soapy water and a gentle breast is necessary.

Other pieces of jewelry are also very beautiful in platinum. From great diamond earrings to elegant bracelets set with diamonds and / or precious stones, nothing is impossible. And of course you can also buy yellow, white and red gold jewelry from us.